Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Louise Lamb started the Grist Mill in the late 60’s with a vision of offering wholesome stone ground, all natural corn products. This same all natural cornmeal is still processed today in a gluten-free facility in Converse, TX, using stone burr mills which impart a wonderful old-fashioned coarseness to the meal. Most of the cornmeal made in the United States is steel-ground from corn with its husk and germ removed. Stone-ground cornmeal is not only coarser; it also includes the husk and germ. This kind of cornmeal has more flavor and nutritional value, but it spoils faster; Lamb's recommends storing its cornmeal in the refrigerator or freezer.32oz, Reg. $2.69

Based on a traditional French recipe, Chavrie all natural goat cheese is made in the lush, green farmlands of Lancaster County, in the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country. The pure, delicious goat's milk used to make mild, creamy Chavrie comes from local Amish dairy farms, where happy, healthy goats are allowed to graze freely in open meadows, surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. With a uniquely spreadable texture enhanced with tasty little caramelized onion bits, this soft chevre has an amazingly sweet flavor that's perfect with crackers and on hors d'oeuvres.5.3oz, Reg. $4.49

Blue Diamond, a California cooperative of almond growers, is pretty partial to almonds in anything, but we think you'll agree these crispy crackers go well with almost everything. Made from a blend of brown rice flour and almonds, they're perfect to munch on as a guilt-free snack! A sprinkling of seeds boosts the nutritional content even higher than that of the original NutThins.4.25oz, Reg. $3.29

Crown Price has kicked it up a notch with the addition of cracked black pepper to naturally wood smoked kippered herring. Delicate in flavor, these kippers are packed without any additional salt. Kipper Snacks are firm and flaky in texture and contain omega-3 fatty acids; just one can provides over one-third of the recommended daily allowance of protein. Rated as a Good Alternative by Monterey Bay Aquarium, Crown Prince's kipper snacks are sustainably harvested off the east coast of Canada. Ready to eat and packed in BPA-free cans, Kipper Snacks with Cracked Black Pepper are a tasty addition to salad, casseroles and sandwiches.3.25oz, Reg. $2.49

Ancient Harvest pastas combine the rich nutty flavor of organic quinoa flour with a natural blend of corn flours to produce the highest-rated line of non-wheat pastas available. Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Penne contains more protein than comparable pastas available. Because of quinoa’s high quality protein balance, which includes all ten essential amino acids, you can be assured of pasta that is superior in nutritional value. Rich in niacin, thiamine, iron, phosphorus and zinc, this pasta is also low in fat and sodium and contains no cholesterol, dairy, eggs or preservatives. The 'penne' shape is new to the line, and is comparable to the Italian cut 'pennette rigate'.8oz, Reg. $3.29

Tis the season for… Cedar Fever?

Tis the season for… Cedar Fever? Well not quite yet but Cedar Fever season does kick off in about ten days which means now is the time to prepare your body for the upcoming assault of cedar. We have several products that can help ease symptoms and reduce the severity of the dreaded pollen but many will be more effective if taken over the period of a few days before you begin to show symptoms. Here are a couple of our local favorites:


Newcomer and Austin-based Bloom Herbal Organics have their Allergy Relief. A proprietary blend of Nettles, Maitake Mushrooms, Dandelion, Licorice, and Spikenard works to gently cleanse the liver, regenerates your adrenal glands, and balances your immune system. A 2 oz. bottle costs $24.49 


Herbalogic’s Easy Breather is a favorite around here. Based on a traditional Chinese formula, this product works especially well for tree allergies. A 2 oz. bottle costs $21.99.


 Ginger Webb’s Texas Medicinals has Texas Allergy Relief to temporarily relieve the symptoms of allergies.  Local ingredients are used where possible in this formula and it is made right here in Austin using alcohol extracts of fresh organic Ambrosia, wild Yerba Mansa, wild Yerba Santa, fresh organic Turmeric root, and fresh wild Prickly Ash bark. A 1 oz. bottle costs $10.99.

Cooking Your Holiday Roasts

HOLIDAY ROASTS Starting Friday December 21st
  • Windy Hill Farms Lamb Racks These locally produced grass finished Dorper lamb racks are a truly exceptional treat for the Coop. These are in limited supply so pre order them to guarantee you get some.
  • Niman Ranch Lamb Racks and Crown Roasts Sustainably raised lamb from Niman Ranch. We can also make up a Crown Roast for a visual and culinary feast.
  • Niman Ranch Standing Rib Roast This is the master of all roasts. Succulent and decadent, plan for two dinners per rib, and order by the number of ribs. Here are tips and techniques for preparing this amazing roast.

The Standing Rib Roast is the King of Roasts and makes an amazing center piece for special meals. It can be daunting to tackle this large and extravagant cut of beef, but in reality, it is rather simple to cook. With a roast like this it is highly advisable to use a meat thermometer. A probe thermometer that stays in the roast and lets you know when it has reached the desired temperature is the easiest. Remember to put the thermometer in the thickest part of the roast, but avoid bone and fat because these can give you false readings.  

