Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our Vendors Wish Us a Very Happy 35th Birthday! compiled by Adrienne Beall, Grocery Buyer and Chris Moore, Refrigerated buyer

Here at Wheatsville we support the community and one of the ways that we participate is by supplying our patrons with as many locally made products as possible. We love our local vendors and they love us! We've compiled some local Birthday wishes from some of our local folks!
Thanks for another year of staying true to Austin and supporting local vendors. May you continue leading the way in healthy, conscious eating for the next 35 years! Happy Birthday!
Stacey Thompson, Straight From The Vine
Abraham Lincoln said, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Wheatsville is full of life. Happy Birthday Wheatsville. Stay young!
Ruth Wilmore, Texas Daily Harvest
Congratulations from Karen Lee of Texas Olive Ranch, Carrizo Springs
We started selling to Wheatsville in 2009 and our favorite thing about Wheatsville is that it’s SO Austin!
Wheatsville now carries:
• Texas Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
• Texas Olive Ranch Flavor Infused Olive Oils: Roasted Garlic, Sweet Basil, Mesquite, Orange, Lemon, and Rattlesnake Cracked Pepper & Chipotle
• Texas Olive Ranch Flavor Infused Balsamic Vinegars: Orange Infused White Balsamic, Blackberry Infused White Balsamic, Figalicious Fig Infused Balsamic, Pomegranate Infused Balsamic

Birthday Greetings from Awad Abdelgadir & Linda Boxberger of Nile Valley Herbs
We’ve been selling bulk organic hibiscus mint tea, pure hibiscus 24 teabag boxes, hibiscus mint 24 teabag boxes, family size hibiscus mint boxes to Wheatsviile since 1994—17 years. We love the locally grown produce, locally raised animal products, sustainably harvested fish at Wheatsville. We trust that the staff researches the products carried. The deli’s cranberry sauce is the best ever. And we always have a shout-out for SOuth Austin People soap! (also sold at Wheatsville)
A reminder – hibiscus or hibiscus mint tea, sweetened or unsweetened, is great with a little fresh ginger juice mixed in. The latest Conscious Living Guide newsletter suggested putting hibiscus in bath water.

Happy Birthday from Chef Alana of Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso
In August 2010, Wheatsville was the first store to put Nacho Mom’s Ultimate Vegan Queso on the shelf. Four months later we were in nationwide stores but that boost of confidence from Wheatsville opening the door of opportunity put the fire under me that led to our success. Had they said no, I may have given up the dream early. Since August we’ve gotten kudos and rave reviews in places from TV to the Statesman to national magazines and we are about to launch our third product! Now I am told we are one of the fastest growing food businesses in the nation. Wheatsville helps local vendors open doors to dreams.
My favorite thing about Wheatsville is that it is one-of-a-kind. Wheatsville brings in products you might not find elsewhere and everyone who works there is well-informed about the products, how they taste, and they are friendly enough to want to share their knowledge with you. It is pure Austin “good energy” whenever I am there.
Wheatsville does have its own vegan queso in the deli as well with whom we are happy to share center stage. It was actually the first vegan queso. We may be fat-free, shelf-stable, have different spices, & hang out in the chip aisle by the salsas, but we aren’t the original & even this vegan queso company gives Wheatsville’s fresh queso in the deli two thumbs up! (Thanks for the deli queso shout out! We love yours, too! Dan and Wheatsville)
Hi from Munchees Lunchbox Spelt Bakery!
Thanks for including us! Happy Birthday, Wheatsville!
We have been with Wheatsville two years in March! It is very exciting. It is also Zach’s (owner, baker) birthday on March 16th! We love Wheatsville’s support of small, local businesses. We also love everything we have ever tried from the bakery. Of course, we rarely pass up the hot bar, always consistently awesome!
Zach makes spelt brownies (which come in 3 flavors-Plain, Mexican and Espresso), banana bread, pumpkin bread (both with chocolate chips) and many flavors of scones.
One of Zach’s favorite ways to use his brownies is to make a brownie sundae. We love to use the Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss coconut milk ice cream (available in several decadent flavors) and top it with hot fudge. (You could make a Brownie sundae next week in honor or Wheatsville's birthday!)
Zach making Brownies!

Best Wishes from David & Carol Carter of Carter Select Salsa
Our favorite thing about Wheatsville is you are some of the coolest people and know the importance of buying quality local products. Congratulations Wheatsville!!! The world is starting to realize what you have known all along.
We’ve been selling Carters Original, Spicy, Fireside, Hatch Salsa, and our Texas Style Chimichurri at Wheatsville for two years.

Shout Out from Taylor of Thunderbird Energetica Bars
Thunderbird Energetica Bars have been at Wheatsville 1 month. We love the close proximity to our kitchen (located 1.5 miles away). On several occasions we have run out of ingredients while hand blasting bars. This problem is easily solved by a quick bike ride to Wheatsville where we have purchased amazing organic deglet noor dates, locally sourced sweet potatoes and beautiful carrots. We have high expectations for the quality of our bar ingredients and Wheatsville has consistently exceeded our most wild dreams.

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