Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bike to Work, lots of seasonal delights, grow your own food and so much more!

Hi folks!

Yep, we continue to morph into the new Wheatsville. Over the next few days, we will be moving into our new grocery shelving. You won't see a ton of new products yet, but rest assured that we are taking your wish lists VERY seriously.

Bike to work day is tomorrow! Friday from 7am-9am, bike up to Wheatsville for some light breakfast noshing and some coffee!

From the Deli
Things are heating up outside, and the Wheatsville Deli is here to help you keep your cool!
Our spicy, delicious and charmingly cold tomato Gazpacho Soup is back in the full-serve case for your summertime delight!
Red Curry Tofu, a customer favorite for sure, is also in the case, combining spicy, roasted chunks of tofu with a cool and creamy Veganaise based dressing, full of raw veggies. Try a sample!
All your favorite hot-weather coolers are in stock as Grab-n-Go as well, including our fabulous pecan- and apple-studded Chicken Salad, creamy, buttermilk Pimento Cheese, Tuna Salad chockfull of crunchy and sweet veggies, and the vegan, tofu-based Eggless Egg Salad!
Green salads will give you the nourishment and energy you are sure to crave during these humid days, either veggie-only or made into a meal topped with strips of baked tofu, slices of all-natural lemon-pepper roasted chicken breast, or fresh, soft cubes of mozzarella cheese! Each salad comes with your choice of our Cashew-Tamari or Cilantro-Lime dressings!
Tomatillo Fire, our very spicy salsa of the month, goes great with chips and will certainly light a fire that only another bite can tame – until the next one!
Did someone say SMOOTHIE? It's that time of the year, folks! Come get your all-fruit, no-filler, icy-cold and super-thick smoothies, made just how you like 'em with all sorts of add-ins possible! Choose your fruit(s) and build from there: pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, banana and peach are all on the menu!
And, for a fantastic way to cool down a hot morning, be sure to try our renowned Iced Coffee Toddy, a cold-pressed coffee that takes over 24 hours to create! It goes great over ice, finished with milk and a shot of agave, if you order it like I do! It is divine and guaranteed to wake you up, so come in and cool down!
Greg in the Land of Cheese
Mark Keul, with Brazos Valley Cheese Company, just delivered two wheels of his wonderful brie and a wheel of his Roquefert style blue. I will be cutting the brie as soon as i finish typing this e-mail. Just a heads up , this cheese department will be making its final move in the coming weeks. Keep a look out for cheesie specials and new cheeses. We will occupy the place where bulk is now and they will become neighbors with the produce department.
Here is a great cook out idea. I love grilling corn!! I love it eating it plain straight off the grill. but when plain just will not do I like coating the corn with a generous amount of butter and sprinkling freshly grated parmesean cheese. DE-LIC-IOUS!!!
Bryan, the Butcher
Wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon is on member coupon this month .75- off. Niman sausages, Italian and bratwurst, also on member coupon this month -.25 off.
    Be sure to check out the ready to fix case. All the favorites your use to are there; Moroccan spicy lamb patty, Salmon burgers, Almond crusted trout, Cajun catfish, and pre-made mini meat loafs ready for the oven.
    It's hot and time for grilling! We have plenty of great grilling cuts in the meat case. Top sirloin a favorite for years, London broils, big thick boneless ribeyes, and lots of made fresh daily ground meats. When you buy Niman meats you're supporting humane treatment of livestock. You're also getting consistently great  gourmet quality steaks and burger. What's not to love?!
Produce goodness
Just some of the delightful action in our produce department this week!
We've got your Strawberries, from Texas for $2.99, Organic for $3.49
Organic peaches from Mexico- if they aren't ripe, put them in a brown papoer bag for a day or so and get ready for deliciousness!
Now is the time to be eating Organic Asparagus! A (super short and silly) primer on how to cook asparagus quick-like at
Also, check the department for lots of local product from our favorite farmers! Woo hoo!
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Grow foods, we'll help! The Wheatsville Gro-op!
Learn more about our latest project to get more people growing their own food.
Come learn more about turning your yard into a Wheatsville YardFarm! tonight at 7pm on the patio.

Check out our "Staff Top Ten Picks" posted throughout the store, we work here and shop here!!!
Look for the green signs in front of the products.
Featuring Ray Wilder, Deli Counter:
Beet and Kale Salad:
Yum, yum, yum, yum!  Healthy, raw,  juicy and delicious!  I could eat it everyday!
Spicy Greens:
Brilliant dark greens with the perfect amount of flavor and spice...great on a black bean taco!
Any of our bakeries gluten-free cakes...especially the chocolate ones!!  Sheesh, it doesn't get any better than this!!
Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Coconut Bliss:
The best coconut ice cream around!  Organic, fair trade, sweetened with almost feel healthy eating it, but it's so dreamy, you won't even care!!
GT's Guava Kombucha:
Hawai'i in Feburary plus stomach settling relief...refreshing and soothing!
Margarita's Corn Tortillas:
Local, non-GMO, awesome corny yumminess!!
FES Flower Essences:
Powerful support for your heart and body...choose from an array to meet your individual needs!:
Sunflower Butter:
Affordable, delicious protein...try it in a smoothie!!
Texas Pecans:
Gotta eat those wonderful local nuts!!  What a treat!
Go take a hike mix:
If you're not a fan already, you will be...unique, scrumptious energy!!
Featuring Beth Buetel, Cashier
Organic Raw Cashew Butter- smooth, creamy, addictive. great on carrots! or a spoon =/
no pudge brownie mix-  to make two-bite brownies: put in mini-muffin pans for half the time
or... if that's too long... just add yogurt?!? So easy! So fudgey!
Katz' Midnight Blue Coffee- Dark, full, and smooth. It makes me linger.
Alexander  Family Farm Eggs- Good baking starts with good eggs and these are perfection!
Remember When Butter- Makes everything you cook or bake taste like heaven.
Raw Revolution Raspberry & Chocolate Bar- It's like my favorite wheatsville berry brownie- but no flour!
Cel-Ray Soda- Refreshment perfection. Surprisingly celery like- but no strings!
Richardson's Farms Pork Products. the pan-style sausage is divine, but they're all delicious...
The deli's new breads!!!- Rosemary Loaf. So good you just might have to go to confession.
Pure Luck Farms herbs- Wafting up gorgeous scents wherever they go. Dill, Thyme & Love.
Rush Hour Recipes
With the start of a new month comes a new Rush Hour Recipe! Yay!  This month features Chicken With Chimichurri Sauce.
Every month we'll feature a new entree recipe (featuring a mix of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options) at the Deli Counter and on our website. We will keep an archive of recipe cards at the member center as well, so that you can pick one up and use it for your dinner shopping. You can even use these recipes to build your own recipe book. These recipes come from various co-ops all over the States, which is pretty cool. Plus they have been kitchen tested so you trust them to turn out right. Increase your kitchen repertoire with these quick, easy, fresh, entree recipes.  Follow this link to see the Rush Hour Recipes:
Newest Competitor
We know that you may be curious about our new competitor, the Natural Grocer. It's ok. Really. But, if you go and buy something from them, will you help us out and share your receipt with us? If you want to, just drop it in the slot at the new Hospitality Desk at the front of  the store. Thanks!

I hope that you have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy