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Hello Wheatsville Friends,

I'm sure that you've heard about the tragic accident that happened in front of Wheatsville this weekend and I want to express our care and sympathies to the family of Dik Van Meerten and our best wishes to Sara Lee Parker for a complete recovery. I want to publicly thank and appreciate the grace and strength of our staff who handled the horrible situation so well on Sunday night and through this week. I also want to express deep gratitude to our neighbors and community who have deeply impressed me with their kindness and caring for our co-op. 
A few people have noted what a difficult year it's been so far for our neighborhood with the New Year's homicide of Esme Barrera and this horrible tragedy, And it's true, those incidents have truly been so very upsetting for so many of us. At the same time, when I look around Wheatsville I am overwhelmed regularly by all the many good things that happen here because of our kind and caring staff, owners, customers and neighbors. So, as we face adversity, we have such a well of wonderful and great things that happen I encourage us all to draw on that to help get us through!
I want to share a few specific kind words that have been sent my way in the wake of the accident:

"Last night I held hands with Chea, James and a couple other of your cashiers as we all processed the extent of the tragedy at hand.  I commend your staff for both their compassion for those around them and for remaining collected in the face of a tragedy." 

"It seems somehow more tragic, to me at least, that the incident occurred so close to Wheatsville. It seems unfair to involve the good folks at Wheatsville. At the same time, it's comforting to share even difficult times with friends and family and community, and I'm grateful that Wheatsville is near- the heart of our community."

Several staff people had their bikes destroyed in the accident and we decided that it would be the right thing to do to replace them. So, each staff person who lost a bike has been offered an equivalent replacement. I was glad to be able to do that and it's do to the financial success that we are experiencing due to our staff's hard work and your amazing support.
Thank you for being part of our special community.

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This week's One Big Thing

·         Winter Greens

·         Smooth

·         Pure Luck

·         Land & Sea

·         Stock Up

·         Nordic Naturals

·         Rioja

·         Maredsous

·         New at Wheatsville

·         Co+op Deals

·         Owner Deals

·         SafePlace


This weeks One Big Thing is Wheatsville Hoodies:

Why do we love them?

1. We love showing pride in our co-op!
2. Lots of great colors to choose from - Kelly Green, Royal Purple, Heather Gray and Black!
3. Now in two different styles, including slim-fit from American Apparel.

Winter Greens

After a mild and productive winter, Johnson's Backyard Garden (JBG) is still going strong and bringing us plenty of fresh, organic, locally grown produce.  Some things are taking a rest to recoup, namely broccoli and kale, but others are still plentiful.  We love their Organic Collard Greens in particular.  The traditional preparation of collards is to cook it for hours in a pot with a ham hock and while I don't want to step on tradition, I think there are plenty of better ways to prepare collards.  Collards get a bad rap for being tough but I've never had a problem with them – they're not tough as banana leaves or anything.  You can definitely eat them raw – Chris likes to use them as raw wraps in the place of a tortilla (I've always done this with kale – need to try collards).  Dan, Ralf, and Robert all prefer some variety of sauté with onion, garlic, and oil or butter. 

In the past we had occasional issues with JBG's Organic Salad Mix, specifically that it was coming in from the field a little too muddy and that was causing some early breakdown in the greens.  They've graciously taken our feedback and retooled their systems at no cost to us!  This means Johnson's salad mix will stay fresher longer and will require less prep at home.  Thanks, JBG!  We love that we work with companies that stand behind their product and provide great customer service.

In addition to locally grown produce, we really love the Organic Blueberries in stock right now.  At $4.99 a pint, you get a great quantity of delicious, organic, antioxidant-rich blueberries.  I've recently discovered the fun of making crepes at home and blueberries and a little cream go so well with them.  Crepes are easier to make than pancakes and have more protein (from egg).  My kid loves them.  Give it a shot this weekend with a pint of organic blueberries.  You can't go wrong!


Sure, it's February, but hey, we're in Texas, so Smoothie Season Starts Now!
You know you want a frosty, fruity smoothie! Our no-ice-added yet wonderfully cold and super-thick smoothies are made just how you like 'em, with all sorts of add-ins possible, including many organic options! We offer a grand array of fruits – pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, banana and peach – and a selection of juices and milks including orange juice, apple juice, soymilk, rice milk, whole milk and skim milk – plus tons of extras like almond butter, spirulina, maca powder and chocolate syrup! With all these choices, there is a smoothie for everyone! Come in and get your smoothie, your way!
And we just found out that the Wheatsville's Popcorn Tofu Po'Boy was named in the April issue of VegNews Magazine as being the sandwich you gotta try when you visit Austin! Of course, we also think that after one bite it might give people a good reason to move here - especially after you taste the Buffalo-style!

Click here to read about all of our Deli's new items, deals & specials!

Pure Luck

Pure Luck Dairy, a popular locally owned goat cheese maker located in Dripping Springs, has started ramping up production again and we couldn't be happier! During the winter months production slows so that the mama goats have enough milk for their kids. As the kids wean, cheese production starts to increase, which is why there are so many fresh cheese choices in spring.
Our two favorites right now are Pure Luck's Molded Chevres and June's Joy. This time of year, Molded Chevres have a higher fat content making them a bit smoother and perfect for crumbling into fresh salads.

June's Joy is chevre combined with Round Rock honey, fresh cracked pepper and thyme. The honey gives this chevre a subtle sweetness and the pepper and herbs provide a nice finish. This cheese is perfect with crackers or crusty bread.
And don't forget, this month's featured cheese is Parmesan! Parmesan is a hard, grating cheese from Italy and is perfect in risotto, soups, salads and sauce. Here are a few recipes that we think you'll love:
Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano
Potatoes Gratin
Classic Pesto

Land & Sea

Owner Appreciation Days are getting close, March 10th -18th. If you wanted to order a product to make sure you get it with your OAD discount or wanted to get an item in a bulk quantity with your discount, now is the time to do so.

It's the beginning of Lent this week and thus begins Fish Fridays. Every Friday will bring a sale on some cut of fish all the way up until Easter. This Friday brings Arctic Cod on sale for $13.99/lb. Reg. $14.99. Sustainably fished from Alaskan waters, Cod is pretty firm in the flesh and firm in flavor. It stands up great to frying and poaching and is an excellent choice for fish and Chips. Keep an eye out during March for some great Seafood deals on Fridays.

Check out our New Niman Ranch sustainably and humanely raised Beef Entrees. Beef Pot Roast in Pomodoro Sauce and Beef Tips Provencal. Just heat and serve. Get your sides at the Wheatsville Deli and they will never know how easy it was.

Try out Blue Horizon Bites. Great for party finger foods or a T.V. nibble, we have three great flavors on Coop Deals; Crab, Salmon and Fish and Chips @$3.99 reg. $4.99.

Don't forget to try out our sustainable and humanely raised Duck. We have whole White Pekin Duck for  $5.49lb as well as boneless breast and leg quarters. Giblets, unrendered fat and other parts for stock are also available, but you have to be quick as they've become very popular. French Onion Soup is a family favorite and I make mine with a combination of beef and duck stock. Duck stock is great on its own but also shines as a companion to other stocks. Check out the Maple Leaf Farms website for more information on their animal welfare practices and recipes.

Stock Up

Hello again all! Well, it looks like there is another Owner Appreciation Week coming up soon - March 10th -18th and I just want to remind you that all of your bulk pre-orders will need to be done by March 3rd. Remember, pre-orders get you an extra 5% off! So don't delay and as always, Have a Great Day.
- Brent, Wheatsville Bulk Guy

Nordic Naturals

Boost your Heart Health with Omega-3s during American Heart Month.

It's not just hype.  There is evidence from many very large studies that omega-3 fatty acids from fish or fish oil supplements not only help prevent cardiovascular diseases in healthy individuals, but also reduce the incidence of cardiac events and mortality in patients with existing heart disease.  Now is a good time to support your heart health with these great products on sale now:

The entire line of Nordic Naturals on sale, anywhere from $2 - $9 off!  Nordic Naturals is the most respected fish oil supplement manufacturer in the US.  Nordic Naturals adheres to and exceeds the stringent European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS) and are 3rd party tested.  Also, Nordic Naturals utilizes enzymatic and oxygen-free processing technologies to ensure a completely burp free product, and a light and fruity taste.  It's true!  We've tried it!

Also, on sale: Natural Factors RxOmega-3 Factors Extra Strength, $5 - $7 off!     The 2:1 ratio of EPA and DHA in RxOmega-3 Factors has been the dominant ratio used and proven in scientific studies to produce clinical benefits.

If you prefer the plant-sourced Omega-3s, we have those too, on sale:
DEVA Vegan Omega-3 DHA-EPA, $6 off!  This new product contains both DHA and EPA from microalgae that is grown in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk of oceanic contamination, and is encapsulated in delayed release vegetarian capsules to make sure there is no aftertaste.


Campo Viejo Rioja Crianza just $9.99 regularly 11.99! It's the light, smooth velvety texture of this wine that makes it a pleasure to drink. A classic Crianza style Rioja, it shows all the hallmark attractive sweet cherry aroma and subtle strawberry notes on the palate and just a hint of warm spices.


Maredsous 10 singles on sale just $2.99, regularly $3.59! This is an old favorite and an excellent example of a Belgian Triple, or strong golden pale ale. Maredsous 10 is a true Trappist ale, meaning it was brewed under the supervision of Trappist Monks and if you have yet to try one then now is the perfect time.

For more information on this wonderful beer check out the latest episode of the Wheatsville Beercast here.

New at Wheatsville

We work hard to seek out exciting new products and flavors we think our members will love.
Here's what's new at Wheatsville this week.

Co+op Deals

One of our favorite organic olive oils, Bionaturae, is on Deal this week. As we head into our last full week of current savings, be sure to restock your pantry with Bionaturae Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil is made from a unique blend of traditional olive varieties with a complex balance of fruity and mellow flavors and a subtle artichoke bite. This tasty staple is on Deal this week for $11.99 reg. $17.99.

Click here for more Co+op Deals valid Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 – Tuesday, February 28th, 2012. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator

Owner Deals

 As we head into our last full week of the current Owner Deals, remember that our Kashi Granola Bars are on Owner Deal for $3.89 reg. $4.99. These tasty chewy granola bars bring a unique blend of Seven Whole Grains and Sesame together with a terrific taste experience!

Click here for more Owner Deals valid Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 – Tuesday, February 28th, 2012. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator


One week left to support SafePlace – Donate today!
Because February has five Wednesdays, only the first four will count as Community Action Wednesdays.  This helps us even the playing field as much as we can for all the groups that were selected by our owners.
But don't worry; there are still ways and time to support SafePlace!  We will continue collecting items for the SafePlace Food Drive and extra donations made by shoppers until the end of the month.  While you are shopping, look for the Community Action shelf signs that point you to ideal donation items.  Then, feel free to donate your reusable container credits at the cash register.
We would like to extend an extra special thanks to all the owners who donated their Patronage Rebates to SafePlace.  During the last two weeks of rebate distribution which fell in February, over 140 owners donated their rebates totaling more than $600.  This means we are on track to another record breaking Community Action donation!  Tune in next week to see what the total monthly donation to SafePlace will be.   
Thank you for helping us support SafePlace and their vision for a violence free community.    

I hope you have a most excellent week!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fresh in the Deli

Buffalo Popcorn Tofu

Owners can now save big on our famed classic Popcorn Tofu, deep-fried daily in our Deli kitchen! These crunchy, savory batter-dipped and deep-fried tofu nuggets are legendary! Stuff them into a roll to make a sandwich or just eat them dipped in our Cashew-Tamari Dressing! This vegan comfort food delight – our top-selling deli item! – is on sale for owners at just $8.99/lb, reg. $9.99/lb! If you’ve never before tried Popcorn Tofu, now is the time, for vegans and omnivores alike! Like it hot? Try our brand new Spicy Buffalo Popcorn Tofu by the pound or as a sandwich from our Deli Counter with a drizzle of our Vegan Blue Cheez Dressing! Yum!

Looking for a lighter lunch? Try one of our Deluxe Salads made with organic spring mix from our self-service grab’n’go cooler! These pre-packed green salads will give you the nourishment and energy you need, either veggie-only or made into a meal topped with a protein: strips of tasty baked tofu, tender slices of grilled, all-natural Buddy’s lemon-pepper chicken, or fresh, soft cubes of mozzarella cheese. Each of these salads comes packed full of organic spring mix, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, carrot and sprouts, and comes with your choice of our Cashew-Tamari or Cilantro-Lime dressing! 

And, right now, our Green Salad with Grilled Chicken is on sale for owners, just $4.49 each, reg. $4.99, so save some time, go green and grab a salad for a healthy, quick and filling lunch!

Hot Sandwiches
We are super excited about our brand new hot sandwich oven behind the Deli Counter! To celebrate its arrival, we are offering a menu of six hot and toasty sandwiches for you! Try our classic BLT on toasted local sourdough, or our cheesy Caprese with melted mozzarella, house-made pesto, fresh veggies and oil and vinegar! The Italian will fill you up, piled high with two kinds of salami and honey maple ham on local toasted ciabatta. Our Smoked Ham & Swiss comes with stone ground mustard, lettuce and tomatoes on local rye bread. Try my favorite, the Tuna Melt, which melts sharp white cheddar over our house-made tuna salad. Or have a WV Turkey Club, featuring oven-roasted turkey, crispy bacon and ripe avocado with veggies on organic wheat bread. Come on in to read the menu for all the details! We’ll be working on even more hot sandwich selections to come, but for now, just head on over and try one!

Zhi Teas
 We are delighted to introduce a wonderful line of local, organic Zhi Teas at the Wheatsville Deli! We are now carrying seven of Zhi’s best-selling, most indulgent, aromatic, colorful, fresh and flavorful teas – hand-crafted in small batches and sold in individual, biodegradable (non-GMO) corn silk sachets. The folks at Zhi use many of the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients in creating their tea blends, like red rooibos, coconut, cacao, anise, stevia leaf, peppermint, vanilla, pineapple, papaya, rose petals, orange peel and lavender. Choose from Austin Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Restful Blend, Sweet Desert Delight, Tropical Green, Turkish Spice Mint and Custom Earl Grey, and get a steamy cup at the Deli counter for just $1.39! We hope you’ll love our local Zhi Teas as much as we do!

Chocolate Croissants 
We are also thrilled to bring in an item that was requested via our customer wish list, Chocolate Croissants from Sweetish Hill! It only takes one bite to see why this flaky pastry stuffed with chocolaty goodness is a local favorite and we are happy to offer it for just $1.99 each! Wonderful with a cup of coffee or glass of milk, this fantastic croissant is great as is, or try heating it up just a bit to create a melty masterpiece of chocolate and bread! Yum!

 Our Featured Salsa is the taco-tastic Chipotle Salsa! This smoky red salsa is very popular on our breakfast tacos and adds a definite element of heat to an order of our Deli’s famous $1.99 Rice & Beans! A Wheatsville Deli stock for quite a long time, our Chipotle Salsa is now becoming one of our rotating Featured Salsas, which means we will only be making it once a year – this is the time to stock up!

Our Featured Smoothie right now is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie! Strawberries and organic, fair-trade chocolate syrup are blended with bananas, your choice of milk and apple juice, making one delicious, icy cold and thick drink! Come on in and taste the love, just $4.99!

Boar's Head
Also on sale at the Deli Counter through February are tasty cold cuts, sliced to order: Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey at $9.49/lb, reg. $9.99 and Provolone Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99! Come ‘n’ get it!

And for those of you looking to limit the gluten in your diet, c’mon in for our Bakery’s Wheat-Free Wednesdays and choose from a scrumptious selection of gluten-free baked goods, like muffins, bars and cakes, like the fabulous Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies! Also, be sure to check out our new Bakery table every day in front of the Deli Counter, where you’ll find an assortment of wrapped, sweet treats! And don’t forget to try a loaf of our yummy, fresh-baked LaBrea artisan breads – have you tried our hearty Wholegrain Loaf?

