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Lemonade, Grilling, the best of the safest sunscreens and more!

Howdy Wheatsville Friends!

I hope your week is going well and that the rain is making your plants happy!


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Lemonade Joy

Grillin' Specials

Summer Sunscreen

Cheese Island

Keepin' Cool with your Wheatsville Deli

In the Grocery Aisle

Run for the Board

Two New Local Brews!


Lemonade Joy

Delightfully refreshing Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade & Limeade are on sale for $1.69 all month long (regularly 3.19). These will hydrate you and taste delicious and perfectly summery.


Grillin' Specials

Niman Ranch Ribeye steaks $16.99/lb, regularly $18.99/lb (while supplies last)!

Father's day is coming up and Dad would love to grill up any of these great items we have priced to sell. Start thinking now about what the old man likes and surprise him with his favorite stuff. Want to order up a bunch of steaks ahead of time? We can help you out. We can hand select the best ones and have them ready to pick up before you even get here. You can also enjoy the 5% discount on special orders.

June is also Eat Local Month! Wheatsville has always been a strong supporter of all things local, and the meat counter is full of great local products, including many names you may have seen at the farmers market: Bastrop Cattle Company, Dewberry Hills Farm, Loncito's Lamb, and Richardson's Family Farm. We have a great selection in the freezer of all these suppliers. You can also find some great local options in the "quick-to-fix" case. This is the beef we are using for our beef skirt steaks for fajitas seasoned in-house with peppers and onions, ready to grill for just $8.99/lb. Also, pick up some of our house-made Bacon Cheddar Burgers made with Windy Bar ground beef and local Veldhuizen "Redneck" Cheddar for $8.99/lb. These are a great way to eat local – all you have to do is fire up the grill!


Summer Sunscreen

The Wheatsville Health Team wants everyone to have a safe and sunburn free summer in the Texas heat this year.  Here are some of our best recommendations for sunscreen protection from the Environmental Working Group.  We have all of these and more for your skin's protection!


Caribbean Solutions SPF 25-

Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 for kids- A personal staff favorite.  It stayed on through swimming and beyond…

All Terrain KIDSPORT SPF 30- Specially formulated for kids. Uses Z-Cote® which offers the broadest UVA/UVB spectrum protection available. No Slip/Dry Grip, No Eye Sting, Water and Sweat Resistant.

All Terrain AQUASPORT SPF 30- Natural Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Badger SPF 30 (scented and unscented)

Badger SPF 30 (anti-bug formula)

Badger sunscreen SPF30 All season face stick- This stick is an easy to carry alternative for people on the go!

California Baby SPF 3  sunblock stick- California Baby is both chemical and Tear-Free

California Baby SPF 30 (unscented)- Because your baby already smells good….


Cheese Island

I have to say that I am so excited about this weekend. Four years of patient waiting, and the World Cup is finally here!!!  We have cheeses from around the world to help celebrate you favorite teams. We also have cheese trays and cheeses to compliment those breakfast tacos, burgers, hot dogs and fajitas. We have Manchego on sale for $13.69/lb, regularly $16.29/lb. Marscapone is on sale for $3.99, regularly $4.29. Fleur de France 8oz Brie is on sale for $5.29, regularly $5.99.  Organic Valley 8 oz. Feta, Mozzarella and Raw Sharp Cheddar are all on sale for $3.99, regularly $4.99. Galaxy Mozzarella Shreds is on sale for $2.89, regularly $3.79.


Keepin' Cool with your Wheatsville Deli!

Along with the weather heating up, the month of June has brought all new Owner Specials and tasty treats for you to enjoy at your Wheatsville Co-op Deli!

Smoothie season is most certainly underway, and our Smoothie of the Month is Strawberry Pineapple! Come get your all-fruit, no-filler, icy-cold and super-thick smoothies, made just how you like 'em with all sorts of add-ins possible! Choose your fruit(s) and build from there: pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, banana and peach are all on the menu! With a grand array of fruits plus tons of extras from spirulina to cacao nibs, there is a smoothie for everyone – try a Banana Dream with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, or a Strawberry-Mango smoothie with rice milk and almond butter!

Want more of a pick me up while trying to stay cool? Try our amazing Iced Coffee Toddy, a 24 hour cold brewed burst of caffeineated deliciousness on sale for owners for $1.49, reg. $1.99! Other cold brews available include our sweet and milky Thai Iced Coffee, earthy Yerba Mate, the pretty in pink Nile Valley Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea, and locally-sourced Iced Chai Tea!

Our other two owner specials this month are for some of your Deli's most popular items! Grab'n'go containers of our house-made Tuna Salad, studded with chunks of juicy apples, celery, red bell peppers, carrots and green onions are available for $7.99/lb, reg. $8.99/lb! And from our Deli Counter, the tasty and filling Falafel Black Olive Hummus Pita Sandwich is on sale for just $4.99, reg. $5.49!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are tasty cold cuts sliced by the pound: Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham, $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99/lb and Provolone Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99/lb!

Our new Salsa of the Month is the smoky sweet Blackened Pepper Salsa, blending roasted jalapenos with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic and lime juice!

Beets with Lemon, Mint & Cilantro is our Fresh in the Deli special for June and comes to us from the fine folks at Weaver Street Market at Carrboro, NC. This refreshing salad tosses raw, shredded beets with flavorful, fresh herbs in a light, lemony dressing – this may just be the perfect salad for a hot summer day!

And don't forget Father's Day is coming on June 20th! We'll have all the perfect sides to help you celebrate the man in your life's big day, whether he's on the grill or just kickin' back!

With so much to offer, your Wheatsville Deli is the place to fill up and cool off!


In The Grocery Aisle

Good Flow Honey:

I'd like to take a minute here to acknowledge a local company that's not at all new to Austin or Wheatsville. Good Flow Honey has been producing top-quality honey in Central Texas since the seventies. Wheatsville proudly carries Good Flow in varieties such as Pure Texas Wildflower and Mountain Clover Pure Virgin Honey, which is unfiltered and unheated. Pick some up at Wheatsville in a jar or in bulk. For more facts and history go to

Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer


Run for the board!

The Board is ramping up its annual election process, and the Nominations Committee would like to invite all Wheatsville owners to think seriously about running for a seat on the board. This is a different kind of leadership opportunity than you can find at any other organization. As a board, we are charged with acting on behalf and for the benefit of the owners of our co-op. We do this by using an incredible governance system that facilitates our leadership by focusing our energies on the "big-picture" questions, leaving the work of running the grocery store in the hands of Dan and his incredible staff. We have the great privilege of working for you, a diverse and passionate group of people who have invested in a business you believe in.

Members of the board serve three-year terms, receive a discount on purchases, and help to change the world in which we live through the perpetuation of co-op values and principles.

With our store renovation complete, this is a very exciting time to serve on the board. If you are interested, please click on the link to download a Board Packet and Application or pick one up at the Hospitality Desk.

In order to run as an 'endorsed' candidate (see Board Application for more information), you must attend at least one board meeting (always from 6-9pm) and one Orientation Session (times TBD).  Please see the schedule below and RSVP if you plan on attending:

June 16    (Wednesday 7:30pm)            Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates
June 29    (Tuesday)        Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
July 13    (Tuesday 6pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates
July 17    (Saturday 1pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates
July 27    (Tuesday)        Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
August 1    (Sunday)                Deadline to submit your application
August 24    (Tuesday)    Regular meeting of the Board of Directors

If you want an even better pitch for running for the board, take a look at this Breeze article
Cooperatively Yours,
The 2010 Nominations Committee

Two new local brews!

Independence Brewing Company Stash IPA and Convict Hill Stout are now available in 4-pack bottles. Stash IPA is hopped five times with Horizon, Ahtanum and Cascade hops to balances bitterness with a fresh, floral hop aroma. Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout pours jet-black into the glass--near opaque and sporting a sizable crown of dark tan head. Roasty, dark coffee notes blend with Baker's chocolate in a brew that in potent enough to pass as an imperial stout. Independence Brewing Company


Thanks for supporting your community owned grocery store!

Have a great week!


GM & email guy

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