Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New at Wheatsville

We work hard to seek out exciting new products and flavors we think our members will love—
here’s what’s new at Wheatsville this week.

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Chocolove’s two newest treats expand on a selection of distinctly flavored chocolate bars made with all-natural ingredients and the classic techniques of Europe's finest chocolatiers. Each bar begins with creamy 33% cocoa Belgian milk chocolate, which is then combined with either dry roasted, salted peanuts or crunchy bits of salty pretzel sticks for a memorable take on two familiar favorites. The package design resembles a love letter sent from a distant land, and inside each wrapper - a classic romantic poem.
Reg. $2.69...3.2oz.


Frontera Gourmet Mexican Simmer Sauces Sauces:

In four new simmer sauces award-winning chef Rick Bayless authentically captures some of the most classic flavors of Mexico, drawing inspiration from small city taquerías and neighborhood cafes alike. These full-flavored sauces are made with fresh ingredients and fire-roasted chilés for extraordinary Mexican dishes easy enough for everyday meals. Transform ordinary ground beef, chicken and steak— even seafood— into legendary Latin cuisine.  Reg. $2.39....8 oz.



San-J Orange Sauce is an exciting new addition to San-J's line of Gluten Free Asian Cooking Sauces. It brings a delectable orange flavor to all of your favorite dishes and strikes a perfect balance when paired with tamari. Always a favorite at Chinese restaurants, you can now make Asian-style Orange Chicken easily at home. It's also a wonderful glaze on chicken, ribs, shrimp or tofu; is perfect as a stir-fry sauce on your favorite meats and vegetables; and great as a dipping sauce on spring rolls and dim sum. San-J Orange Sauce is certified gluten-free. Reg. $3.69....10oz  

All-natural Popchips, maker of the never fried, never baked, uniquely popped chip has a new flavor: Jalapeno. And not just any run-of-the-mill-jalapeno-chip-flavor, we'd dare say this is one of the best we've ever had! A vibrant green piquancy and respectable medium heat level does its chilé namesake justice-- Popchips Jalapeno chips are sure to be a favorite of pepper lovers. With less than half the fat of fried chips, they make a perfect accompaniment to any meal or snack. Gluten-free!
Reg. $2.59...3oz.

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