Friday, July 24, 2009

Food bar is go! Bulk is home and so much more!

Hi friends!

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From the Board of Directors Nominations Committee:

Did you know that the nominations process for the upcoming Fall Election of the Board of Directors is in full swing here at Wheatsville?  The application deadline is August 1st.  We're looking for candidates who love Wheatsville, care about its future, work well with others, and can devote a few hours a month to being active board members.  You can get involved in our community and develop empowering ideas about how we can each help transform society.

If you'd like more information, stop by Wheatsville's hospitality desk to pick up a candidate application packet or download it here:

Here's a list of some important dates coming up in the next few days and weeks. We look forward to seeing you at these events:
July 25th, 1:00 pm -- Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates (at 3105 Guadalupe).
July 28th, 6:00pm -- Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors (at 3105 Guadalupe).

Contact the board's Nominations Committee to learn more!

The only constant is change...
Well, we continue to morph into the new Wheatsville. I appreciate your patience as we move and settle in. Hopefully, you've had a chance to see some of our newest exciting changes this week:
The new bulk department- wow! It looks great, doesn't it? We've gotten a LOT of really great feedback already on this.
The new Cheese Island- a beautiful new cooler for stackable dairy products!
The new Deli Food bar- if loving tiny pickles is wrong, I don't want to be right! An awesome salad bar, delicious hot food and yummy Tiny Brinies (olives, pickles, etc) what's not to love?!

We're really excited about these changes and I hope that you're enjoying them, too!
A few other changes that are smaller, but no less great include:
Kombucha, Odwalla and Naked Juice moving from the old cooler across from the registers to just past the produce department prior to heading in to bulk.

New bike racks! We've got 6 U Loops (that fit up to two bikes each) on the front patio and another 10 (!) just past the windows on the Guadalupe side. Hopefully, you'll find the additional bike parking to be an ease to your cycling life!

More car parking- the entrance is still a challenge, but we have a bunch more parking on the south side lot. Don't be shy, use it!

NEW! in Body Care
Head Organics Shampoo & Conditioner all rolled up in one bottle! It's sulfate, paraben, glycol, gluten free and safe for chemically treated hair.
NEW! in Supplements
 Third Coast Herb Company presents HERBALOGIC, a line of concetrated herb drops consisting of five formulas for common health issues. Deep Sleeper for insomnia, Back in Action for muscle pain, Decompress for stress, Easy Breather for seasonal allergies and Peak Power for energy and performance. All formulas are produced and bottled in Austin by Third Coast Herb Company.  In 2007,  three accupuncturists committed to educating  people on the benifits and safety of traditional Chinese herbal therapy formed Third Coast Herb Company.  They will be doing a demo Thursday the 23rd from 4-6pm, so stop by and see them in the Health and Body Care Department. 

In The Grocery Aisle
The Return of Mexican Coke and V-8:
We're pleased to announce that we now carry Coca Cola de Mexico. This is the coke in the classic bottle shape with real sugar instead of corn syrup as a sweetener. We've got it in the cooler for instant refreshment. We also have V-8 once again. Here's another classic to grab from the cooler and enjoy. I'm happy to have a little bit more of a choice when I'm reaching for something cold to drink. We hope you'll be happy to see it too. Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

Come to the Dark side...
Now for a limited time we have one of the best new beers I have had in many a moon. Stone Imperial Russian Stout from the fantastic Stone Brewing Co. is the perfect Imperial Stout. originally brewed in London, England for export to the court of Catherine II of Russia,  Imperial Russian stout is the darkest strongest stout style there is. The Stone version is as Black as night and thick as motor oil! Dark chocolate and coffee flavors, smoky molasses and roasty malt make this a great big brew. This is one strong and complex beer and they won't last long so go ahead and grab one now!

Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM, e-mail guy and cornichon enthusiast!