Friday, March 11, 2011

Wheatsville's SXSW survival list!

Wheatsville Hospitality Clerk, Beth Beutel rocked out this list to help folks make it through the madness of March in Austin...

Thunderbird Energetica Bars:
Locally Made, Raw Vegan Energy to go; complete with compostable wrappers. In the event that you drop it and it blows away you won't make the Natives cry.

Party Smart:
Don't think of it as an excuse to party harder, so much as the thing that's going to make work a little bearable tomorrow.

Buddha's Brew:
On sale for $2.50 each (2 for 5) all month! It'll repopulate your gut after Uncle Tito kills all your digestive bacteria, so you can go right back to eating trailer food.

Kleen Kanteen:
On sale for Wheatsville's Birthday! Take one with you to save yourself some $$$ on bottled water by refilling. You'll have to chug all your water and prove it's empty before you enter anywhere, but, hey, you'll stay hydrated!

Pineapple and Cut veggies from the produce department:
Snack healthy, because believe it or not there is more to the food pyramid than tacos, pizza, and beer.

Urban Detox:
Designed by doctors to support your liver or your lungs… Great after a long day/night/week.

Peps you up without any artificial stuff or taurine. Nasty crash: avoided.

Tanka Bars:
Bison meat jerky sticks!?! Leaner protein with all the red meat deliciousness plus as many omega-3 fatty acids per serving as salmon. It'll keep your brain pumping so you can remember some of those awesome shows.

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