Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wheatsville's weekly update 3/17/11 edition!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

We hope that you’re enjoying our 35th Birthday week! We sure are! It’s so nice of the folks at SXSW to put on so much fun stuff in celebration of our birthday, isn’t it? I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon our birthday and thank the visionary founders of our co-op who through hours and hours of hard and challenging work, started this most excellent institution. If you love Wheatsville give a big shout of woo hoo and huzzah to our founders for planting the seed that has grown into this lovely tree we call Wheatsville!

We had a great time at HONK! TX this weekend. Did you have opportunity to join in the fun? They’ve been posting lots of great video and photos on the Honk! TX fan page

Doing the whole SXSW thing? Beth B. came up with a Wheatsville survival guide here:

Scroll on down for:

Corned beef for St. Patrick’s, fish specials for Lent

Deli Fish Fry and other yumminess!

Starter Plants and other goodly greens plus Texas Strawberries!

Kombucha deals

Beer and wine specials

Bulk coffee

Cheese island Irish style!

Cool new items make life easier in housewares

Fabulous skin care

25% off select supplements

The only salsa you need plus a recipe!

Co+op Deals and Owner Deals

From the world of meat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Guess what we’ve got. That’s right Boars Head Corned Beef Brisket @$6.99 /lb. It comes ready to go with a spice packet If you're unfamiliar with making corned beef, there are lots of recipes out there, but I like this video, a couple Providence Italians making corned beef.

As the grilling season arrives, it’s time to talk Brisket. New to the store is Niman Ranch Brisket @ $5.99/lb. We also have a Market Trimmed Brisket @ $8.99/lb if you are shopping for something a little smaller than a whole Brisket. If Local is your thing, we have also got both of these options in Windy Bar Ranch Brisket @ $6.99/lb for a whole, and the Market Trimmed @ $ 9.99/lb..

In celebration of Lent we will be running sales on some of our sustainable seafood.

First, we have Yellowfin Tuna on sale @ $8.59/lb. reg 10.99/lb., running through April 22.

Every Friday until Easter it’s Fish Fridays. We have Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon on sale @ $16.99/lb. reg $ 17.99/lb. For something a little more versatile in the kitchen, try some Arctic Cod on sale for $12.99/lb reg. $14.99/lb. While you’re there, check out some of our other sustainable seafood, like Trollerpoint Coho Salmon Steaks and fillets, or Halibut.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy entrée, we have some great options in the quick to fix case. Cajun Catfish and the Almond Crusted Ruby Trout come from our neighbors Quality Seafood. And we have our own Salmon Burger that’s made right here.

New to the self serve case is the Niman Ranch Hanger Steak or Hanging Tender. This steak is also known as the Butchers cut because there is only one per animal and this tasty piece was what the butcher brought home to his family. This also makes these steaks rarely seen in a grocery store. These steaks are full of flavor, yet low in fat. It’s a little bit like Skirt Steak, but more so: they have a great texture that backs up that bold beefy flavor.

Also, new to the self serve case we have Tanka Buffalo Hot Dogs. These dogs are gluten, nitrate, MSG, antibiotic and hormone free. This is a great alternative for beef and poultry franks.

Sustainable Catfish Fry-Days & Owner Specials at your Deli!

We have an awesome new hot bar menu for ya this week! That’s right, we’re turning Fridays into Fish-Fry-Days at the Wheatsville Deli featuring our cornmeal-dredged, deep-fried sustainable U.S. farmed catfish filets! These delicious golden strips of Fried Catfish are perfect with our homemade tartar sauce, and come with all your standard Southern sides like Mac & Cheese, Mashed Taters & Cream Gravy, Braised Greens and lots more! So come on in this Friday and get your Fry on!

And when you come by this week for Owner Appreciation Days, be sure to take advantage of Deli deals, too!

Owners can now save a dollar on a Garden Bagel! Your favorite RockStar bagel is toasted, spread with cream cheese & topped with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes & red onions by our Deli staff, just $2.99, reg. $3.99! I like this one for a light but filling breakfast and lunch!

Lemon Parmesan Tortellini is also on special for owners! Come grab some cheese-filled pasta tossed with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers & shredded parmesan, all dressed in a citrusy vinaigrette from our self-service case, just $7.99/lb, reg. $8.99!

Our beverage currently on sale for owners is our Thai Iced Coffee, a perfect blend of dark coffee and sweetened milk, $1.99, reg. $2.69! We’ve got organic Iced Black Tea plus an abundance of herbal teas including Iced Hibiscus Mint! Also, our herby Iced Yerba Mate and spicy Iced Chai Tea are old school staff favorites! And be sure to try our brand new Featured Coffee, the Irish Cream Latte! Organic, fair-trade espresso is subtly flavored with a shot of alcohol-free Irish Cream syrup and blended with your choice of organic milk – cow, soy or rice, so come get yer Irish on with our new coffee drink!

Our bakery case is always filled with an assortment of sweet treats like our scones, muffins and cakes, and right now we have our gluten-free and peanut buttery Rice Crispy Treats on sale for owners, $1.99, reg. $2.49! Remember, we’re now keeping a rotating selection of whole cakes in popular flavors like Carrot, Chocolate Raspberry and Pineapple Coconut, in our grab’n’go cooler, so bring yer sweet tooth on in and get one to share with yer friends!

On the sweet side, do not miss out on our amazing, buttery and uber-chocolaty Oatmeal Fudge Bars! This brand new bakery bar has proven itself an instant staff and owner favorite thanks to a thick, truffley chocolaty filling sandwiched between two layers of brown sugar oat streusel! Come on in and try one today, if you can get your hands on one of these beauties before they sell out!

Our Featured Smoothie is the unique “Soylent Green Is Leprechauns”! Mangoes and bananas are blended with organic apple juice and a spoonful of spirulina, making an icy, sweet drink that’s good for you and lucky green, too!

Speaking of green, our Poblano Salsa is spicy, tangy and delicious! This is a real favorite with great flavor and is fabulous with just a bowlful of El Milagro corn chips for dippin’. Try some of this emerald delight on your taco or order of $1.99 Brown Rice and Black Beans today!

Breakfast Taco or Breakfast Sandwich? Whichever side of the border you wake up on, we’ve got tasty vittles to start it right! Choose from fillings like eggs, cheese, potatoes, bacon, vegan breakfast sausage, black beans and rice during our regular breakfast service – from 7:30am to 11am Monday through Friday, and all the way til noon on weekends!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are classic cold cuts: Boar’s Head Oven-Roasted Turkey at $9.49/lb, reg. $9.99 and Provolone Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99! Lunchbox time!

From Your Green Grocer

Happy Spring! We sold out of our organic starter plants so quickly last week that you may not have even had the chance to see them! This week, we’ve got hundreds of them so you’re assured we’ll have some in stock when you come in. Gabriel Valley Farms from Georgetown, Texas (just 36 miles from Wheatsville’s doors) has supplied us with a wide assortment of starter plants. Here’s a list of what we received on Wednesday: sweet basil, chives, dill, marigold, mint, oregano, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, thyme, strawberry, tomato (several kinds), and asparagus. Prices are $1.79 for herbs and $1.49 for fruits and vegetables. They’re in 4” pots, which in my experience are hardier than those sold in 4-packs or 6-packs. We’re also getting gallon-sized plants from Vanderpool Gourmet Gardens in China Spring this week. They’ll be $4.99 a piece. A good deal for a well established plant.

Berries have come early this year, and we love our local strawberries from Froberg Farm in Alvin, Texas (just south of Houston). They’re a good deal at $4.49 for a one pound package. They’re much better than anything coming from out of state, but they’re not certified organic, so we also have organic Mexican Strawberries as an alternative.

The asparagus is good and seasonal right now… here is a video I shot a few years ago “how to cook aparagus quick-like”

Kombucha dealin’

Featuring for the rest of the month we will be selling buddha’s brew Kombucha for 2 for 5 dollars located in the cooler between bulk and produce, we carry all their flavors and are happy to bring this deal to you.

Now new to the dairy cooler we have wonton and eggroll wrappers by nasoya, check them out!

Beer Thirty Five

Real Ale six Packs on sale for just $6.99 regularly $7.99 all flavors excluding seasonal! This is the perfect week to pick up some real ale. With the SXSW festival going on why not show some local pride and grab a six pack of the best of Texas. Show you’re out of town guests how we do it with a six pack of Rio Blanco Pale Ale, Full Moon Pale rye, Fireman’s #4, or if you can’t decide why not just grab a sampler!

Wine not whine!

Jean Luc Colombo 2009 Cotes Du Rhone $9.99 regularly $12.99! Hailed as the winemaking wizard of the Rhone, Jean-Luc Colombo has achieved a high-profile international reputation for making innovative wines that are original, memorable and bursting with personality. This wine is a masterful blend of traditional southern Rhone red grapes from 25year old vines grown in ancient terraced vineyards. Featuring Aromas of ripe black fruits, licorice and spices; this is an elegant wine that is well-structured with harmonious tannins and a generous finish.

Wine Discount! If you buy six bottles of wine, any wine, any price, mix and match, you get 10% off. This is a stacking discount that can be used in conjunction with your Owner Appreciation discount, but that’s not all. During March if you buy 6 or more bottles of wine you can get a free Wheatsville insulated wine bag so stock up now!

Celebrate with Bulk Coffee!

I’d like to let you know about some great local coffees we have on special in honor of Wheatsville’s recent Birthday! All of the wonderful coffees from the local Casa Brasil are currently on special. The Cafezinho, Poco Fundo, Fruity, Earthy roasts are just $8.59/lb reg $9.59, and the excellent Peaberry blend is just $10.99/lb reg $12.29. And from our friends at Ruta Maya, the Cubita Dark Roast is on sale for just $9.49/lb reg $10.49. These deals are going on just for this weekend so get them while you can!

Cheese Island

Pure Luck is back on our shelves!! We have their Basket Molded Chevres and June’s Joy. Their other cheeses will follow shortly.

We have Nancy’s Organic Low Fat Cottage Cheese 16oz. on sale for $3.59, regularly $4.99 each. Organic Valley’s Mild Cheddar 8 oz. is on sale for $4.59, regularly $5.79. Organic Valley’s Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese 8 oz. is on sale for $4.59, regularly $5.29

We have our Aged Gouda on sale for $17.59/lb, regularly $18.99/lb. Also Our Applewood Smoked Cheddar is on sale for $11.29/lb, regularly $14.99. If you have not tried either of the cheeses they are amazing! The Gouda is aged for two years and has a very caramel flavor and a smooth texture. It will pair well with apples. I would go with a tarter apple, such as a Pink Lady. The Applewood Smoked Cheddar is from England and it is cold smoked with Applewood. It makes an amazing grilled cheese. I usually make mine with bacon and tomatoes.

We have put our Fetas and Port Salut on sale. Port Salut will be on sale for $13.99/lb, regularly $17.99/lb. Domestic Cow’s Milk Feta will be on sale $4.99/lb, regularly $6.29/lb. Romanian Sheep’s Milk Feta will be on sale for $5.99/lb, regularly $7.99/lb. And Bulgarian Sheep’s Milk Feta will be on sale for $6.29/lb, regularly $7.29/lb.

For the month of March we will be carrying some wonderful seasonal Irish Cheeses. These cheeses include a beautiful cow’s milk blue and a sheeps milk blue. They will be out in the case on Tuesday. Keep reading for more information.

Crozier Blue

This Farmhouse Cheese is produced from the milk of a flock of sheep recently established on the limestone pasturelands near Cashel, Co. Tipperary. The cheese is made from pasteurized milk, vegetarian rennet and is available seasonally. Even though only recently launched, it is proving popular in specialty outlets and up-market supermarkets in Ireland, England and Scotland due to its mild flavor and softer texture.

Cashel Blue

Cashel Blue was developed in 1984, it is Ireland’s original artisinal blue

Cashel Blue is the creation of Jane and Louis Grubb, a husband and wife team.

Cashel Blue is a unique product made by a single family on a single farm in Tipperary, Ireland. Cashel Blue is made entirely by hand from whole un-homogenised cows milk

Housewares gets a Fresh New Look for Spring!

We’ve made some exciting changes to our house wares department this week. Stop by aisle 5 and check out our improved selection of kitchen basics. We have garlic peelers, potato mashers, and cookie sheets! On aisle 4 you’ll find our sustainable lunch options, including To-Go Ware stainless steel tiffins and bamboo utensils, Snack Taxis, and more. We also stock Laptop Lunch bento sets, which were recently featured in Parents magazine.

Look for more changes and new items from the house wares department. This is still a work in progress so please add your must-have products to the wish list or tell us what you think via a suggestion form.

We also have a couple special promotions for Owner Appreciation Days. The New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filter, regularly $109.99, is on sale for just $87.99. Also, our entire line of Klean Kanteen products is 15% off. These prices are good only through Sunday, March 20, so get ‘em while you can!

Fabulous Skin at an Affordable Price!

Our entire line of Derma-E facial care is 15% off through the end of March – shop during Owner Appreciation Days and save an extra 10%! The lovely Molly Blake will be in-store to assist you with choosing the products just right for you on Friday at 11am and the charming Brianna, will be doing an in-store demo Saturday, March 19, 10am-1pm.

Stock up on Supplements!

In honor of our 35th birthday we’re offering 25% off all Wheatsville brand supplements for the entire month of March! Other great deals on aisle 6: all Vega products are 20% off. Get a 1030 gram Health Optimizer, regularly $69.99, for just $55.99. Classic Emergen-C boxes are 20% off as well, offered at $7.99. If you are partaking in some or all of the SXSW festivities then try Party Smart! It’s all herbal and clinically proven; a steal at $1.29 each!

Not from New York City

Texas Texas Salsa is easily Wheatsville’s favorite salsa in a jar. They have a huge variety of flavors-something for everyone! Thursday, March 17th from 2-5pm, Shawn Sanderson (VP and co-owner of Sanderson Foods) will be here to hand out samples with El Milagro chips! Come say Hello try some awesome salsa, you’ll be hooked!

Shawn was nice enough to answer some question about his products and Wheatsville for us

How long have you been a Wheatsville Vendor?

11 years

What products do you sell at Wheatsville?

Salsa: Texas-Texas has Premium Salsa Mild, Premium Salsa Medium, Premium Salsa Hot, Restaurant Style Medium, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Gourmet Peach Salsa, Peach Pecan Salsa, Mango Supreme Salsa, Fresh Roma Roasted Salsa, Fire-Roasted Serrano Salsa and BBQ Sauce: Good to the Bone BBQ Sauce and Lazy Smoke Chipotle BBQ Sauce

What is your favorite thing about Wheatsville?

Hands down – the employees! Wheatsville is a special store. I started coming to Wheatsville in the late 80’s. Over those 20 plus years, it has been fun to see the store evolve and grow, but one this has remained constant – the employees. Their passion, and devotion to everything that is Wheatsville is unmatched anywhere. Keep up the great work!!

Please share a recipe using your products with Wheatsville Owners!

Fish Tacos with Roasted Roma Cream Salsa

(3) 5-6oz Tilapia filets

1-1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1 lime

1-jar Texas-Texas Fresh Roma Roasted Salsa

¼-cup Whipping cream

Fresh Cilantro (optional)

Head of cabbage, medium sliced

1 Avocado (medium size), thinly sliced

(6) Wheat tortillas (White flour optional)

Cooking Instructions (Tilapia)

1. In a nonstick pan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.

2. Season each side of Tilapia filets with lime juice, salt, a pepper.

3. Add Tilapia to pan and cook each side until golden brown.

Cooking Instructions (Salsa-Cream Sauce)

  1. In a nonstick pan, heat 1-cup of Texas-Texas Fresh Roma Roasted Salsa over medium heat.
  2. Stir in cream; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 5 min, until sauce is slightly thickened.


Cut fish into large pieces and add desired amount to tortillas. Add 1-3 tablespoons of Salsa-Cream Sauce over the fish. Finish by adding sliced cabbage and avocado to the taco. Add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh cilantro is optional.

Note: Salsa-Cream Sauce is a ratio of 4 parts salsa to 1 part whipping cream.

Fresh new Deals have arrived @ Wheatsville! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant

Nancy’s Organic Nonfat Yogurt now $2.99 reg. $3.79, Stonyfield Organic Lowfat Yogurt now 5/$4.00 reg. $0.99 each, Nature’s Path Granola now $2.99/lb reg. $4.89/lb, Van’s Waffles now $2.29 reg. $2.99, Kashi Organic Promise Cereal now $2.99 reg. $5.39, Lakewood Organic Pure Concord Grape Juice now $3.99 reg. $5.99, Rudi’s Organic Bread now 2/$6.00 reg. $4.39, Barbara’s Cereal Bars now $2.49 reg. $3.39, So Delicious Non-Dairy Coconut Milk now $2.99 reg. $3.99 and Clif Energy Bar now $0.99 reg. $1.39.

Montebello Organic Pasta now $2.89 reg. $3.79, Imagine Organic Soup now $2.89 reg. $3.99, Annie’s Naturals Organic Salad Dressing now $2.49 reg. $3.99, Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips now 2/$5.00 reg. $3.49, Salpica Salsa now $2.99 reg. $3.99, Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter now $3.49 reg. $5.59, Bionaturae Organic Fruit Spread now $2.89 reg. $3.89, Back to Nature Cookies now $3.29 reg. $4.49 and Immaculate Baking Ready-to-Bake Cookies now $3.29 reg. $3.89.

Our Deals are easy to reference! Go to and click on the Co+op Deals link.

Brand new Deals for Owner Appreciation Week! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant

Our Deli is loaded with favorites for Owner Appreciation! Thai Iced Coffee now $1.99 reg. $2.69, Garden Bagel – includes cream cheese, cucumber, onion & tomato now $2.99 reg. $3.99, Lemon Parmesan Tortellini now $7.99/lb reg. $8.99/lb and Rice Crispy Treat now $1.99 reg. $2.49.

Back to Nature Cashew, Almond & Pistachio Mix now $5.49 reg. $6.99, Clif Builder’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bar now $1.39 reg. $1.99, Coombs Family Farms Organic Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup now $9.99 reg. $12.39, Food For Life Ezekiel Cereal now $4.49 reg. $5.89, Food Merchants Polenta now $2.49 reg. $3.29, Kashi Good Friends Cereal now $3.99 reg. $4.99, Lakewood Organic Red Dragon Juice now $4.79 reg. $5.99 and Sambazon Smoothie Packs now $4.99 reg. $5.89.

Owner Deals are easy to reference. Access them from our web site @ and click on the Owners link.

I hope you have an excellent week!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We are cranking up the yum for St. Paddy's Day!
On the hot food bar:
Corned Beef
Mini Irish Soda Breads (Leprechaun sized, really)
(All the veggies and sida bread are even vegan!)

We also have Boars Head Corned Beef ready for sandwiches in the deli and as Brisket @$6.99 /lb. It comes ready to go with a spice packet...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday presents for YOU!

Breaking Birthday NEWS! Come into Wheatsville after 4 today for a Birthday present for YOU! We've got special birthday presents lined up for the first 235 customers that come to the Hospitality Desk after 4 and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHEATSVILLE!" 
Here's what you could win: Chocolove Bars, Gerome the Gnome kits, 35th Anniversary T-shirts and a few Wheatsville $20 gift cards! (customers will draw a ticket to see what you win! When the 235 presents are gone, they're gone!) Thanks to United Natural Foods for sponsoring the birthday giveaway! 
Our Birthday plans are SUPER fun!
Here is our special rundown for what's happening TODAY 3/16 in honor of our 35th Birthday:
Organic Fair Trade Coffee, any size for a crazy 35¢!
Organic fair Trade espresso drinks for an even crazier $1.35!
We've got our infamous Popcorn Tofu on the Hot Food Bar from 11-7 for just $7.99/lb!
We're handing out birthday cake at the top of each hour from 12-6 (while cake lasts)
Wear your Wheatsville shirt and get a sweet li'l chocolate treat!
And stay tuned for some more possible surprises!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gerome the Gnome is at Wheatsville! Today Gerome was spotted handing out member cards at the hospitality Desk with Gabe! It's finally planting time and you can take home Gerome and his magical gardening set today for only$19.99! Gerome comes with seeds, pots, a storybook, planting calendar – everything you need to share the fun of gardening with kids young and old! Look for him by the seed rack in bulk!