Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Owner Appreciatin' and summer fun!

Hello Wheatsville!

We are really enjoying Owner Appreciation Days this week and I hope you are, too! We've seen over 1,000 of you take advantage of your one-time 10% discount already! If you haven't been in yet, you have until July 18th to stock up and get your discount. What other grocery gives you 10% off an entire purchase?!? Yay for one of the benefits of Wheatsville ownership!


We're also really excited because 30 people joined as new invested owners last week! This is really remarkable and exciting. If you have friends that aren't owners, YOU can help us reach our goal of 35 new invested owners this week by bringing them on in to join!


Many of you have already voted for us in the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin ballots, so thanks! But if you haven't done it yet, put down your popcorn tofu and do it! Voting closes on July 19th! We'd be delighted to win Best Neighborhood Grocery again and perhaps Best Treats? Just click here, it's easy as pie!


Scroll down for:

Cheese for your grill, no, really!

Savor smoothie season!

Tofurky Pizza!

Eat a peach!

Super safe fun in the sun and water!

Run for the board, last chance for orientation!


A message in a bottle from Cheese Island


We have Halloumi cheese. What is Halloumi cheese? Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese. It is traditionally made with goats and sheep's milk, although, Halloumi made with cow's milk can be bought. It has a high melting point and can be easily grilled or fried. That is right, a grillable cheese. Halloumi can be grilled along with vegetables or served alongside slices of watermelon. We will be running Halloumi on special through the weekend. It will be on Sale for $13.49/lb and will regularly $15.89/lb


Also, we have sales some good sale going on this month. Our Romanian sheep Feta on Sale for $6.29/lb, regularly $7.99/lb and our Domestic Cow Feta on Sale for$4.59/lbNancy's Cream Cheese 8 oz. on Sale for $1.69 ea. regulary  $2.39 ea. Organic Valley Bleu Cheese Crumbles 4 oz. on Sale for $3.49, regularly $4.29.Organic Valley Shredded Parmasean on sale for $3.49, regularly $4.29. Organic Valley Cream Cheese Tub on Sale for $2.29, regularly $2.99.


Savor Summertime with Tasty Treats from your Wheatsville Deli!

We are offering Daiya vegan cheese in our deli!! We are excited to be able to offer this option on Frito piestacos and Beans & Rice.  This cheese is delicious and melty. This is the link to their website :

We also sell it in our Cheese Department and one of our newest items in the Freezer section is Tofurky Pizza (more about that later), featuring Daiya Cheese.  So, come check out all the excitement about the newest vegan cheese.


One of our bakery's newest treats uses the Featured Cheese for July, slightly salty, brined Feta. The savory Italian Sausage & Feta Pie is a whole lunch that fits in your hand! Sold out of our full serve case for just $2.99 each, these rustic treats wrap our in-house all natural, certified humane beef and pork Italian sausage with veggies and tangy feta cheese in a homemade, tender pie crust. Yum!

July's smoothie of the month is Orange Dream, a creamsicle-like concoction of orange juice and vanilla, blended only with frozen bananas and soymilk, and never with ice! This thick and creamy dream of a smoothie will satisfy your sweet tooth as well as soothe your hot and sweaty self! Try one for just $4.99! We can't promise that a cool smoothie from the deli will make YOU a cool smoothie, but we can guarantee that it will hit the spot and chill you out! Bring a friend and share the refreshing delight!

Looking for a deal? July Owners Specials are also ready for you in the Deli! Yerba Mate is only 99 cents a cup, down from $1.69! Wow!! Also, you can get a Southern Fried Tofu sandwich for just $3.99, reg. $4.99! And our best-selling traditional mild Casera Salsa is also on sale for $3.99/lb, reg. $4.99/lb!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are tasty cold cuts: Boar's Head Beef Pastrami at $9.49/lb, reg. $9.99 and Pepperjack Cheese, $5.99/lb, reg. $7.19!

Come on in and find something you love!

Tofurky Pizza?!?!

Awww yeahhhh! The vegans of Austin are SUPER excited about this delicious new frozen pizza and so are we! Two flavors, Plain and Pepperoni all vegan and all yummy! It makes it worth heating up your kitchen some!



I hope that you have been taking advantage of the awesomeness of the Texas Peach bounty this year. They're so good, even John Aielli of KUT is praising them! The nectarines have also been out of this world! Summer may last forever in Texas, but the deliciousness of summer fruit is more fleeting, so please enjoy it while you can!

Cool Out, Babies!

New Item! All Terrain Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 3 oz.- AquaSport or KidSport

This new spray sunscreen comes in a non-aerosol pump  for easy grease-less application. Both the Aquasport and KidSport are actually water-proof and sweat-proof (we tested it!) BONUS: All of the All Terrain sunscreens have been given a great rating from the Environmental Working Group!

New Housewares to stay cool, on a stick!

Cool Beans Coffee Ice Cube Maker!-stop watering down your icy caffeine fix with all that water! This easy to use coffee ice cube maker will keep you cool AND caffeinated!

Ice Kabobs- it's a kabob, made of ice!

Frozen Ice Pop Makers-make your own popsicles with fresh fruit and juice. Experiment! Try adding a little salt or Tabasco to your pops! We also have the replacement popsicle sticks to last you all summer.

Silicone Ice Pop Makers-set of 4 reusable, easy to clean "push-up" pop makers in fun bright colors!

Last chance for a Board Candidate orientation!

Still curious about what it means to be a Wheatsville Board Member? Last chance to attend an Information/Orientation Session will be THIS SATURDAY (17th) at 1:00 p.m. at the Administrative Building just north of the store. Come do your shopping during Owner Appreciation days, and learn about board service while you're here! RSVP

I hope you have a great week and we REALLY REALLY do appreciate you immensely! We wouldn't be here without you!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy