Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New at Wheatsville

(Stages 1-3), YoDrops, Kids’ Mashups, Jammy Sammies
Plum Organics believes the joy of eating starts with the very first spoonful. Introducing babies to real food with delightful tastes and pure ingredients as early as possible can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. Plum's foods are cooked just the right amount to retain nutrients, in culinary-inspired recipes to help parents nourish their little ones with yummy, nutritious foods. Innovative packaging retains the freshness, flavor and nutrients and offers easy feeding with a convenient, portable and resealable no mess solution for parents. All products are certified organic, nutrient-rich, free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and artificial ingredients and use BPA-free packaging.
Pouches, 3.5-4oz, Reg. $1.49-$1.79
YoDrops, 5pk, Reg. $4.49
Mashups, 4pk, Reg. $5.49
Jammy Sammies, 5pk, Reg. $3.79


The ghost pepper takes on many forms: pepper spray, hand grenades, smoke bombs… and now salsa! Made from the hottest pepper in the world, Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa will frighten your taste buds and leave you screaming for more. We dare you to give it a try-- this Ghost Pepper Salsa is scary hot! Mrs. Renfro's is produced in Fort Worth, Texas. 16oz, Reg. $2.99


A Sartori-family original, this rich, creamy cheese with its nutty, fruity flavor is inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese. BellaVitano begins in the mouth like a premium Parmesan and finishes in award-winning style with hints of melted butter. Freshly roasted espresso is hand-rubbed into sweet, sugary BellaVitano wheels aged to creamy perfection, for a delicious treat for breakfast or dessert. 5.3oz, Reg. $4.99