Thursday, September 23, 2010

Johnny Appleseed Day, Fall, Flags and more!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!


I hope you are enjoying the (slight) cooling weather! Happy Fall to you! September 26th is Johnny Appleseed's birthday, a great time for us to eat apples! Learn more about the special person who became a legend

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Raise it up the flag pole…

Asian pears and Washington Apples!

Co+op Deals = delicious savings

Deli, meat and cheese news including a vegan bread snafu

Bulk coffee

Get your kettlecorn

Help with allergies

New in grocery

Meet the board candidates


New flags!

We are really excited about our new flags and flag pole. Check out our US Flag, our Texas Flag and our Co+op: Stronger Together Flag now proudly flying outside the co-op! We're excited to show our civic pride and hope you are, too.


Produce Notes

I'm excited to announce a new partnership with Wheatsville and HannaLeigh Farm here in Austin.  Rob Nash over at HannaLeigh is really charged up about aquaponics (, an incredibly cool symbiotic cultivation system similar to hydroponics but with zero waste products.  HannaLeigh is now supplying us with pesticide-free basil and will very soon expand their offerings to other herbs (look for rosemary next).  Cross your fingers, we may also see aquaponic tilapia in the meat department very soon!


To continually beat the Northwest USA tree fruit drum, come check out some Organic Gala Apples this week.  They're super fresh and crisp!  If you like sweeter apples, the gala is a good choice for you, and attractively priced at $1.79/lb.  Don't forget about pears, either!  We just got our first delivery of USA grown Asian pears.  Asian pears have a crisp, light texture almost like jicama.  Almost never cooked, they are best peeled but can be eaten out of hand.  If you don't really count yourself as a "pear person," give an Asian pear a try.  They'll change your mind!

Keep the faith!


CO+OP DEALS ARE BRINGING DELICIOUS SAVINGS TO OUR TABLES! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant

This is the last full week to seize the saving opportunities of our new crop of Co+op Deals. This week we're offering Annie's Homegrown Organic Pasta & Cheese $1.49 reg. $2.49, Natural Sea Yellowfin Tuna $1.99 reg. $2.99 and Amy's Frozen Entrée Bowls $3.59 reg. $4.79.

We've brought Dr. Oetker's Organic Pudding Mixes onto our shelves to satisfy your sweet cravings with the great taste of Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Banana and Coconut $1.19 reg. $1.69. And to compliment the pudding, we expanded our popular line of Country Choice Organic Cookies to include Vanilla, Ginger Snaps & Iced Oatmeal $2.79 reg. $3.49. What better to follow the satisfying crunch of a delicious organic cookie than a comforting cup of Yogi Ginger Tea 2/$6.00 reg. $4.39 each.

We're also offering fresh and healthy snack options with Lundberg Family Farms Organic Rice Cakes 2/$5.00 reg. $3.39, Crofter's Organic Fruit Spread $2.79 reg. $3.99 and Maranatha Organic Raw Almond Butter $13.99 reg. $21.99.

And to make any cleaning chore easier while being kind to our planet, we're offering Seventh Generation Natural Paper Towels for $1.79 reg. $2.89.

The savings keep adding up! These and so many other items are on sale until Tuesday, September 28th.

To make our deals even easier to reference, we have a terrific new Co+op Deals feature on our web site. Go to and click on the Co+op Deals link.


Last week for September Deli Deals and lots more tasty goodies!


This is your last week to get a great deal on our September Owner Specials! Come in and get a deal on our most popular sandwich, the vegan classic Southern Fried Tofu Sandwich, $4.49 each, reg. $4.99! Also on sale is our infamous 24 hour cold brewed Iced Coffee Toddy, just $1.49 each, reg. $1.99! I still say it's the best legal buzz around! Our best-selling wheat-free Thai Pasta Salad adds some peanutty goodness to the menu, $5.99/lb, reg. $7.49.

Beat the heat with our Acai Superfood Smoothie for just $6.29 each! This month's smoothie special blends acai with strawberries, bananas, apple juice and soymilk for a frozen drink that's good for your body and tastebuds, too! September's salsa of the month, Salsa de Otono, combines smoky ancho and sweet red bell peppers with organic apple juice for a taste that beckons autumn, $4.99/lb – ask for a sample at the Deli Counter!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are tasty cold cuts: Boar's Head Honey-Maple Ham at $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99 and Muenster Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99!

New items abound in the Bakery case, including three new vegan bars that have caused a lot of excitement and big grins among staff and owners: fruity Blueberry Cobbler Bars, salty-sweet Peanut Butter Blondies and chewy, nutty Caramel Pecan Bars! At just $2.49 each, these big bars will satisfy your sweet tooth and then some. Try a sample at Deli Counter – we guarantee you will be coming back for more!

Don't forget, we're here for your catering needs as well! Whether it's a birthday cake for that special someone or a full spread for watchin' the next Longhorns game, our ready-made dishes can help make your celebration a success! Take a look at our Catering Menu, featuring a mouth-watering assortment of Meat & Cheese Trays, Crudités & Dip Trays, Middle Eastern Trays, and Fruit & Cheese Trays! Platters and salads, like our Thai Pasta, Popcorn Tofu Platter and Ginger Tempeh Pasta are perfect for every occasion, and for any size gathering! Check out our website at or call us at the Deli to place your order: 512-478-1164! Have a ball and leave the cookin' to us!


Deli Sandwich bread

About 2 months ago we were delivered a different focaccia then we normally carry in the Deli for our sandwiches.  I immediately called our vendor, Sweetish Hill, and asked if this change in the recipe would make the focaccia not vegan.  Our contact informed me that the focaccia bread was not vegan, nor had it been vegan.  I was shocked by this because we had spent quite a bit of time in phone conversations, one on one meetings, and in email discussions about our need of vegan bread for the Deli.  In fact, we did not choose to go with their whole wheat bread because it was sweetened with honey.

For the first 2 days after discovering this, we began informing our customers, on a person by person basis, that if they were ordering a vegetarian or vegan based sandwich with the focaccia that the focaccia was not vegan itself.  We then cancelled the focaccia bread order and have been dealing with the owner of the company from that point on.  We talked to the owner of the company and told him how upset that we were and how this is a crucial piece of information for us.  He assured us that he would handle our account from here on out, assuring us that this would not happen again.  He sent a very nice, thoughtful apology to us which really let us know that he took this very seriously.  They are still working on getting a vegan focaccia breads for us.  We have had a few requests to bring back the focaccia, regardless of whether or not it is vegan, and have been holding off on that decision.

We are truly sorry for any confusion on this matter. We take dietary needs very seriously in the deli and make a point of discussing new products with vendors when they come in to the Deli.

If you would like to discuss this further with me or have any other questions or concerns please contact me directly.  My email is and I am happy to talk to you about this. I am very committed to making sure that our products are what we say they are.  In fact, I am embarrassed that this got past me.  I would like to say again, that I am sorry for this to have happened.

Cheese Island

We have a few things on sale this month. We have our New York Sharp Cheddar on sale for $6.39/lb, regularly $9.99/lb. White Mild Cheddar is on sale for $3.29/lb, regularly $3.99/lb. Yellow Mild Cheddar is on sale for $4.29, regularly $4.99/lb. Smoked Goat Gouda is also on sale for $8.39/lb regularly $9.99.


New Meat stuff!

Pederson's/Wendzel natural pork & bison Bierwurst are new to our store. Same great product we expect from Pederson's, and always certified humane. Pick some up for $9.89 10oz package.

Niman Ranch Apple Cinnamon breakfast sausage is yet another delicious sausage brought to us by the Niman ranch brand. Small, snappy, bursting with juicy flavors…. 12oz pack $6.39.

Locally farm raised quail from Lockhart Texas is a great switch from the same old chicken dinner. Semi boneless little birds can be cook anyway but really are something special off the grill. (Ask me for recipes) Texas quail sold frozen in a 4 x 4oz pack, only $18.99.

Bastrop Cattle Company 7 bone chuck roast is a beast of a roast. Easily able to feed 4-5 people, you can slow cook (Crockpot) this cut all day long and have an easy dinner. BCC chuck roast sells for 12.99/lb average size 3-4 pounds. Look for this and all the Bastrop cattle company 100% grass fed beef in our freezer next to the beer case.

Tasty new frozen fish entrée from Henry & Lisa; Battered Wild Alaskan salmon filets. Easy preparation and nice sized portions make this a great item to keep in your freezer for easy meal. Try them for $6.59 for 8oz.

Scratching you head trying to decide on a way to send you kids to school with a healthy lunch? Try our new organic line of lunch meats from Organic Prairie. Certified Organic and certified humane these are wholesome choices with a variety of flavors; Roasted Turkey, Smoked turkey, Smoked ham, Roast beef, and Roast chicken. Pick them up next time in the your in the store for only $6.99 for a 7oz package, and while supplies last grab the 1$ off coupon located next to the lunchmeat section for a real bargain.

Still on special this month:

Buddy's natural Leg Quarters are one the best sellers in the meat department. For good reason; humane treatment, no confinement, locally produced, and all vegetarian fed. Plus this month you can pick them up for $1.49/lb, regular $1.99/lb.


Be sure to look for a great mid month special on Applegate Farms Smoked & Roasted turkey breast sliced lunchmeat. Regular priced at $5.99/7oz., NOW ONLY $5.49 7oz starting on the 15th of September.


It's also the last week for our introductory priced Shrimp cakes. I recommend you try these. And now is as good of time as any. Only $10.49/lb regular price is $10.99/lb.


Don't forget to get some snacks for watching football!


New Local Coffees in Bulk

Hi folks! I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a couple of great local coffee companies we have recently started carrying in the bulk department.  Fara Coffees are grown on their four farms located in the mountainous region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and roasted here in Austin.  All four of their farms are certified for sustainability by the Rainforest Alliance, and all of their coffees are a great deal right now at $8.49/lb.


