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A Wheatsville Independence Day! Beer, Wine tastings and more!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

Help us win!

It's time to vote for the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Awards and we sure would love your help in winning again!

Please strongly consider clicking on this link for the Chronicle BOA and voting for us as Best Neighborhood grocery. (and, if you're inclined, we would love to be considered in the Sweets/ Goodies category, too.) Thank! Helping us win this spreads the word about your co-op and gets us valuable press. Thanks!

You can learn more below, but we're really excited for our special Independence weekend sampling day! Come on by on Friday July 2nd from 5-8pm for beer tasting and some samples of grilled meat and veggie options and more!

Scroll down for:

Beer AND Wine tasting

Veggie Dog Days

Grilling cheese?!? You bet your Halloumi!

Deli sides and red, white and blueberry sweet biscuits!

Meet your local meat

Produce freshness

Grocery and health team news

Run for the board

Babyback Rib Recipe!

Wine AND Beer tasting!

New Belgium Beer tasting this Friday July second from 5-8 Featuring New Belgium Ranger IPA and New Belgium Tripple Ale! Come gear up for Independence Day with a beer tasting featuring one of the coolest breweries in the country, New Belgium Brewery located in Fort Collins Colorado. New Belgium Ranger IPA Ale offers an abundance of hops: Cascade (citrus), Chinook (floral/citrus), and Simcoe (fruity) lead off the beer, with Cascade added again for an intense dry hop flavor. Brewed with pale and dark caramel malts that harmonize the hop flavor from start to finish, the Ranger is a big yummy beer  opens with a bold blast of hops that slowly gives way to the fruity esters implied by a Belgian yeast strain. In the Belgian tradition of brewing singles, doubles and triples, Trippel is the strongest with the longest fermentation. Remarkably smooth and complex, this bottle-conditioned Trippel is spiced with a trace of coriander.


Wine Tasting Thursday July first from 4:30 till 7:30! Wheatsville will be hosting a wine tasting featuring Campo Viejo Tempranillo Crianza Rioja from Spain. This blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Mazuelo is an intense ruby red wine with aromas of black fruit and vanilla. Velvety and elegant, it's an old world wine with a new world attitude, and it is downright addictive with roasts and firm cheeses.

Veggie Doggin' it!

This 4th of July, check out  the Wheatsville sponsored Veggie Dog eating contest!

Announcing this year's cosmic quest to ingest:

The Final Bun-tier

4th Annual Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest


Sunday, 2010, 1-4pm
Tiniest Bar in Texas (817 W. 5th St)
Competition starts at 2pm



World cup is getting interesting with the whittling down of teams. We have cheeses for your snacking pleasure. And just a reminder we have cheese trays for your World Cup parties.


Fourth of July is this weekend and we are getting in Halloumi cheese just in time. What is Halloumi cheese? Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese. It is traditionally made with goats and sheep's milk, although, Halloumi made with cow's milk can be bought. It has a high melting point and can be easily grilled or fried. That is right, a grillable cheese. Halloumi can be grilled along with vegetables or served alongside slices of watermelon. We will be running Halloumi on special through the weekend. It will be on Sale for $13.49/lb and will regularly $15.89/lb


Also, starting at the beginning of July we will be putting our Romanian sheep Feta on Sale for $6.29/lb, regularly $7.99/lb and our Domestic Cow Feta on Sale for $4.59/lb. Nancy's Cream Cheese 8 oz. on Sale for $1.69 ea. regulary  $2.39 ea. Organic Valley Bleu Cheese Crumbles 4 oz. on Sale for $3.49, regularly $4.29. Organic Valley Shredded Parmasean on sale for $3.49, regularly $4.29. Organic Valley Cream Cheese Tub on Sale for $2.29, regularly $2.99.

We will be sampling tasty cheese that will pair with the beers being tasted on Friday, too.


The Deli's Rocking A Slew of Sides for Your Independence Day Celebration!


The 4th of July is almost here, and there's no better spot to stock up on all your picnic and grilling sides and salads than your Wheatsville Deli! We'll have all sorts of fresh and tasty potato, pasta, grain, bean and veggie dishes to satisfy both the strictest vegan and most committed omnivore! A plethora of summertime favorites will be on hand for the taking, leaving you nothing to do but pack the cooler and, if Mother Nature agrees, to fire up the grill!

We intend to go all out to make your weekend perfect, and will have a wide variety of choice salads in our Deli Case for you to sample and pick all of your favorites! Choose from dishes like our sweet-n-spicy Chipotle Potato Salad, classic Picnic Potato Salad and creamy Vegan Potato Salad! Bucky's Baked Beans are a tried and true winner, and Black Bean Mango gives a nod to the southwest! Round out the sides with customer favorite Cashew Linguine, classic Picnic Macaroni Salad, and delicious Ginger Tempeh Pasta! Our chockfull of goodness Alpha Omega Salad, pilaf-style Savory Basmati Rice and Spicy Mango Quinoa will not disappoint! And you can't go wrong with veggie salads, like the raw Lively Beets & Carrots, Meme's Coleslaw, crowd-pleasing Broccoli with Cashew Tamari, and Sumi Salad!

And what better end to the holiday than some Red, White and Blue Fresh Berry Shortcakes alongside your fireworks?!  Our bakers have made some incredibly tender Sweet Cream Biscuits, available in 2 packs for just $4.99! Just split the biscuits in half, layer the bottoms with sliced strawberries and blueberries, dollop with plenty of whipped cream and top with the second halves! These shortcakes are both delicious and showstopping; they're absolutely perfect for berry season (but sliced peaches work great too!), Keep in mind that one generous biscuit can easily be shared by two people!

So there you have it: you supply the party, we'll supply the sides. Come on in, grab an array of salads, some drinks, and some easy-to-assemble shortcakes – no matter what you love, Wheatsville Co-op has got you covered for the 4th!


Your local Meat department featuring Word from Bryan our butcher!

Eat local month is winding down to its last week and I've heard lots of positive feedback from customers who love our abundant selection of locally raised and produced meats. All of our friends at Bastrop Cattle Company, Dewberry Hills Farms, Richardson's, Thunderheart Bison, Pederson's Natural Pork, & Loncito's Lamb are grateful for you support. So don't stop buying!

Check out Bastrop Cattle Company Grass fed Ground beef $7.99/lb, Grass fed Ribeye steaks $21.99/lb. Thunderheart Bison pasture raised bison products—Grass fed Ground bison $8.99/lb and Grass Fed Bison Jerky $7.99 ea for 4oz pack. Lonestar farm raised semi-boneless quail $18.99 pack of 4. Pederson's Natural Pork certified humanely treated pork products, try the smoked kielbasa $5.99 16oz pack and bacon flavored sausage $6.99 12oz package. We have a full line of fresh Buddys Chickens including sausages (chicken Italian, garlic, & Jalapeno flavors) $5.99 16oz pack. We also sell Dewberry hills Farm pastured chicken; hand raised for Wheatsville, get whole chicken for $4.99/lb and Cornish Game Hens $4.99/lb.

Here's a great story about our friends at Dewberry Hills, Jane & Terry Levan.

Loncito's grass-fed lamb recent delivery of west Texas lamb looks great. The cuts are larger and more robust thanks to lots of rain this spring. Loin chops in packs of two $22.99/lb, boneless legs $14.99/lb, and giant rib racks 2 per pack $22.49/lb. Fresh supply of Richardson family farm pasture raised pork products also delivered this weekend. Beautiful bone-in pork chops $8.49/lb, delicious Link and pan breakfast sausages $8.49/lb.

This is also the last week for the Copper River Salmon. It's been a shorter than normal season for these beauties, but we still have several whole sides available. This fish is on the "super green" list cause of its highly sustainable population. Salmon is also has very high levels of omega 3's. Pick it up before it's gone for $29.99/lb.

Last chance specials still in stock for June:

Buddy's All Natural boneless skinless breasts on sale for $7.39/lb, regularly priced at $7.69/lb

Niman Ranch BBQ Pulled Pork $8.49 for a full pound of "heat and eat" shredded BBQ goodness, regularly priced at $8.89

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Full cut steak $8.49/lb, regularly $8.99/lb

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Ambassador cut $8.99/lb, regularly $9.49/lb

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Petite cut $9.49/lb, regularly $9.99/lb

Niman Ranch Ground sirloin 85% lean $7.99/lb, regularly $8.99/lb

Niman Ranch Ribeye steaks $16.99/lb, regularly $18.99/lb (while supplies last)

Be sure to stock up for the 4th of July coming up this weekend. Look for our Upcoming specials for the week of 4th of July and on; Organic Prairie Boneless Breast portions individual flash frozen for easy separation. Pick up a 2 pound bag $19.49 each, regularly priced at $21.99. Applegate Organic Turkey hotdogs & Applegate Great organic 100% grass fed all beef hotdogs, price pending but will be discounted. Niman Ranch pre-cooked St. Louis Style pork ribs $13.99/lb, regularly $14.79/lb.

We'll have lots to choose from for your 4th of July celebration. Baby back pork ribs, family packs of Ground beef $4.99/lb, all your favorite steaks—ribeyes $18.99/lb, sirloins $8.99lb-9.99/lb, tenderloin steaks 22.99/lb, flat irons $5.99/lb, fajitas $8.99/lb (seasoned and not), family packs of chicken, thick pork chops, and all of our own in house made sausages are great for the grill.

Scroll to the end for Bryan's Famous Rib Recipe!

Celebrate the Fourth with Fruit

We've got it goin' on for your Fourth of July cook out or dinner party. It's our favorite time of year around here for fruit, so if you are in the market for fresh organic berries, melons or stonefruit, your produce department is the place to get it. We currently have organic strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and Texas blueberries; organic galia, cantaloupe, honeydew and Texas watermelons; organic peaches, organic white peaches, Fredericksburg peaches from Pedernales Valley Farms, organic apricots, organic nectarines, organic pluots and organic bing and ranier cherries! We'll also have cut fruit available (pineapple rings and chunks, mixed berries and cut melon) for convenient grilling sides.

Flower Sale

We'll be having a sale on our bouquets this week for the holiday weekend. If you want to spruce up your get together, we'll have large bouquets for $13.99 and small for $7.99 each.

Eat Local Challenge Central

The Eat Local Challenge is running from June 15th to July 15th, and we have what you need to stay the course. Here's what is local right now:

-      Fresh hulled peas from Just Peachy Farms in Palestine, Tx—creamer, butter beans, pinto beans, and pink eyed peas.

-      Peaches from Pedernales Valley Farms in Fredericksburg

-      Okra!

-      Zucchini from Martinez Farms in Pleasanton, TX

-      Mixed cherry tomatoes, purple Cherokee heirloom tomatoes, and homegrown tomatoes from Oak Hill Farms in Poteet, TX

-      Watermelon

-      Sweet corn and organic green beans from J&B Farms in Hondo, TX

-      Sprouts and sprout salads from New World Produce from out by Lake Travis

-      Bibb lettuce from Amador Farms in Dripping Springs

-      Carrot bunches and organic shallots from Lund Produce in Elgin


Health Team updates!

Fourth of July is the best, especially when you are prepared for all the outdoor festivities!  To help out, Wheatsville Health Team has some products to help you beat the heat in style this year.   Have a safe and healthy holiday everyone!

Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 $14.99- We have it back in stock and it's better than ever!

Wonder Wash 4 oz. $2.99, 8oz. $6.19-All Terrain Company Wonder Wash  liquid soap that's great for cleaning up after working outdoors. Powerful, yet PH neutral and soft on hands and skin.  We have both Unscented and Peppermint pH neutral formulas safe for every member of the family, including pets.

Locally Made Hair Balm from Texas Medicinals $ 8.89- Tame your hair in the heat with this Hair Balm made from: Extra virgin olive oil, comfrey, vitamin E, and essential oils of bergamot, grapefruit, and orange.

Manic Panic Glows InThe Dark Nail Polish $6.99 each- We have various colors to help your nails glow like fireworks in the night sky

Frontier Cayenne Powder  $8.59/LB- For those among us who revel in the high heat Wheatsville has Conventional  Cayenne Powder back in stock for all your cooking, and cleansing needs.

In The Grocery Aisle

Texas-Texas Barbeque Sauce

The same local brand that makes the salsas we've enjoyed for years has a great barbeque sauce too. Texas-Texas Bar-B-Que and Grilling Sauce is perfect for July 4th grilling. Two flavors of this tasty grilling awesomeness, including a smoky chipotle, will hit the shelves at Wheatsville this week. Just in time. Check them out at Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

Run for the board!

The Board is ramping up its annual election process, and the Nominations Committee would like to invite all Wheatsville owners to think seriously about running for a seat on the board. This is a different kind of leadership opportunity than you can find at any other organization. As a board, we are charged with acting on behalf and for the benefit of the owners of our co-op. We do this by using an incredible governance system that facilitates our leadership by focusing our energies on the "big-picture" questions, leaving the work of running the grocery store in the hands of Dan and his incredible staff. We have the great privilege of working for you, a diverse and passionate group of people who have invested in a business you believe in.

Members of the board serve three-year terms, receive a discount on purchases, and help to change the world in which we live through the perpetuation of co-op values and principles.

With our store renovation complete, this is a very exciting time to serve on the board. If you are interested, please click on the link to download a Board Packet and Application or pick one up at the Hospitality Desk.

In order to run as an 'endorsed' candidate (see Board Application for more information), you must attend at least one board meeting (always from 6-9pm) and one Orientation Session (times TBD).  Please see the schedule below and RSVP if you plan on attending:

July 13    (Tuesday 6pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates
July 17    (Saturday 1pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates
July 27    (Tuesday)        Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
August 1    (Sunday)                Deadline to submit your application
August 24    (Tuesday)    Regular meeting of the Board of Directors

If you want an even better pitch for running for the board, take a look at this Breeze article
Cooperatively Yours,
The 2010 Nominations Committee

I hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

Bryan's baby back rib recipe!

I'll share my favorite way to make baby back ribs. This works best with full racks of ribs… It's my asian inspired baby backs ribs…

Rinse the meat and pat dry with a paper towel. Make a spice rub; 2 teaspoons Chinese five spice, 1 tbsp granulated garlic, 1 tbsp granulated onion, 1-2 tbsp course sea salt (to taste), 1 tbsp dried parsley, 2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp red pepper flakes. Cover the ribs with the spice rub 15-30 minutes before cooking. Grilling is best but oven works too, times may vary. You want the grill to between 250-325 degrees, get your ribs on. Don't take your eyes off of them; pork tends to flare up when over direct flames. This is ok but you want to keep charring to a minimum. The great thing about baby back is they cook quickly, but you still don't want to rush them. Remember the motto slow and low, overcooking is the problem usually not undercooking.

The ribs should be on the grill about 20 minutes at about 300 degrees or when they have good color and surface begins to look dryer. Don't worry about the dry look. It's because of the dehydrated spices, but it's a good indicator that it's time to sauce.

I mix 1 cup Hoisin sauce, 1 tbsp brown mustard 1 tbsp tamari (soy sauce), ¼ cup Sriracha (red rooster sauce) * spicy so use to taste, 1 tbsp vinegar, 2 tsp sake (optional), & 1 tbsp brown sugar. Mix well, using a basting brush cover the ribs with a light coat.

At this point you want to move the ribs to a slightly cooler part of the grill, around 200-250 degrees. Allow the coating to set, until it looks dry. Then apply another coat of sauce, repeated this until the sauce is heavy.

Total cooking time should be under 45 minutes. The motto "slow and low" is never truer. The longer the ribs are on the grill the easier the meat come off the bone. So don't worry about times, just watch so they don't burn. If you need to test just cut of end rib and inspect the results. These turn out sticky, with intriguing flavors that will have guests asking what's in the seasoning.

I like to cut the ribs and plate them with roasted veggies and freshly chopped green onion over the ribs. Enjoy!

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