Friday, July 11, 2008

Renovation changes, Appreciating you, how about that Breeze?

Hi Wheatsville friends!

This post is going to be so great that it will hopefully help get you through two weeks! (We're taking a rare week off from e-mail next week!)

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Next phase of the renovation
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Monthly Board meeting on July 22nd

We appreciate you!
July is traditionally one of our Member Appreciation Day months, but due to uncertainties with construction and the state of our parking lot, we decided to print a 10% owner coupon in the Breeze that you can use anytime July 14th through July 27th. So far people seem excited about this change. I would encourage you to remember to use your coupon by the 27th to get your discount and stock up open your faves! Remember, even though you can only get the discount during a two week period, that we ALWAYS really appreciate you greatly! We wouldn't be here without you!

Getting cozy with the renovation
While they continue to make good progress on our new offices, break room and meeting space and the retaining wall, we are poised to enter our next exciting phase which will begin to affect you a little bit more. As of next Tuesday, the patio closest to Guadalupe will be closed for renovation. The ramps and other part of the patio will remain, but we're going to squeeze the other tables into the same spot. So, it will get a bit more cozy out there, but shouldn't be too bad. Get to know your fellow Wheatsvillagers' favorite lunches, up close! We'll lose 2 more parking spots, but within a couple of weeks will gain back some of the parking along the east retaining wall. 
Thank you for your continues support and patience during our project!

Hmmmm..... Cheesy!
Try something new this week!  Try something raw!  Our raw cheeses have that extra flavor we all look for in a good cheese.  Morningland makes delicious raw Colby, Medium Sharp Cheddar, and Goat Cheddar cheeses!  Organic Valley makes award winning raw cheeses, and Alta Dena raw cheeses are great for snacking.  And don't forget to shop local this month!  The Veldhuizen Family makes wonderfully gourmet raw cheeses that are sure to please. 
July is on fire in the Wheatsville Deli!
Come try our chunky, spicy, delectable dippin' salsa, A-maize-ing Black Bean and Corn!
Or sample our sweet and sour Turkish Garbanzo Bean salad, made with kalamata olives and dried apricots, and dressed with a rosy mustard vinaigrette. This is already proving to be a customer favorite.  
The Asian-inspired Chicken Yaki, boneless thighs marinated in a mixture of tamari, green onions and garlic, is delicious over some brown rice. 
Our new Li'l Cheddar Meatloaf Muffins, made with Coleman natural beef, taste just like Mama used to make and come in individually sized portions. 
Dishes like Broccoli with Cashew-Tamari Dressing, Basil Pecan White Beans, Beets with Feta and Honey-Herb Dressing, and Raw Tuscan Kale with Parmesan round out the Deli case. Texas-raised Lemon-Pepper Catfish, Curry Lime Chicken Salad and Grilled Ahi Tuna are also in stock. Don't forget tuna salad sandwiches are on sale in the Deli all month long!
3 berry smoothie will keep you cool over the hot weekend, swing by and try one.
For your weekend brunches try out Pederson's Natural uncured applesmoked bacon.  This is a great weekend for staying in and trying out one of our staff favorite bacons…..

You best be eating seasonal produce!
Cherries and melons!
Your produce department currently has delicious Rainer and Benton Cherries. Rainer cherries have a pretty short window around here, so get'em while you can.
 Local Organic Melons
Those amazing farmers over at Buena Tierra brought us some of the largest watermelons I've ever seen! These beauties are $7.99 each, and are sweet and delicious. Try icing them down on your next outing for a refreshing cold treat.
Savor the season with berries in produce!
Berries are still in their prime, and look and taste amazing. We are packing up organic mixed berries for $3.99 and keeping them on ice so they are cool and refreshing for you in this Texas swelter. Swing by and grab some while they are at their peak.
On the weekends, I've been enjoying peaches, strawberries, bananas and whatever other yummy fruit in a bowl with texas pecans and some Whole Soy plain yogurt. YUM!
In the Beer Aisle:
Shiner Blonde
An unmistakable original, this Bohemian inspired golden lager embodies the spirit of Spoetzl's early brews. Shiner Blonde's distinctively flavorful yet pleasant, satisfying taste demonstrates the true character of a classic American lager. Now available at Wheatsville in 6-packs!
 Also NEW TO US!
Saint Arnold Root Beer!
From beloved Houston brewers, St. Arnold Brewing company, comes a handcrafted, old-fashioned root beer made with the finest vanilla and pure cane sugar. Try a 6-pack or a cold single bottle out our cooler, yum!
Best Breeze ever?
We're very proud of our most recent issue of the Wheatsville Breeze. It has a lot of great stuff in it and a tremendous focus on one of our favorite things local food! A nice owner came by today and told us that she really loved this issue, too and that she was using it as a local shopping guide to add to her local eating plan! Pretty cool idea!

Monthly Board meeting is on July 22nd from 6-9pm. Meetings are temporarily being held at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest for more information:

I hope you have a great two weeks!

Dan Gillotte
GM and e-mail guy!