Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Louise Lamb started the Grist Mill in the late 60’s with a vision of offering wholesome stone ground, all natural corn products. This same all natural cornmeal is still processed today in a gluten-free facility in Converse, TX, using stone burr mills which impart a wonderful old-fashioned coarseness to the meal. Most of the cornmeal made in the United States is steel-ground from corn with its husk and germ removed. Stone-ground cornmeal is not only coarser; it also includes the husk and germ. This kind of cornmeal has more flavor and nutritional value, but it spoils faster; Lamb's recommends storing its cornmeal in the refrigerator or freezer.32oz, Reg. $2.69

Based on a traditional French recipe, Chavrie all natural goat cheese is made in the lush, green farmlands of Lancaster County, in the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country. The pure, delicious goat's milk used to make mild, creamy Chavrie comes from local Amish dairy farms, where happy, healthy goats are allowed to graze freely in open meadows, surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. With a uniquely spreadable texture enhanced with tasty little caramelized onion bits, this soft chevre has an amazingly sweet flavor that's perfect with crackers and on hors d'oeuvres.5.3oz, Reg. $4.49

Blue Diamond, a California cooperative of almond growers, is pretty partial to almonds in anything, but we think you'll agree these crispy crackers go well with almost everything. Made from a blend of brown rice flour and almonds, they're perfect to munch on as a guilt-free snack! A sprinkling of seeds boosts the nutritional content even higher than that of the original NutThins.4.25oz, Reg. $3.29

Crown Price has kicked it up a notch with the addition of cracked black pepper to naturally wood smoked kippered herring. Delicate in flavor, these kippers are packed without any additional salt. Kipper Snacks are firm and flaky in texture and contain omega-3 fatty acids; just one can provides over one-third of the recommended daily allowance of protein. Rated as a Good Alternative by Monterey Bay Aquarium, Crown Prince's kipper snacks are sustainably harvested off the east coast of Canada. Ready to eat and packed in BPA-free cans, Kipper Snacks with Cracked Black Pepper are a tasty addition to salad, casseroles and sandwiches.3.25oz, Reg. $2.49

Ancient Harvest pastas combine the rich nutty flavor of organic quinoa flour with a natural blend of corn flours to produce the highest-rated line of non-wheat pastas available. Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Penne contains more protein than comparable pastas available. Because of quinoa’s high quality protein balance, which includes all ten essential amino acids, you can be assured of pasta that is superior in nutritional value. Rich in niacin, thiamine, iron, phosphorus and zinc, this pasta is also low in fat and sodium and contains no cholesterol, dairy, eggs or preservatives. The 'penne' shape is new to the line, and is comparable to the Italian cut 'pennette rigate'.8oz, Reg. $3.29

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