Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

I hope you're having an excellent cool week! (Enjoy it while we can, right?)


Every week, Wheatsville staff pick the product we're most excited about right now! If you're looking for a snack that's nutritious yet indulgent, why not head over to the bulk department and try someCHOCOLATE COVERED SPROUTED ALMONDS?


1) Available in bulk—buy as many or as few as you'd like!

2) Sprouted almonds are more easily digested and have greater nutritional value than traditionally grown almonds.

3) Get your chocolate fix and your protein kick at the same time!

Curious about the benefits of snacking on sprouted almonds? Visit Sproutalicious to learn more. Or just stop by Wheatsville and ask any of our friendly, knowledgeable bulk department staff!

Wheatsville Smooth Cooperators are going for the Safeplace Field Day Gold and YOU can help!
On April 9th a group of Wheatsville staff will be participating in a relay team to benefit SafePlace. SafePlace is a local Austin organization that supports victims of domestic violence.
Click on our page to check it out!

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Poteet Strawberries are here plus asparagus and other seasonal delights

Plant a garden!

Pure Luck is back and we've got your cheese right here!

Grill some lamb chops and eat some sustainable seafood

Monk beer

Saint Rita's Wine

Sweet Deal!

Deli deliciousness

Mom knows cereal deals and more

Are you nuts? Walnuts on sale in bulk!

Safe and effective suncare, now's the time!

Texas allergy relief

Vegan Triathlete lecture!

From Your Green Grocer

We're still riding high on locally grown strawberries from Oak Hill Farm in Poteet, Texas. They're $4.49 for 16 ounces and so red, juicy, and delicious! To complement those strawberries, we are now seeing the entrance of rhubarb onto the scene. As it is with most seasonal produce, we see conventionally grown product come first, and then we replace it with certified organic as the season peaks. The rhubarb we have currently is conventional, greenhouse grown, and a beautiful deep red. If you've been itching to bake a pie, now's the time! We'll have organic rhubarb as soon as it's available.

Springtime means asparagus time! The best part of eating seasonally is enjoying food that's in its prime and asparagus is right at the peak! We have USA grown organic asparagus for $4.99/lb here at the coop and it is firm, crunchy, and delicious. Whether steamed, sautéed, or grilled, fresh asparagus is a treat. Dan shows us the basics in his YouTube video "How to cook asparagus, quick-like"

You've probably noticed the racks of starter plants at the entrance to the store. Gabriel Valley Farms from Georgetown has been supplying us with a staggering assortment of organic fruit and vegetable starter plants. We'll be rolling along with them for another two weeks. April 15th is the last day we'll have them, so if you've been thinking about them but haven't picked any up, now is the time to do it! They won't be around forever, and soon the weather will be too hot for little baby plants to thrive. Starter plants are all reasonably priced at $1.69 for a 4" pot.

'Tis the Season… for planting!

Tomatos, peppers, beans, and chard –Planting season is in full swing! Wheatsville is stocked up on veggie varieties that are PERFECT to plant now! You'll find various types of tomatoes, in includingCheroke Purple, Austin Red Pear, Lemon Drop, and Mexican Midget all for $1.99/ea! We also have many peppers to choose from including Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers, Organic McHahons Texas Bird, the colorful and organic Aurora and more, for the same low price!

Check out ALL of our MANY varieties of our in season veggies and herbs - like pole beans, colorful red okra, and stunning rainbow chard! There's too many great choices to mention! All $1.99 and all heirloom at your co-op!

Cheese Island

Pure Luck goat cheeses are back, in case you have not heard. We have their Molded Chevre, Ste. Maure and Feta. Believe me they are amazing. Better yet, do not believe me and try it for yourself. I have taken their molded chevre and drizzled melted dark chocolate and blueberries over the top. It was a most decadent desert. Their Feta is fresh tangy and tastes of spring. Ah,and the Ste. Maure, Pure Lucks "Ode to Joy". I cannot wait for fresh figs to eat along with this cheese.

Just a reminder we do have our in-house packaged Fetas on sale. The Domestic Cow's Milk Feta is on sale for $4.99/lb, regularly $6.29/lb. Romainian Sheep's Milk Feta is on sale for $5.99/lb, regularly $7.99/lb. And Bulgarian Sheeps Milk Feta is on sale for $6.29/lb, regularly $7.29/lb

Also, we have our Port Salut on sale for $13.99/lb, regularly $17.99/lb.

From the world of meat

There is something in the air… it must be grilling season. Don't worry, we've got plenty of meat options to get you going this spring. Our friends at Niman Ranch have great sustainable and humane Beef, Pork and grass fed Lamb.

New in the world of Niman Ranch Lamb are Loin Chops @$19.49/lb. These little Lamb T-bones are scrumdidlyumptious, and can be very simple to cook. Over on the Wheatsville blog there is a marinade recipe for these chops. Since it is the season, why not christen the grill with these delectable bites? Recipe.

It's time to talk Brisket. New to the store is Niman Ranch Brisket @ $5.99/lb. We also have a Market Trimmed Brisket @ $8.99/lb if you are shopping for something a little smaller than a whole Brisket. If Local is your thing, we have also got both of these options in Windy Bar Ranch Brisket @ $6.99/lb for a whole, and the Market Trimmed @ $ 9.99/lb.

In celebration of Lent we will be running sales on some of our sustainable seafood.

First, we have Yellowfin Tuna on sale @ $8.59/lb. reg 10.99/lb., running through April 22.

Every Friday until Easter it's Fish Fridays. We have Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon on sale @ $16.99/lb. reg $ 17.99/lb. For something a little more versatile in the kitchen, try some Arctic Cod on sale for $12.99/lb reg. $14.99/lb. While you're there, check out some of our other sustainable seafood, like Trollerpoint Coho Salmon Steaks and fillets, or Halibut.

Also new Tanka Buffalo Hot Dogs@ $7.99/lb. These dogs are gluten, nitrate, MSG, antibiotic and hormone free. This is a great alternative for beef and poultry franks. And they come six dogs to a pack so you only need to buy one bag of buns

In the freezer and on Coop Deals are Shelton's Turkey Breakfast Links and Turkey Sausage Patties, both $3.99 reg. $4.99.

If you're looking to prepare for Passover, ask us about our Lamb. We can prepare Leg of Lamb Roasts or Lamb Shoulder Roasts.

For Easter we will also have several Niman Ranch Ham options.

Beery special brew

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel! Sierra Nevada and the Trappist-Cistercian Abbey of New Clairvaux have joined forces to bring you Ovila Dubbel, a Belgian-style ale brewed with authentic Trappist yeast. Proceeds from this project will benefit the monks of the Abbey of New Clairvaux in their efforts to rebuild an architectural marvel—a 12th century, early-gothic Cistercian chapter house that was shipped stone by stone to America by William Randolph Hearst—on their grounds in Vina, California!

Wine for you

Santa Rita 120 Cabernet only $6.99 regularly $9.99! Brilliant ruby red color. An intense bouquet developed through a combination of mature red fruits and plums and vanilla tones with a fine toast from the barrels.

Local Sweet Leaf tea on a sweet deal!

We've got a sweet deal on Sweet Leaf Tea for you! in front of the Wheatsville Deli, you'll find ice-cold cans of Original or Mint & Honey Sweet Leaf Tea for just 89 cents, reg $1.29! Find out more about this awesome, local company at

New Sales and Tasty Dishes in the Deli!

Have you tried our Sushi, made fresh daily on premises? Tons of vegan & fish options are available to grab'n'go, as well as delicious salads, tasty dumplings & more! From Tom's Tabooley Middle Eastern wraps to Kala's Kuisine Indian salads & our own house-made gourmet sandwiches, we've got all sorts of fantastic fast food to energize your grand day out!

Sweet Serrano Salsa is back! Sweet peaches & spicy serranos are mixed with vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh cilantro & red onions! This addictive salsa will keep you dipping chip after chip after chip!

Now is the time to try our brand new Iced Agave Latte! Organic, fair-trade espresso is freshly brewed with your choice of organic milk, lightly sweetened with local agave & chilled for a cool, springtime pick-me-up!

Come try our Just Peachy Smoothie – organic almond butter, cinnamon & vanilla add awesomeness to this peach cobbler-style frozen drink! & it's even on sale for owners right now, just $3.99, reg. $4.99!

Warm weather means all sorts of cool Deli drinks! Choose from favorites like fruity, allergy-crushing Gingerade, infamously eye-opening Iced Coffee Toddy, & our locally sourced, spicy Chai Tea, which is just $1.69 a cup for owners right now!

Curry Lime Chicken Salad, gorgeous and silky as ever, is on sale for owners, just $10.99/lb, reg. $11.99. Grab a pound to go, or make it into an awesome custom sandwich at the counter!

Also on sale for owners are our Bakery's buttery, chocolaty Oatmeal Fudge Bars, just $1.99, reg. $2.49! Thick, truffley fudge filling is sandwiched between two layers of brown sugar oat streusel! Get your hands on one before they're gone!

Classic cold cuts on sale: Boar's Head Turkey Pastrami at $9.49/lb, reg. $9.99 and Muenster Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99! Stock that fridge!

Mom knows cereal

We are so excited about the new natural cereal, Mom's Best; we're bringing to Wheatsville! This Company has been owned by the same family for four generations. There's nothing artificial, no saturated fat or hydrogenated oils and no high fructose corn syrup. Just pure deliciousness! There are five wonderful flavors to choose from: Honey Grahams, Toasted Cinnamon Squares, Sweetened Wheatfuls, Honey & Nut Toasty O's and Mallow-Oats all now $2.69 reg. $3.29. Click here for more Owner Deals valid Wednesday, March 30th – Tuesday, April12th!


The bagged popcorn we can't stop raving about is on sale again! Try all the flavors of Popcorn Indiana's Kettlecorn: White Cheddar, Gourmet Sea Salt, Sweet Kettlecorn and new Bacon Ranch for $2.79 a bag, reg. $3.89. Click here for more Co+op Deals valid Wednesday, March 30th – Tuesday, April 12th!

Bulk Walnuts on Sale!

We've got lots of great stuff on Co-op Deals in Bulk this period, and I'm most excited about Organic Bulk Walnuts being on sale for just $6.79/lb reg $9.99. This is an amazing deal and I highly recommend taking advantage of it while you can. Walnuts are a highly nutritious food that can be prepared in a variety of interesting ways. I'd like to share a link with you for a really neat "Spicy Walnut Taco Meat" recipe:


Safe and Effective Suncare at you Co-op!

It's getting HOT and Wheatsville's got ya' covered with a variety of safe and effective sunscreens for your entire family! We carry several sunscreens that are rated by the Environmental Working Group at a 0-2 which is the recommended level for safety and effectiveness, so you can feel good about what you are putting on yourself and your family when it comes to sun protection! Got questions? Ask any representative on the Health Team and we will be happy to help you choose the option that's best for you!

Delightful goodies in House Wares

Add some flare to your kitchen collection with a Handlebar Mustache Cork Screw, ChillBots Ice Molds, Matryoshka Nesting Measuring Spoons, or YumBots Cupcake Molds!

From Aisle 6 – DEALS!

Oak and mold are at high levels right now in the Austin area and if you are an allergy sufferer we have a deal for YOU!

We have Texas Allergy Formula from Ginger Webb's Texas Medicinals on sale 25% off! You can get the 1 oz size for $8.19 and the 2 oz size for $13.79!

We have all Vibrant Health items on sale 20% off right now! You can get a 30-day supply of the popular Green Vibrance for $39.19 or a 60-day supply for $69.99 now through April 12th.

Brendan Brazier will be in the store on this Sunday, April 3rd at 1pm to give a lecture about plant-based nutrition! This is a free event and there will be time to ask Brendan questions about training and nutrition. Inquire at the Hospitality Desk or with anyone from the Health Team!

Hope to see you soon!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy!

Wheatsville brings fresh new Deals to your pantry & table!

By Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Assistant  

Mornings just got easier with these favorite staples currently on Deal: Equal Exchange Organic French Roast Coffee now $9.99 reg. $10.49, Nature's Path Organic Eco Pac Cereal now $4.99 reg. $8.79, Brown Cow Plain Yogurt now $2.29 reg. $2.99, Wholesoy Soy Yogurt now 5/$4.00 reg. $1.09 each, Organic Rolled Oats now $0.79/lb reg. $0.99/lb, Organic Golden Flaxseeds now $1.49/lb reg. $1.79/lb, Organic Walnuts Halves & Pieces now $6.79/lb reg. $9.99/lb, Mediterranean Organic Fruit Preserves now $3.49 reg. $4.99, R.W. Knudsen Black Cherry Just Juice now $2.99 reg. $4.69, Luna Nutrition Bar for Women now $0.99 reg. $1.59 and Yogi Tea now 2/$6.00 reg. $4.39.

Your freezer will be well stocked when you buy Rising Moon Organic Pasta now $2.99 reg. $3.99, Alexia Sweet Potato Fries now $2.29 reg. $3.29, Helen's Kitchen Vegetarian Entrees now $2.79 reg. $4.39, Shelton's Turkey Sausage now $3.99 reg. $4.99 and So Delicious Coconut Milk Bars now $2.99 reg. $4.39.

Stock your pantry with Bionaturae Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil now $12.99 reg. $16.99, Better Than Bouillon Organic Food Base now $3.99 reg. $5.49, Lundberg Family Farms Organic Brown Rice now $1.29/lb reg. $1.99/lb, Near East Couscous now $1.49 reg. $2.19, Rising Moon Organic Pasta Sauce now $2.79 reg. $3.99, Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes now $1.99 reg. $2.99, Annie Chun's Soup Bowl now $2.39 reg. $3.29, Country Choice Organic Cookies now $2.79 reg. $3.49, Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Bars now 2/$5.00 reg. $3.39, Sesmark Rice Thins now $1.99 reg. $3.69, Annie's Naturals Dressings now $2.29 reg. $3.29 and don't forget to grab a bag of PopChips now $1.69 reg. $2.39.

Buy now and save on Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent 100oz now $10.99 reg. $14.99 and Ecover Dishwashing Liquid now $3.29 reg. $4.49.

Our Deals are easy to reference! Just click Here.


Wheatsville Owner Deals 3/30-4/12

New owner Deals have just arrived! Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Assistant 

Our Deli has three favorites on Deal just for our owners:

Chai Tea now $1.69 reg. $1.99

Oatmeal Fudge Bar now $1.99 reg. $2.49

Our fabulous Curry Lime Chicken Salad is now $10.99/lb reg. $11.99/lb.


Buy now and save on these great items to keep stocked in your freezer!

Annie Chun's Wontons All Varieties now $2.49 reg. $3.19

Field Roast Celebration Roast now $5.99 reg. $6.99

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crust, 2 Pack now $3.99 reg. $4.99.


Keep your pantry stocked with these great foods: 

Kashi GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax now $3.99 reg. $4.99

Edward & Sons Organic Mashed Potatoes All Varieties now $1.99 reg. $2.79

Lundberg Farms Wild Gourmet Rice Blend now $2.39 reg. $3.29

Native Forest Organic Pineapple Crushed, Chunks & Slices now $2.79 reg. $2.99

Organicville Organic Tangy BBQ Sauce now $3.89 reg. $4.79

Spectrum Naturals Organic White Distilled Vinegar now $3.99 reg. $5.49

Westbrae Organic Whole Kernel Corn, Cut Green Beans & Sweet Garden Peas now $1.69 reg. $1.99

Country Choice Organic Chocolate Crèmes & Ginger Lemon Crèmes now $2.99 reg. $3.89.

Owner Deals are easy to reference. Access them from our web site 







For the grill: Lambchop recipe!

Here is a marinade recipe for Wheatsville's yummy Niman Lambchops. Since it is the season, why not christen the grill with these delectable bites.

4-6 Lamb Loin Chops

3 tbsp Dijon Mustard

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

2 crushed and chopped garlic cloves

1 tbsp rosemary

Marinade for 3 hours in a sealable bag at room temperature or in the refrigerator overnight. Wipe off excess marinade. Grill to your liking. Here is a handy safe temperature guide for you!

Temperatures for Steaks and Lamb:

Medium Rare145 degrees

Medium 155 degrees

Medium Well 160 degrees

Well Done 170 degrees

Learn more about the excellent ranchers at Niman Ranch.