Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good news and lots of in-store deals!

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Good news!
Box o' Wine
From the Deli
Meat and seafood for you
Staff Top 10 picks!
Flan and sausage
Citrus and salad
Grocery Aisle news
New Cheese

Bob's Red Mill gets new owners!
Our friend Bob of Bob's Red Mill has finalized the conversion of his company to an employee-owned one! I was really impressed with their operation when I visited a few years ago and am even MORE excited about this awesome company now that it's employee-owned! See the story here.

Cows get put out to pasture (in a good way).
There has been a lot of controversy over Organic milk pasture standards over the past few years and we weren't sure how the new standards would actually play out, but I am glad to announce GOOD NEWS in this area! Specifically, the new rules require that dairy cows and other ruminants be out on pasture for the entire growing season, but for not less than 120 days. It also requires that the animals receive at least 30% of their feed, or dry matter intake (DMI), from pasturing. In addition, organic livestock will be required to have access to the outdoors year-round with the exception of temporary confinement due to mitigating and documentable environmental or health considerations.

You can read a press release from a, organics watchdog group called the Cornucopia Institute's take on it here.

This isn't your Grandma's Boxed Wine!
Wine bottles cost a fortune to make,  they're heavy, fragile, and there odd shape makes shipping them is incredibly inefficient, especially in environmental terms. That's where Three Thieves Bandit box wines come in. The Bandit is the first breakout line of American boxed wines. Cheap and Earth-friendly packaging keep the price low, and superstar winemaker Joel Gott (a name you can trust on any bottle) keeps the juice delicious. Boxed wine packaging amounts to just 4% of its total weight, compared to 70% for traditional bottles. That all adds up to a smaller carbon footprint. Better yet the wines are great and because they are cheaper to ship they are a better deal, $9.99  for  one and a third of what you would get from a regular bottle of wine. We have four flavors from the winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sangria. Try one today!

From the Deli
The weather's been changing faster than ever, so we've been staying prepared to keep you warmed up and nourished during these cold mornings, and cooled off and refreshed in the sunny afternoons! From hot soups and chili to cold salads and smoothies, our meals run the gamut to fit your changing tastes!
February's salsa of the month – the newly revamped and better than ever Ancho Bomb – is a winner, with the smoky taste of ancho chiles melding with sweet roasted red bell peppers and fresh orange juice! It's a gorgeous sunset-red salsa that would be great spooned over simple chicken or fish, and tastes great with chips or over some rice and beans, too!
Our super-tasty smoothie of the month is Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, blending strawberries with cacao nibs, and a hint of vanilla! Triple yum, and all that frozen goodness for just $4.99!
Prefer something warm? Well you're in luck! Our famous Frito Pies, made with our vegan Tempeh Chili, are on Owner Special this month – at just $3.99 this is one of the cheapest and most filling meals around! Add some jalapenos for extra heat or some cheese if you're feeling the need!
Also on sale for owners in the Deli this month are both sizes of our organic, fair-trade and much-loved Latte! Sidle up to our Deli Counter's coffee bar and save 50 cents on this delicious drink! Need something to pair with your fabulous morning coffee? Well, our locally-made Sweetish Hill Cinnamon Rolls are also on Owner Special, and they are amazing! And amazingly huge! These tender, light rolls are swirled with cinnamon sugar for a just-sweet-enough chew and would most certainly hold up to repeated latte-dunking!
As if that's not enough, we also have Boar's Head Oven-Roasted Chicken and Boar's Head Provolone on sale this month, so stock up your fridge!
From Bryan, the Butcher
Looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly seafood options for observation of Lent? Swing by the new seafood counter, where we support the Monterey bay aquarium Seafood watch list. A majority of our seafood is wild caught, and is good alternative or best choice according to the seafood watch list.
Wild Arctic Cod fillets $14.79 lb
Wild Coho Salmon fillets $16.99 lb or Steaks $15.99 lb
Wild Sockeye salmon fillets $16.99 lb
Wild Sablefish/black cod $18.99 lb
Wild Halibut $20.99 lb
Wild Mahi-Mahi $12.99 lb
Wild Yellow fin Tuna $10.99 lb
Quick to fix prepared options:
Almond Crusted trout $14.49 lb
Cajun Catfish $7.29 lb
Check out this month's specials:
Shelton's turkey breakfast links on sale for $3.99 ea reg. 5.29 ea.
Shelton's turkey breakfast patties on sale for $3.99 ea reg. 5.29 ea.
Shelton's turkey Italian sausage $3.99 ea reg. $5.29 ea.
Niman Ranch Top Sirloin full cut Steak $8.49 lb reg. $8.99 lb
Niman Ranch Top Sirloin Ambassador Steak $8.99lb reg. $9.49lb
Organic Prairie All Beef Hamburger patties, regular $6.99 now  $5.99 while supply lasts
Wild Catch Coconut shrimp $8.29 lb regular now $6.99 while supply lasts.
Check out our "Staff Top Ten Picks" posted throughout the store, we work here and shop here!!!
Look for the green signs in front of the products.
From Greg Flores, Cheese Buyer
In House Made Chorizo - "I eat it like my mama made it!"
Barbara's Jalapeno Cheese Puffs - "I dare you to try to not eat the whole bag."
Maradol Papaya - "A great way to start the morning and to keep your digestive system on track. Great dusted with chile powder and lime."
Chile Ancho - "wonder why your Mexican dishes did not taste that authentic. It was most likely because you were not using this chile."
Lucy Layla Farms  Drinkable Yogurt - "Delicious and great for the person on the go."
Immaculate Biscuits in a can - "Finally buiscits in a can that tastes good. Great for Bees and Gees."
Pure Luck Farms Hopelessly Blue - "What can i say that has not already been said. Great with a hefeweizen ."
Brazos Valley Brie - "Not just a local Brie, but a great local Brie."
9  El Milagro Tortillas Blancas - "Who needs silverware when you have tortillas?"
Wheatsville Bakery Case -  "I call it the resolution breaker. Danishes, cookies and cakes. OH MY!!"
From Miranda Robinson, Health Team Clerk
Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone Formula – Broken bones? Strained muscles?  Dr. C's special blend of organic & wild-crafted herbs treats whatever ails you and speeds the healing process.
Climb On! Cr̬me РThis locally-produced intensive repair cream keeps my hands moisturized through cold windy bike rides and smells wonderful.
Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot – A neti pot is a must-have for any Austinite suffering from seasonal allergies.  This one has a great design and is shatter-resistant.
Way Back When Milk – Local, minimally processed, and Deeeeelish.
Old Rasputin Imperial Stout - $hane keeps our beer cooler stocked with so many choices but I keep going back for this rich and flavorful favorite.
New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filter – Easy to install, effective, and an excellent investment.
La Loo's Goat's Milk Frozen Yogurt – The Cajeta de Leche is my favorite - rich and creamy but not too heavy, it's a pint of heaven.
Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Cocoa-Dusted Almonds from our Bulk Dept. – A delicious and satisfying treat.
Our Seafood Case – Bryan takes sustainability seriously and fills his case with tasty fish we can enjoy guilt-free.
Our Produce Department – We have The Best produce department in town!  Ralph does an amazing job of bringing us so many local and organic fruits & veggies – I rarely shop anywhere else!
From Olivia Pepper, Grocery Stocker

