Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime is Melon time!

Summer melons, get you some!

This week I'm excited to announce the arrival of Organic Texas-Grown
Watermelon from Wheatsville's beloved Buena Tierra Farms! This is a
limited opportunity – we're getting some in today (6/23), and though
there is a slight possibility of more next week, your only guaranteed
opportunity to try one will be this weekend! We're getting three bins
of them which is a pretty incredible logistical feat, if you'd like to
know. We'll be pushing them hard all weekend with samples and plenty
of cut and wrapped quarters and halves for those who might balk at the
commitment an entire melon. They're really reasonably priced, too:
$6.49 for a large whole melon, $3.49 for a half, $2.49 for a quarter.
They are guaranteed to be delicious! Buena Tierra has been delivering
some incredible melons. This week, we saw the most incredible Israeli
Cantaloupe, Galia Melon, and Crenshaws we ever tasted. Those folks
know how to grow melon!

On the seasonal side, we love stone fruit in all its forms: cherries,
peaches, plums, apricots, pluots, and our current favorite:
nectarines. We've got organic nectarines, California grown, and they
are amazing. They're punchier in flavor than the peaches, not as sweet
but so delicious! Give them a shot, or ask us for a free sample.

Fresh Produce + Chile Powder = A Perfect Summer Pair!!

Local Chile Powder NOW in Produce!

This week produce and bulk herbs collaborated on sampling one of the
BEST combos of the season: Mild Red Chile Powder on fresh Melon,
Mango, and Watermelon! A sprinkle of slightly spicy Local Chile Powder
from Southern Style Spices in Manor, TX ($5.49lb) adds the perfect
kick to cool watermelon, mango, even cucumber – the possible
combinations are endless! You can find our pre-packaged Local Chile
Powder in produce near the entrance!

Get in on this delicious traditional Southwestern treat. Your tired
taste buds will thank you!

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