Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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Cultures for Health was born to provide a source where people making a food change in their own lives could find all the products and information they need to be successful. Cultures for Health strives to source and produce products locally when possible while providing excellent product selection, top-notch articles and how-to videos, and the best customer service. From starter cultures to cheese-making, sprouting, baking, fermentation and culturing supplies, if it's do-it-yourself you're looking for, Cultures for Health has what you need to get started.

Originating in Mexico, water kefir grains (also known as Sugar Kefir Grains) allow for the fermentation of sugar water or juice to create a carbonated lacto-fermented beverage. Incredibly easy to brew, the starter culture can create a new batch of kefir every 24-48 hours. A fantastic non-dairy alternative to milk kefir, Water Kefir can be flavored after brewing to make a variety of delicious sodas. If you are looking to replace soda, your family will love it!
.24oz, Reg. $15.99

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made by fermenting soybeans with a starter culture. Traditional Tempeh is a soybean cake that has a rich smoky flavor and aroma, and a firm nutty texture. It is a great source of protein and vitamin B-12. This traditional food often replaces meat in dishes and can be sliced, marinated, and seasoned as desired. Each box contains four individual serving packets; each packet makes one batch of Tempeh using the recipe available at
.26oz, Reg. $4.99

Cultures for Health's rennet is double strength microbial "vegetable" rennet for cheese making. Gluten free and non-GMO, this rennet is produced without animal byproducts. The enzyme is produced by pure fermentation of Mucor Meihei (a mold) in salt brine, less than 5% propylene glycol, and less than 2% sodium propionate.     
2oz, Reg. $6.99          

San Pellegrino's Sparkling Aranciata Rossa features the delightful and intense juices of Sicilian Blonde and Sanguinello oranges (blood oranges). Cool and refreshing, with a distinctive touch, Aranciata Rossa’s taste is tangy sweet and deliciously refreshing to be enjoyed chilled.
6-pack, Reg. $5.99; 11.5oz can, Reg. $1.19


Biokleen Cold-Water Formula Laundry Liquid works effectively using cold water in place of warm or hot water, reducing the amount of energy used to wash your laundry and saving you money. It removes tough stains and odors and rinses clean, without leaving residues that can irritate skin or ruin fabrics. Three times more concentrated than normal liquid laundry detergent, Biokleen's phosphate & chlorine-free formula effectively cleans colors and whites and makes a great pre-treat for stains. Safe for high-efficiency washers.
64oz, Reg. $12.49

Looking to create a signature snack? BelGioioso's innovative Unwrap & Roll Fresh Mozzarella sheet provides a unique template for your creative ideas to come to life. Simply unroll the sheet, layer with your favorite ingredients, re-roll tightly, then chill and slice. Its fresh, delicate flavor will especially complement roasted tomatoes, eggplant or prosciutto. The possibilities are endless and your guest’s compliments will be too.
12oz, Reg. $4.99

Freshly harvested yellow ginger, organically grown on the Big Island of Hawaii was the inspiration behind this Hawaiian Gingerade. Big Island Organics exclusively uses Hawaiian yellow ginger root, which is known to be twice as strong as the commonly used White Ginger. This is a strong herbal beverage with the exotic flavor of ginger combined with the tanginess of fresh lemon juice. Try one today and feel the difference!
32oz, Reg. $5.39

CoolHaus Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches; Mies Vanilla Rohe, Mintimalism, Louis Ba-Kahn
At Coolhaus, the L.A.-based mobile dessert purveyor with two trucks serving Austin, artisanal ice cream is pressed between soft, fresh-baked cookies and sold under a variety of architectural names. The sandwiches are traditional in appearance, though in their structure they blend the bold horizontal lines of Koolhaas' Seattle library with the tilted circular forms of Snohetta's Alexandria building. Every Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich is all natural, handmade and organic whenever possible. Coolhaus' dairy ingredients are sustainably produced and artificial-growth hormone free, and above all, they are refreshingly delicious! Choose from the Mintimalism (chewy brownie cookie and fresh mint ice cream with semisweet chips and a touch of brown sugar), the Mies Vanilla Rohe (classic chocolate chip cookie and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with real vanilla specks), or the Louis Ba-Kahn (chocolate chip cookie and candied bacon ice cream).
5.2oz, Reg. $3.99