Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Closing early Thursday and lots of product news!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

We are closing early on Thursday January 14th for our Staff Appreciation Banquet. Store will close at 9pm and the deli at 8:30.

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Remember when we had that milk?
January Deliciousness
Canadian Bacon and more meaty goodness
Cheese Island
Gluten Free Bread?
Seasonal produce

Let us rustle you up some old-fashioned milk!
We know you have missed it.  We have too.  Its absence from our shelves has been sorely felt.  You've been asking about it every day , and have  been told, "Soon."
What is "it"?
It is milk from Remember When Dairy, now known as Way Back When Dairy.  This milk is locally made, non-homogenized and pasteurized at a low temperature.  It is Austin's favorite milk and starting this Saturday evening , January 16th, you will be able to find it once again at Wheatsville.    We will be selling gallons of Whole Milk and 2% Milk for $5.69 and half gallons of Whole milk and 2% milk for $3.59.
From the Deli

Happy New Year from your Wheatsville Deli! We have all sorts of delicious and exciting specials this month to keep you warm and fueled up!
To start, we have three fabulous Owner Specials for January to keep your wallet as full as your belly! From our Hot Bar, large 16oz self-serve bowls of Chili and Soup are on sale this month for just $3.49 each! With our ever-changing array of soups like Coconut Curry, Potato Leek, Broccoli Cheddar and Minestrone, plus our best-selling vegan Tempeh Chili, this is a winning special – you can have a different cup o' hot deliciousness every day and save!!

Also on sale for owners is the absolutely mouth-watering Cherry & Cheese Danish from our neighbors at Sweetish Hill Bakery! On sale in our Bakery Case for $1.99 each, this giant flaky pastry has a sweet and creamy center that will make your morning coffee break a delight, and you may even have some over for an afternoon snack!

And from our full-service Deli Counter, BLTs are on sale this month for just $3.99! Featuring six slices of Boar's Head bacon, this classic sandwich is made to order by your Deli staff on lightly toasted sourdough bread, and topped with green leaf lettuce, sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, and a smear of mayo! Yum!

Also on sale from the Deli are Boar's Head's sweet'n'salty Honey Maple Ham for $8.49/lb and spicy Boar's Head Pepperjack Cheese for just $6.19/lb – saving you a whole dollar per pound!

The beginning of a new year also means new Fresh In The Deli recipes from your Wheatsville Deli, on sale now!
From the Bloomingfoods Market & Deli in Bloomington, Indiana comes a lovely Creamy Saffron Pasta Salad for our full-service Deli case. We toss bow-tie pasta and red kidney beans with red peppers, green onions, basil and oregano, then add a white wine-garlic mayonnaise made with a pinch of saffron to create a pasta salad with a distinctive flavor and a beautiful color. It has been a hit!!
And from Mountain View Market, Las Cruces, New Mexico comes an absolutely delicious instant staff favorite – Green Chile Hummus! Green chiles add a spicy and fresh twist to this classic Middle Eastern spread. We blend traditional chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic with both hot and mild green chiles. Fantastic as a dip or sandwich spread, you can find this item in our self-service grab'n'go case!

And there's still more new treats for January to try! Our spicy salsa of the month is yet another staff favorite! Salsa Verde, a garlicky dip chock full of roasted poblanos, jalapenos and tomatillos, is terrific with chips and adds a definite element of heat to an order of our Rice & Beans or any of our tasty tacos! Yum!

And Wheatsville's smoothie of the month for January is the "PBJ", a schoolyard-inspired blend of blueberries, strawberries and bananas with a dollop of creamy peanut butter and a touch of apple juice and soy milk to whip it up!
So come on in to your Wheatsville Deli and take full advantage of your savings – and taste all the new dishes – for January!
From Bryan, the Butcher
Check out this month's specials…
Niman Ranch Beef Top Sirloin
Full Cut Sirloin Steaks $8.49 lb reg. $8.99 lb
Ambassador Cut $8.99 lb reg $9.49 lb
Organic Prairie ground meat chubs:
1lb Beef packs $5.69 reg. $6.99
 1lb Turkey packs $5.49 reg. $6.29
 1 lb pork breakfast sausage $5.49  reg. $5.99
Great new item Niman Ranch Canadian Bacon. This is perfect for salads, breakfast, and pizza and it is only $3.99 lb, come by and pick some up!
Chicken out
I have some bad news, folks. The winter can be the roughest time of the year for some of our ranchers and farmers.  Because of this, we will have limited or no product on certain items. Dewberry Hills Farm, bless their hearts, are struggling right now to keep chicks alive with the freezing temperatures. In fact, I was just talking to  Jane (who owns Dewberry farms with her husband) and she said that Terry and her are waking up every 2 hours at night to rotate the propane heaters used to keep chicks comfortable. It take some real dedication to be so committed. That's what we love about them. So, we'll have a limited number of Dewberry Hill farms arriving on Tuesday the 19th.
Patty Jacobs, from Bastrop Cattle Company, is also having trouble meeting demand. Unfortunately, we may or may not see product from her next week.
We do try our hardest to work with our local ranchers and farmers and we appreciate all of the support that our customers have given them as well.  We will be looking for alternatives during this time in order to keep supplying you with the best quality products that we can find.
From Greg, Captain of Cheese Island
Pure Luck will be taking a hiatus from our shelves while their goats are kidding. We still will be getting in their Hopelessly Bleu. If you are looking for a local chevre in the meantime , we do have the Wateroak Farms Chevre. It is creamier than the Pure Luck, not as cakey, but just as delicious.  Enjoy!!!

By Owner Request—Niki Nash, Wheatsville Merchandising Manager
This week's requested item is Udi's Whole Grain Gluten-Free Bread. Many owners have been requesting this, saying it is the most delicious gluten-free bread they've tasted! Made in a dedicated gluten-free bakery, Udi's Whole Grain bread is fresh and flavorful-even without toasting! Pick up Udi's Whole Grain Gluten-Free Bread in Wheatsville's bread section (not in the freezers) and let us know what you think. They also produce a white bread and muffins, which we can bring in if there's a demand, so keep on writing your wishes on the Wheatsville Wish List and keep reading this email each week for the latest new products brought in by owner request.
For more information:
Johnny in produce says:
Local Organic Lettuce
We currently have organic romaine, green and red leaf lettuces from Martinez Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. These lettuces look very nice and the heads are a decent size. Get'em while supplies last.
Organic Girl Salad Kits
Organic Girl salads are a big hit among our staff members and customers. We are currently carrying their Caesar and Berries and Balsamic varieties. They use an 100% recycled container and are DELICIOUS! Check'em out.
We are really in the thick of it now—citrus season is here. We currently have some great cara cara oranges, Texas Valencia oranges, Rio Star grapefruit, Satsuma tangerines and clementines. This has been a great citrus season so far, and there are still more varieties on the way.
Due to increase in our demand for our daily produce trimmings, we are switching to a first-come, first-serve basis. We will place the bags of trim outside of the produce receiving door for your convenience. Thank you for your cooperation with this change.

In The Grocery Aisle
Robert's American Gourmet:
We've got Booty on sale! Pirate's Booty, Veggie Booty, Smart Puffs and Tings are all on sale this month at Wheatsville. For just $1.89 per bag, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious snack. Pirate's Booty and Smart Puffs are made with aged cheddar while the Tings and Veggie Booty are vegan friendly snacks. All are made with natural ingredients, and are baked for a healthier snacking experience. Kids love them too. Check them out at Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy