Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New at Wheatsville

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Amy’s Kitchen Vegan Margherita Pizza with Daiya Cheeze

Since 1987, family-owned Amy's Kitchen has been delighting the palates of vegetarians and vegans with delicious frozen meals and grocery staples. The newest addition to Amy's line of pizzas begins with a thinner hand-stretched wheat crust, diced tomatoes and a balanced sauce of sun-ripened tomatoes, classic Italian seasonings and fragrant basil. What makes this pizza unique is the use of Daiya's shredded mozzarella-style cheese alternative, which is free of cholesterol, lactose and other common allergens but full of flavor. It stretches and melts and tastes like the real thing. This is a pizza that provides a vegan and dairy-free familiar cheese pizza experience and it's one that everyone will love.  Reg. $7.99  13.5 oz.

ALŌ Drinks; Awaken, Exposed, Allure

You’ve probably used aloe vera to soothe sunburns and help heal cuts, but ALŌ exposes aloe vera for what it really is: a health powerhouse chock full of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. ALŌ Exposed, the original aloe drink, is made with real aloe vera extract that can provide the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. To rustle up some energy in the morning, try ALŌ Awaken, which offers a healthful dose of wheatgrass. For a refreshing drink with cooling properties, reach for ALŌ Allure, a blend of aloe with tropical mango and mangosteen. Reg. $1.89  16.9 oz.

Napa Valley Naturals

Napa Valley Naturals is committed to the production of certified organic and all natural oils, vinegars, fruit balsamic vinegars, and artisan handcrafted California cooking wines. They donate 10% of their profits to groups that support environmental preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, hunger prevention and community-based health initiatives.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is Napa Valley Naturals' best-selling oil and it's no wonder - it has a delicious, medium-bodied flavor that goes well with any food. Third party certified organic, first cold pressing (below 98.5 degrees), acidity at bottling 0.5% or less, Kosher. This oil is unfiltered to maximize flavor, and cloudiness may occur under cool conditions. Going through a lot of olive oil in your kitchen? This is an outstanding value for 1.5 liters of high quality oil.
 Reg. $24.99  50.8oz

Cooking Wines: Sauterne, Sherry

These are ideal for enhancing salads, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Use a few drops to finish roasted poultry, steaks and game, or to create the perfect reduction glaze for delicately flavored fish dishes. After dinner, drizzle them over your favorite fruit, cheese, or even ice cream. Barrel aged in limited quantities and seasoned with 1.5% sea salt, Napa Valley Naturals' Sauterne Cooking Wine is a high quality slightly dry white wine that is full flavored, smooth, and balanced. Its versatile white wine flavor enhances chicken and fish dishes and adds depth and dimension to sauces and even desserts. 2700 cases have been aged to perfection. Napa Valley Naturals' Sherry Cooking Wine is characterized by a nose redolent of almonds and caramel, a flavor of toasted nuts and chocolate, and an unmistakable dry yet smooth finish. It's famous for adding complex flavors to Spanish style chicken or shrimp tapas, and can be used to spice up a wide variety of pork, pasta, and rice dishes.
Reg. $3.79 12.7oz.

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