There are a couple trains of thought on seasoning. First is salt. Salt pulls moisture so some theories state that salting the exterior is unnecessary and will actually contribute to drying out the roast. However, you are most likely to be cooking this roast on the rare side, so drying out roast might not be an issue and there are other techniques in the cooking process that will prevent this from happening. Salt is, therefore, up to you. You can also score the fat to allow any rub that you put on the roast to get deeper into the roast. I would posit that this is most likely adding more flavor to the fat than the inside of the roast. Rib roasts by nature are full of flavor, but a tasty crust is also a corner stone of this fabulous roast so by all means, flavor it up. You can use a dry rub or you can make a wet paste. There are plenty of pre made rubs that would be fantastic here, or make up your own. Dijon mustard is a great way to make a paste and flavored vinegars would also go a long way in flavoring your crust. 

There are several key steps in dry roasting a roast this size. First off, let it warm up. You want it as close to room temperature as possible. This will allow for even cooking and a shorter cooking time. Place the roast in your pan with the rib side down (fat side up). Start with a ripping hot oven @450 degrees for 15 minutes and then reduce the heat to 350 degrees. This is where the thermometer becomes the better indicator than a cooking time. Keep in mind that after you pull the roast from the oven it will continue to cook. A good rule of thumb is 13-15 minutes per pound for rare (115-120 degrees) and 15-17 minutes per pound for medium rare (125-130 degrees). Let the roast rest for at least fifteen minutes. During that time the internal temperature will rise about 5 degrees. It is best to cover it with foil while it is resting.

Our Standing Rib Roasts will have had the bones removed and tied back on for ease of carving. After resting, just cut the butchers twine and carve from end to end. If your pan is able to go directly to the stove top burner, there is a great opportunity for pan sauces. Pour off all but a couple of tablespoons of the fatted juices and put over medium heat. Add 2 tablespoons of flour and whisk together. Add two cups of liquid (stock, wine, or a combination of both) and bring to a boil. Thicken it until it lightly coats the back of a spoon.

- Mark
Meat & Seafood Buyer

Fresh in the Deli

These Deli sales will keep Owner’s warm!
Warm up with a Frito Pie, made for you by our Deli Counter staff! This hearty meal is on sale for owners, $3.99, reg. $4.99! Come in and get your fix of our award-winning vegan Tempeh Chili spooned over crunchy Fritos and topped, if you so choose, with cheese, onions and jalapenos! Fill ‘er up!

Local, organic Zhi Teas on sale for owner’s, $0 .99, reg. $1.39, at the Wheatsville Deli! We carry seven of Zhi’s best-selling, most indulgent, aromatic, colorful, fresh and flavorful teas – hand-crafted in small batches and sold in individual, biodegradable (non-GMO) corn silk sachets. The folks at Zhi use many of the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients in creating their tea blends, like red rooibos, coconut, cacao, anise, stevia leaf, peppermint, vanilla, pineapple, papaya, rose petals, orange peel and lavender. Choose from Austin Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Restful Blend, Sweet Desert Delight, Tropical Green, Turkish Spice Mint and Custom Earl Grey, and get a steamy cup at the Deli counter for just $0.99 We hope you’ll love our local Zhi Teas as much as we do!

Our Featured Salsa is the Roasted Tomato Salsa! Oven-roasting adds sweetness to vine-ripened tomatoes and onions, and smokiness to jalapenos – when hand-blended with some fresh cilantro and lemon juice, they create a very tasty salsa, for just $5.99/lb You get the salsa on tacos or you can find it in our Grab-n-Go case – packaged up for your convenience.

“Very Berry” Smoothie! A Beautiful vibrantly pink, berry sweet smoothie blends apple juice and soymilk with strawberries, raspberries and banana, this thick and tasty holiday special is just $4.99!

On sale at the Deli Counter through the end of December are tasty cold cuts: Boar’s Head Smoked Ham at $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99 and Provolone Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99! C’mon in and stock up on fresh sliced provolone and ham, either for your lunchbox staples or a dinner of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

And for those of you looking to limit the gluten in your diet, c’mon in for our Bakery’s Wheat-Free Wednesdays and choose from a scrumptious selection of gluten-free baked goods, like muffins, bars and cakes! Also, be sure to check out our new Bakery table every day in front of the Deli Counter, where you’ll find an assortment of wrapped, sweet treats! And don’t forget to try a loaf of our yummy, fresh-baked LaBrea artisan breads – have you tried our NEW Seeded French Rolls?

Florentine Meatball Sub is in the house!! Served on a local hoagie, with melted provolone, Florentine Meatballs and smothered in Rosie Jane’s Spaghetti sauce this hearty, warm sub has been a staff pick right out of the gate.  Perfect for the chilly weather!

Our line of seasonal beverages from the Deli Counter have been a great hit! Sidle up to our organic, fair-trade espresso bar for a Peppermint Mocha, where we combine the great tastes of chocolate and mint in one delicious beverage! Combining espresso with organic Dagoba chocolate syrup, this coffee drink is amazing! Or maybe you’d prefer the Eggnog – or Soynog! – Latte! This seasonal treat trades out the classic Latte’s milk base for delicious, creamy nog! Our Hot Chocolate, made with your choice of milk plus a few squeezes of our organic chocolate syrup, will warm your heart and soothe your soul! Wanna lose the caffeine? Try a hot Caramel Apple Steamer, made with organic apple juice, cinnamon and caramel syrup! Or, if you’re feeling more spicy than sweet, have a cup of our fantastic, caffeine-free Hot Gingerade, made with fresh ginger, spices and a blend of three fruit juices. It’s an allergy-destroyer and tummy-tenderizer all in one, and boy does it taste good too – stir in some local honey and cayenne for an extra immunity booster!