From 7:30 til 11:00 am every day, the Deli is running a breakfast bar of grab’n’go goodness to start your morning right! Come on over to our hot bar, where you’ll find a variety of freshly made Breakfast Tacos wrapped and ready for you! Now, even when you’re running late, you can stop in for a super-quick and super-tasty breakfast with no wait! Grab a vegan Black Bean, Potato & Sausage Taco, a vegetarian Egg, Potato & Cheese Taco, or a meat-lovers mainstay Bacon, Egg & Cheese Taco on a wheat tortilla with a side of Salsa to start your morning right! Or, come up to the Counter and order a custom-made taco!
Also, for just $1.99 a cup, our organic, vegan Steel-Cut Oatmeal offers a hearty, nutty bite to warm you up on these chilly mornings, and an abundance of toppings are available to make it just how you like it: organic butter, maple syrup, agave nectar, local honey, coconut milk, cow’s milk, brown sugar, raisins, sliced almonds, cinnamon and more! So come in and have a delicious breakfast in a flash at the Wheatsville Deli!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New at Wheatsville!

We work hard to seek out exciting new products and flavors we think our members will love. 
Here’s what’s new at Wheatsville this week!

For the past six years that Maine Root has been producing their line of soda, they’ve constantly been tinkering and coming up with new creations. Their latest offering uses the most popular soda flavor of them all: cola. With what seems to be an intentional play on the cult-like following of Mexican Coke, Maine Root has incorporated Mexico into both the name and color (which mimics the flag of Mexico). From a taste perspective, it’s spot on, with a mainstream cola flavor that certainly rivals the big guys'. Of course, it’s sweetened with sugar and fair trade certified, just like the rest of the Maine Root line.
Reg. $6.69 4/12oz.

Specialty foods company Fischer & Weiser's line of Mom's Pasta Sauces is like the fresh sauces that your Mom used to make.  In Mom's Spaghetti Sauce, Sicilian olive oil, juicy sweet California tomatoes, and lots of fresh whole garlic and fresh basil leaves create the unforgettable taste that marries well with spaghetti. A take on the popular vodka-style, Mom's Martini Pasta Sauce begins with San Marzano tomatoes, stuffed green olives, premium vodka and vermouth; fresh basil and Grana Padano cheese are added for maximum enjoyment over fettuccini, spaghetti or linguini. Mom's Puttanesca is a rich and hearty sauce that combines sultry essence of extra virgin with the sensuous flavor of capers and black olives, plus a hint of fresh wholesome butter and cream. Mom's is made in Fredericksburg, Texas.
 Reg. $4.49 14oz.Reg. $6.99 24oz.

Sweet & Sara has finally developed the perfect vegan marshmallow: rich, creamy, mouthwatering, and completely gelatin-free! Each soft pillow of sweet goodness infused with Madagascar vanilla will melt in your mouth. These tantalizing tidbits are perfect when roasted over a fire, melted into rice crispy treats, or dunked in hot cocoa. If you're looking for a little something extra, try Sara's marshmallows blanketed in organic toasted coconut. Sinfully addictive, this ambrosial delight will leave you needing more; in which case, grab a Sweet & Sara S’more! Each S’more consists of a 3" luscious marshmallow atop a graham cracker cookie enrobed in rich organic Belgian dark chocolate. Love at first bite!   Smores Reg. $3.99 2.5oz. Mallows Reg. $6.99 6oz.

MacroBars are macrobiotic and vegan energy and protein bars that are made fresh daily on a rural farm in Wisconsin. Minimally processed and certified organic, the bars utilize simple healthy ingredients to boost your immune system and help provide your body with essential nutrients. GoMacro products do not use any additives or preservatives, refined sugars or flours or dairy. Whether you need protein, energy or fiber; a meal replacement, a healthy snack or a delicious dessert you will find it in MacroBars.
Reg. $2.49 2 to 2.5oz.


If you took all the pancakes ever served at the Kerbey Lane Cafes in Austin and laid them end to end, the line would form a continuous pancake pathway from Austin to Denver; however, it would constitute a colossal waste of a whole bunch of really great pancakes! An Austin Favorite since 1980, Kerbey Lane Cafe serves great food prepared with natural ingredients and a healthy dose of imagination. Because so many customers requested them, Kerbey Lane has now come out with a gluten free variety of their beloved pancakes. Skip the wait for a table this weekend and whip up gluten free apple cinnamon pancakes in your own kitchen.
Reg. $5.99 13oz.