Maple-coated deluxe nuts mix -Delicious luxury treat, sweetened with just maple syrup.
Unsulphered papaya spears-An old childhood favorite, tastes great and assists digestion.
Frontier licorice sticks-Licorice sticks (I chew on them as-is) have been used traditionally as a lung tonic and oral health aid.
Vegan queso-The only queso I like, anywhere.
Plant Spirits Apothecary tinctures-Local, lovingly harvested and crafted herbs can't be beat.
Postcards-Cheapest and most unique postcards around - send one to someone you love.
Honeybee Gardens Powdercolors-Gorgeous, lush, cruelty-free colors to be used with whimsical abandon
Texas Olive Ranch olive oil-I first had it at farmer's market and fell in love - glad our romance can continue.
Buddha's Brew Kombucha-Lovely local kombucha magic - less carbonated but more alive!
Innocent Chocolate-It is so, so good. I promise.

News from the refrigerator!
Are you a Flan Fan?
If you are, I've got fantastic news for you- we're now stocking Signature Flan, a rich, creamy dessert made in Bedford, Texas!  Packaged in single serving sized containers, these flans are the perfect quick dessert, made with simple, recognizable ingredients.  Just slide a butter knife around the outside edge, put a bowl face down over the top and flip it over.  Or, you could just do what I do and eat the flan first and save the delicious caramelized sugar for the last bites.  Awesome!  We currently offer Coffee and Cinnamon flavors (Vanilla is coming soon!), each 4.5 oz container is $2.99. 

Field Roast Grain Meat Sausages!
Have you tried the Field Roast sausage yet? It really is an incredible vegan artisan sausage made out of "grain meat". Check out their bog post about making it here.
The land of Produce!
Late Season Citrus
I hope everyone has been taking advantage of what has been a great citrus season so far this year. Right now we have amazingly juicy and sweet royal mandarins and honey (murcott) tangerines. Also, the cara cara pink navel oranges have been customer and staff favorites, these have a delicious flavor and look great in salads. Also in stock are organic Rio Star grapefruit, organic navel organges, Texas Valencia oranges (loose and in bags for juicing), organic minneola tangelos, organic meyer lemons, organic lemons, and key limes. Citrus season will only be continuing for a few more weeks, so eat them while we got'em.
Organic Girl Greens and Salad Kits
Organic Girl is a small company out of Salinas, California that specializes in organic salad greens and salad kits, with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Their products are excellent, and if you haven't tried them, you're missing out! We have expanded our selection of their products to include salad greens, baby romaine and baby spinach. We also carry their Caesar Salad and Berries and Balsamic salad kits, both of which are completely organic. The Caesar dressing rivals homemade! We have a coupon on the shelf for $.55 off of these salad kits and greens. Try them out!
In The Grocery Aisle
Pacific Organic Soups:
Wheatsville now has the new, smaller size of Pacific Organic Soups in aseptic containers instead of cans. The familiar flavors of Creamy Butternut Squash, Roasted Pepper and Tomato, French Onion, Cashew Carrot and Creamy Tomato now come in a 16 oz size for your no-leftovers enjoyment. All five flavors are all on sale for just $1.89 this month. No can opener required. We do have the Pacific Canned Soups with meat on sale too. Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

New vegan cheese! and some other cool cheeses!
I am excited to tell you that I just placed my first order for Daiya shredded vegan Cheddar and shredded  vegan Mozzarella!!  They will retail for $4.99 per 8 oz bag. Also Keep your eyes open for  Woolrich Goat Brie and Goat Mozzarella. They will be arriving early next week.

Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy