Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Japan’s elite samurai couldn’t afford to have a bad day. One wrong move and it was “off with the head”, which made Matcha the perfect choice for a pre-battle beverage. More potent than other teas, it gave them the edge they needed…to avoid the edge of their opponent’s sword! Jade Monk Matcha is peerless in the world of natural foods for its abundant polyphenols, its Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value, and its concentration of L-Theanine, an important amino acid. Polyphenols are natural compounds (or phytochemicals), many of which have beneficial effects on the human body. They give fruits, vegetables, and tealeaves their colors; and act as antioxidants in the body, helping to protect against free-radical damage. One cup of matcha green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea!
Jade Monk's tealeaves are grown in the shade to increase chlorophyll content, and are handpicked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. By blending the potency of legendary Matcha green tea with all-natural low calorie sweeteners and flavors, Jade Monk offers a healthy and delicious alternative to the processed, syrupy tea beverages of today's market. Each of the four flavors is represented by a different mythical character from Japanese folklore, embodying the spirit and essence of the flavors. 

Jade Monk is produced in Austin, less than one mile from Wheatsville. 12ct, Reg. $14.99 Single-serve .21oz packets, Reg. $1.29

Turmeric, a root readily available in ground form in the spice section of most grocery stores, is first discovered by many in Indian food. This yellow spice has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years in the East, where it has long been used for detoxifying the liver, clearing the skin, purifying blood, relieving pain, improving memory, and supporting lightness in the body.
TumericALIVE Elixirs combine the age-old turmeric remedy with vibrant herbal formulations to offer an extraordinary healing journey. The laundry list of benefits in each bottle is impressive, and at the top of the list is the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric root (the inspiration for the drink itself), believed additionally to help in the prevention of liver diseases and certain cancers. 

Both formulas feature the finest raw organic turmeric root on the planet, hand harvested from Hawaii’s rich, volcanic soil. Naturally sweetened with Mexico’s finest agave, the Vegan Elixir is a revitalizing blend of fresh, raw botanicals plus a hint of cinnamon, which supports stable sugar levels. The Vegan Coconut Nectar Elixir takes the health-giving benefits of TumericALIVE to another level with the addition of coconut oil and black pepper, which facilitate the movement of the turmeric root’s potent, phytochemical curcumin across the body’s cell walls, enhancing its bioavailability. For a full list of ingredients and explanations of their specific functions, head to TumericALIVE's website. 
12oz, Reg. $6.99

Columbia Gorge Organic is an honest-to-goodness family farm. Since 1989, the Stewart family has farmed 180 acres in the beautiful Hood River area of Oregon, the very first organic farmers in the area. In addition to growing more than 60 varieties of fruit, including stone fruit, pears, and apples, Columbia Gorge makes pure squeezed and pressed juices right on the farm. Unlike the 'big guys', they do everything themselves: squeezing, pressing, or pureeing their own fruits and veggies, composting green waste, and buying directly from small organic farms what can’t be grown on their land.

Approximately two pounds of vegetables go into each individual bottle of juice; whatever is left after juicing goes into an organic composting system, for another great growing year!16oz, Reg. $4.49