Also new to the Bulk Department are the wonderful coffees from Third Coast Roasting Co..  All of their coffees we carry are Organic and Fair Trade certified.  A staff favorite here is their Yirgacheffe, a delicious medium roast from Ethiopia.


Popcorn Indiana All Natural Popcorn!-Niki Nash, Wheatsville Merchandising Manager

You may have noticed the giant stack of bags of popcorn by the front door of the co-op this week. This is a new, amazingly delicious, popcorn that we can't seem to get enough of around here. Bob Kinney, former Wheatsville Board President and lifelong popcorn enthusiast, really sums it up in an email he recently sent me:

Hey, Niki
Can't recall any popcorn tasting quite like the Sea Salt Indiana Popcorn.
It's comfortably crunchy without worrying about a tooth.
The taste is pure corn -- in this incidence that's a very good thing!
Made a good dent in the bag and am buying the butter version Friday.
A nice find!

At a recent staff meeting we tried to decide which was the best flavor and we couldn't! They're all super yummy: Smoked Cheddar, Aged White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn, Touch of Sea Salt and Movie Theatre Popcorn with real butter! Bonus: there's a $1.00 off coupon in the Co+op Deals coupon book AND they're on sale through next Tuesday.


Ahh- choo! Help for Austin allergies!
With the currently high levels of mold and ragweed as well as pesky pigweed and fall elm, you may be feeling pretty miserable right now. We would like to highlight two amazing locally made products for you to consider:

Herbalogic Easy Breather-locally made, Chinese herbs in a liquid formula. Use as needed to control acute sinus symptoms, or use daily to prevent sinus attacks and improve the immune system. Use to prevent seasonal allergies or reduce the occurrence of year-round allergies.

Texas Medicinals Texas Allergy Relief Formula-Temporarily relieves hayfever-like allergic symptoms. Alcohol extracts of fresh organic Ambrosia (Ragweed), fresh wild Yerba Santa, fresh wild Yerba Mansa, fresh organic Turmeric, fresh wild Prickly Ash. Made with Organic Alcohol.

New in the Grocery Aisles!

We're proud to tell you that we now carry some wonderful pre-packaged beans in our coffee section.  The Just Coffee Cooperative has roasts like Half Caff, Bike Fuel, the Reanimator and Wake the Dead (this one is seasonal, get it while we've got it!).  These 12 oz bags are on sale for $8.99/ reg $9.99 until September 28th.

Our friend Josh from Just Coffee wants you to know this:

Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee roaster based in Madison, WI. We are dedicated to creating and expanding a model of trade based on transparency, equality, and human dignity-- real fair trade. We strive to provide total quality building long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers and bringing you a truly incredible cup of coffee. We look at coffee as a great opportunity to connect producers with consumers so that we can all understand how we affect each other's lives. Toward that end, several times a year we take our customers and other allies to visit grower communities and have our people on the ground with farmers for several months out of the year. We also often host growers in Madison so that they can visit with our customers and get to know them. We see our co-op as an everyday opportunity to challenge the status quo of the coffee business and we take pleasure in turning free market logic on its ear whenever possible.

Please visit for more information.


Over near the deli in our single serve cookie and brownie section, we've started carrying Mary Louise Butter's Brownies in their Demi (half) size servings.  We have all your favorite flavors like Mental Julep, Hot Lips, Vegan Madeline, Kona Buzz, Grande Orange and Denise (salted caramel brownie!  Dreams do come true!).  Each perfectly sized brownie is just $1.99.  There are more exciting treats coming soon to these shelves, so stay tuned!

I am happy to announce that Wheatsville Co-op has a new wine deal we are unveiling. Buy six or more bottles of wine and get 10% off. Any wine! Any price! Mix and match! We are also offering a great way to transport your wines with our spiffy new Wheatsville six bottle carrier. These are very cool bags that hold six bottles of your favorite beverages and they are only $1.99 each! Best of all they have the Whatsville logo on the side so you can bring it to a party with co-op pride!


Board Candidate of the Week

The nominations committee has worked diligently to bring you seven candidates for four open seats on the co-op's nine-member board of directors. We'll be featuring one or two of them every week until voting starts on October 1.


Reyna Bishop is an East Texas girl who grew up eating mostly veggies from her mother's organic garden and drinking milk from a local dairy 5 miles away.  At the time, she longed for more Velveeta, white bread, and Fruit Loops.  However, a love of fresh food and interest in its impact on health led her to eventually earn a Master's degree in Nutrition from Texas Woman's University and to complete the Natural Epicurean Culinary Program. Professionally, Reyna has worn a variety of hats including Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator, Clinical Research Project Manager and Consultant, Owner of a Vegetarian Food Delivery and Catering Company, Personal Chef, Cooking Class Instructor, and (most recently and wonderfully) Mom to a precocious 2 year old. Reyna has been a member of the Wheatsville Co-op for 6 years and is excited at the possibility of serving on it's Board of Directors.


To find out more about all the candidates, visit


Remember, voting begins in October!

SAVE THE DATE! Fall Owner Gathering Wednesday, October 27th!


I hope you have a most awesome week!


Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy