Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New at Wheatsville!

We work hard to seek out exciting new products and flavors we think our members will love. 
Here’s what’s new at Wheatsville this week!

For the past six years that Maine Root has been producing their line of soda, they’ve constantly been tinkering and coming up with new creations. Their latest offering uses the most popular soda flavor of them all: cola. With what seems to be an intentional play on the cult-like following of Mexican Coke, Maine Root has incorporated Mexico into both the name and color (which mimics the flag of Mexico). From a taste perspective, it’s spot on, with a mainstream cola flavor that certainly rivals the big guys'. Of course, it’s sweetened with sugar and fair trade certified, just like the rest of the Maine Root line.
Reg. $6.69 4/12oz.

Specialty foods company Fischer & Weiser's line of Mom's Pasta Sauces is like the fresh sauces that your Mom used to make.  In Mom's Spaghetti Sauce, Sicilian olive oil, juicy sweet California tomatoes, and lots of fresh whole garlic and fresh basil leaves create the unforgettable taste that marries well with spaghetti. A take on the popular vodka-style, Mom's Martini Pasta Sauce begins with San Marzano tomatoes, stuffed green olives, premium vodka and vermouth; fresh basil and Grana Padano cheese are added for maximum enjoyment over fettuccini, spaghetti or linguini. Mom's Puttanesca is a rich and hearty sauce that combines sultry essence of extra virgin with the sensuous flavor of capers and black olives, plus a hint of fresh wholesome butter and cream. Mom's is made in Fredericksburg, Texas.
 Reg. $4.49 14oz.Reg. $6.99 24oz.

Sweet & Sara has finally developed the perfect vegan marshmallow: rich, creamy, mouthwatering, and completely gelatin-free! Each soft pillow of sweet goodness infused with Madagascar vanilla will melt in your mouth. These tantalizing tidbits are perfect when roasted over a fire, melted into rice crispy treats, or dunked in hot cocoa. If you're looking for a little something extra, try Sara's marshmallows blanketed in organic toasted coconut. Sinfully addictive, this ambrosial delight will leave you needing more; in which case, grab a Sweet & Sara S’more! Each S’more consists of a 3" luscious marshmallow atop a graham cracker cookie enrobed in rich organic Belgian dark chocolate. Love at first bite!   Smores Reg. $3.99 2.5oz. Mallows Reg. $6.99 6oz.

MacroBars are macrobiotic and vegan energy and protein bars that are made fresh daily on a rural farm in Wisconsin. Minimally processed and certified organic, the bars utilize simple healthy ingredients to boost your immune system and help provide your body with essential nutrients. GoMacro products do not use any additives or preservatives, refined sugars or flours or dairy. Whether you need protein, energy or fiber; a meal replacement, a healthy snack or a delicious dessert you will find it in MacroBars.
Reg. $2.49 2 to 2.5oz.


If you took all the pancakes ever served at the Kerbey Lane Cafes in Austin and laid them end to end, the line would form a continuous pancake pathway from Austin to Denver; however, it would constitute a colossal waste of a whole bunch of really great pancakes! An Austin Favorite since 1980, Kerbey Lane Cafe serves great food prepared with natural ingredients and a healthy dose of imagination. Because so many customers requested them, Kerbey Lane has now come out with a gluten free variety of their beloved pancakes. Skip the wait for a table this weekend and whip up gluten free apple cinnamon pancakes in your own kitchen.
Reg. $5.99 13oz.

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