Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ action and renovation news!

Hi folks!

I hope that you have fun weekend plans.

Wheatsville is here for all your entry into summer needs and we're open all day on Monday, our normal hours, so come on in!

Some news you can use!
We'll be adding two new registers beginning at the middle of next week to help make the end of your shopping experience go even more quickly and smoothly than it does now. Also, just so you know, we are installing a new register system next week. We're hoping that this is largely unnoticeable to you, but you may notice that our cashiers are a little less nimble than normal as they get used to the new system. We are adding additional cashier support during next week in order to help keep the lines moving quickly.

One big change that comes from this change, starting on June 1st is that you will no longer need to bring up the paper Member coupons to get those deals. We are replacing our member coupon program with an Owner's saving program. Your savings on these specials will automatically be deducted at the register. Yay! Less paper waste and easier for you to always get your owner special deals that are a benefit of Wheatsville membership!

Early is the new late
Remember all of you awesome early birds,  we are going to be opening at 7:30 am beginning Monday June 15th! Come in between 7:30 and 8am between June 15th and June 22nd and get a free drip coffee with any purchase!

Renovation news!
We continue to move into our new space. Our awesome new awning has been up for a week providing lovely shade. Our eat-in counter in the front windows give you even more eating and seating options. Coming next week, more new and better picnic tables for the front!

Our produce and grocery departments have moved into their new digs, at least somewhat. Please bear with us as we complete these transitions over the coming weeks.

Car Parking continues to be difficult and we will be heading into some additional parking changes in the coming weeks. For now, our main parking in the middle is still available. If possible, shifting your shopping earlier in the morning or later at night will make your parking experience a WHOLE LOT Better. Stay tuned for more information about changes to the parking situation and thank you so much for your patience! I know that it has really stunk at times! When we're done, we'll have more than double the parking we've had during the project!

From Bryan Butler, the Butcher
Tour the store and get stocked up for BBQ Time!
Hey folks it's grilling time! It's time to round up your friends and head to the lake, favorite city park, or just set up your backyard and BBQ! A quick pass through Wheatsville will quickly fill up your basket with all your necessities. You can load up on fresh "corn in husk" (a must for easy BBQ veggies) in our new produce department.

There, you'll also find easy to make, grill-ready portabella mushrooms and lots of fresh squash, zucchini and eggplant. Onward through the growing grocery isles (they seem to be replicating themselves), where you can pick up chips, charcoal, sauce, drinks and buns, along with other assorted snacks and BBQ staples. Don't forget to hit up the bodycare department for some sun screen and bug spray. Go into the bulk area and pick up some great snackable and healthy treats for the kids. With a great selection of trail mixes and granolas to choose from, what's not to like? Or, if you have a sweet tooth, great natural candy with definitely be a hit. Swing by the frozen section and get some great CAP deals on small pints (a new favorite of mine: blood orange Ciao Bella sorbet). Oops…I might should have kept that to myself.
Onward thru the fog and you'll get to the meat department: the Mecca of all things grill-able. We have grill-ready wild caught sockeye salmon and Niman Ranch sweet Italian sausage and bratwurst. All are on member coupon this month for 75 cents off the total price. We also have lots of fresh cuts just begging for the grill every day, from thick pork chops to big ole fat Rib eyes, as well as plenty of fresh daily-ground chuck and pork. We also have some great, sustainable choices for grilling seafood. A quick and sure-to-please choice is the Sablefish. With just a quick toss with your favorite blend of spices, sablefish makes a great option to your plate. And please don't waste time with pre-made spice blends when you can pick up only what you need for the day at our herb counter. The herb counter is filled with great natural spices and organic spices.
Wait! There's still more! The deli has loads and loads of fresh salads that will please everyone at your BBQ, no matter what their diet preferences are. They also have awesome new fresh-baked breads that will surely get devoured just as soon as you bust out a great cheese you picked up. The cheese department has an awesome selection of domestic cheeses available, including fine blue cheese and a fantastic brie selection.

With all that bread and cheese, you must grab some beer or wine to complement your selection. Remember that most time a good dry spicy red wine works with the whole BBQ concept, and just one bottle could change the BBQ from being standard to extraordinary.

Beer! Please don't forget the beer especially if you're a guest. Never show up empty handed. Wheatsville has several "fancy" canned beers now. If you're tired of Bud Light and Coors Light, you should try the "Little Yella Pils", "Dale's Pale Ale", "Steam Engine", or "Third Eye" all great, refreshing beers.
Okay. Now you're done. So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone, round up some friends, grab up the family and enjoy this summer! Cheers!

From the Deli
Come by the Deli this weekend and pick up a whole roasted chicken. They are all natural and we roast them in house.  We also take the extra time to brine them which makes them extra delicious.  So, swing by the deli pick up of great sides, dinner rolls, and wine in order to make a quick dinner for yourself.
Cool yourself down with a fresh smoothie – ours are made with lots of frozen fruit, fresh juices, and NO ICE!  Pick your flavor or try the special smoothie of the month, PB & J smoothie.  This smoothie of the month has been a great hit with our customers. It tastes like the last day of school feels, delicious and fun!
Greg, In the Land of Cheese
Just a few days left to take advantage of the special we are running on our Organic Valley Sharp Cheddar, Reduced Fat Reduced Sodium Mild Cheddar and Reduced Fat Monterey Jack. The OV Sharp Cheddar, is on sale for $3.99, a 70¢ savings off their regular price! The RF RS Mild Cheddar and the RF Monterey Jack, is on sale for $3.99, a 30¢ savings off their regular price. Don't miss out on our values! Our deli is now selling delicious Rock Star Bagels!! Might I recommend any one of the Full Quiver cheese spread flavors, to go with that bagel. There is Garlic-Basil, Jalapeno, Strawberry and also Chive.
I hope that you have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy