Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Summer Wheatsville Fun Time!

Happy Summer Wheatsville friends and fans!


I hope you're bearing up under the heat. We'd like to help.

Try this Awesome and healthful Summer Smoothie!

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Eat local challenge!

Wine tasting THIS Friday

Meat local

World Cup Cheese

Texas Tea

Deli for a quick and nutritious lunch

New and exciting and cold!

Summer fun and sunscreen

We need you to run (for the board)

Eat Local Challenge Central

We've got some great local items in produce right now! If you are participating in the Eat Local Challenge come in and see us. Currently we're carrying fresh shelled creamer and purple hull peas and butterbeans form Just Peachy Farms in Palestine, TX; home grown tomatoes and cherry tomato medley pints from Oak Hill Farms in Poteet; organic zucchini and yellow squash from Martinez Farms in Pleasonton; unreal peaches from Rhew Orchards in Floresville; seedless Texas watermelon; sweet corn (the sweetest) and organic green beans from J&B Farms in Hondo; organic shallots and bunched carrots from Lund Produce in Elgin; bibb lettuce from Amador Farms in Dripping Springs and, as always, sprouts and sprouts salads from our friends at the New World Produce out by Lake Travis. Our best local season is in full swing, so come in and get some delicious seasonal produce!


Nice Melons!

It's also melon season and although we haven't gotten many local melons this year, we have some really amazing organic melons this week. Large galia melons, honeydew, cantaloupe and Crenshaw are in and delicious! We still have sweet Texas watermelons available. Come get some!


Got berries?

Berries are getting close to peaking for the season and are looking and tasting phenomenal. We've got strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries in stock. My favorites right now are the strawberries and the raspberries, with blueberries trailing right behind. Berries plus fresh whipped cream equals a special summer treat from kids of all ages.



Stonefruit season is our favorite season around here. Beside the bib requiring Texas peaches, we've also got organic nectarines, organic peaches and organic pluots in stock. We don't refrigerate our stonefruit, so they are ripening at room temp which makes them extra delicious and juicy with no mealy texture.


Wine tasting this Friday! Wheatsville will be hosting a wine tasting this Friday from 4:30 to 7:30. We will be sampling Parducci Sustainable Red and Parducci Sustainable White . Parducci Winery is locally owned and operated in California's Mendocino County. They are committed to sustainable winegrowing practices that yield top quality grapes and wines while protecting the environment.

Sierra Navada on sale!  Sierra Nevada 6 packs are on sale $7.49 regularly $8.49, all flavors except Bigfoot. With Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Summerfest, Torpedo, and Kellerweis all on sale there is something here to please everyone!


Eat Local meat in June!

Wheatsville has always been a strong supporter of all things local, and the meat counter is full of great local products, including many names you may have seen at the farmers market, likeBastrop Cattle CompanyDewberry Hills Farm, Loncito's Lamb, and Richardson's Family Farm. We have a great selection in the freezer of all these suppliers. You can also find some great local options in the "quick-to-fix" case. We use local Windy Bar beef for our beef skirt steaks for fajitas seasoned in-house with peppers and onions, ready to grill for just $8.99/lb.Also, pick up some of our house-made Bacon Cheddar Burgers made with Windy Bar ground beef and local Veldhuizen "Redneck" Cheddar for $8.99/lb. These are a great way to eat local – all you have to do is fire up the grill!

We have plenty of local options for your staple purchases. Check out Bastrop Cattle Company grass-fed Beef for Ground beef $7.99/lb, Ribeye steaks $21.99/lb. Thunderheart Bisonpasture raised bison products-- Ground bison $8.99/lb and bison jerky $7.99 ea for 4oz pack.Lonestar farm raised semi-boneless quail $18.99 pack of 4. Pederson's Natural Porkcertified humanely treated pork products, try the smoked kielbasa $5.99 16oz pack and bacon flavored sausage $6.99 12oz package. We have a full line of fresh Buddys Chickensincluding sausages (chicken Italian, garlic, & Jalapeno flavors) $5.99 12oz pack. We also sellDewberry hills Farm pastured chicken; hand raised for Wheatsville, get whole chicken for $4.99/lb and Cornish Game Hens $4.99/lb. Here's a great story about our friends at Dewberry Hills, Jane & Terry Levan.

We just received a fresh supply of Loncito's grass-fed lamb, and the cuts are larger and more robust thanks to lots of rain this spring. Loin chops in packs of two $22.99/lb, boneless legs $14.99/lb, and giant rib racks 2 per pack $22.49/lb. Fresh supply of Richardson family farm pasture raised pork products also delivered this weekend. Beautiful bone-in pork chops $8.49/lb, delicious Link and pan breakfast sausages $8.49/lb.

Lots for specials still in stock for June:

Buddy's All Natural boneless skinless breasts on sale for $7.39/lb, regularly priced at $7.69/lb

Niman Ranch BBQ Pulled Pork $8.49 for a full pound of "heat and eat" shredded BBQ goodness, regularly priced at $8.89

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Full cut steak $8.49/lb, regularly $8.99/lb

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Ambassador cut $8.99/lb, regularly $9.49/lb

Niman Ranch Top sirloin Petite cut $9.49/lb, regularly $9.99/lb

Niman Ranch Ground sirloin 85% lean $7.99/lb, regularly $8.99/lb

Niman Ranch Ribeye steaks $16.99/lb, regularly $18.99/lb (while supplies last)

Cheese Island

Hello guys. What an exciting World Cup it has been. It is not over yet. There is plenty of football to be played and the Final game is a little over a week away. We have cheeses from all over the world to help you route on your favorite teams. English stilton, german ementaller, Gouda from Holland, queso fresco, American cheese, and much more. We also have cheese trays starting at $9.99, $40, and $60. Also, we have slices for burgers, shreds for tacos, fresh feta and mozzarella for pizzas and salads. And we have plenty of local cheeses for those of you that are taking the Eat Local Challenge. Check out Pure Luck's newest offering June's Joy. It is made with Goodflow's local honey, and thyme straight from their fields. Also, there is Veldhuiezen cheddars, Brazo Valleys Cheeses, Full Quiver Neufchatel and Mozzarella and Wateroak Farms Chevre and Ricotta.

In The Grocery Aisle

Texas Tea

Wheatsville has a great deal right now on a great local product. Texas Tea is made with local ingredients like Good Flow Honey and Fredericksburg Peaches. Five flavors are on sale now for 99 cents, regularly $1.49. Whether you like your tea sweetened, unsweetened or naturally flavored, Texas Tea has what you need to cool off. Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

Come to the Deli and pack up a quick and nutritious lunch for your summer outing!

Summer is here and your Wheatsville Deli's self-serve case is stocked with all sorts of nutritious grab'n'go salads to take on your hike, bike ride, or afternoon at Barton Springs! You can choose from our spicy, wheat-free Thai Pasta, beloved Alpha Omega kamut grain salad loaded with bits of fresh veggies, seeds and fruits, popular Ginger Tempeh Pasta in an Asian-inspired peanut sauce, and so much more! Some items are available every day and some change during the week. Drop by before you head out and pick up something to keep you cool and energized no matter how hot it gets!

We're also very excited that our wonderful Wheatsville bakers have been working on creating delicious new savory pastries! Our brand new Italian Sausage & Feta Pie is a whole lunch that fits in your hand! Sold out of our full serve case for just $2.99 each, these rustic treats wrap our in-house all natural, certified humane beef and pork Italian sausage with veggies and tangy feta cheese in a homemade, tender pie crust. Yum!

Smoothie time is here! Come get your all-fruit, no-filler, icy-cold and super-thick smoothies, made just how you like 'em with all sorts of add-ins possible! Choose your fruit(s) and build from there: pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, banana and peach are all on the menu! With a grand array of fruits plus tons of extras from spirulina to cacao nibs, there is a smoothie for everyone – try a Banana Dream with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, or aStrawberry-Mango smoothie with rice milk and almond butter! Want more suggestions? OurSmoothie of the Month is Strawberry Pineapple! Just tell us what you like and we'll blend it up!

Want more of a pick me up while trying to stay cool? Try our amazing Iced Coffee Toddy, a 24 hour cold brewed burst of caffeineated deliciousness on sale for owners for $1.49, reg. $1.99! Other cold brews available include our sweet and milky Thai Iced Coffee, earthy Yerba Mate, the pretty in pink Nile Valley Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea, and locally-sourced Iced Chai Tea! Don't forget, you can order any of your favorite espresso drinks iced as well!

Our other two owner specials this month are for some of your Deli's most popular items! Grab'n'go containers of our house-made Tuna Salad, studded with chunks of juicy apples, celery, red bell peppers, carrots and green onions are available for $7.99/lb, reg. $8.99/lb! And from our Deli Counter, the tasty and filling Falafel Black Olive Hummus Pita Sandwich is on sale for just $4.99, reg. $5.49!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter for June are tasty cold cuts sliced by the pound: Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham, $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99/lb and Provolone Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99/lb!


New in the Frozen Department!

The heat of summer is here and we have some new, sweet items in the Frozen Department to help cool you down!

Ciao Bella gelatos and sorbets are made with organic ingredients and sweetened with real, organic cane juice.  We have their novelties (each box just $5.29), Blood Orange Sorbet BarsDark Chocolate Dipped Vanilla and Raspberry Gelato Bars and Key Lime Graham Sandwiches.  The Gelato in the Key Lime Sandwiches is sweet & tart & so refreshing.  This one is my favorite!

Alkemie Organic, Vegan ice cream is a unique product made with cashew milk, coconut cream and sweetened with agave nectar.  We have Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Mint Chocolate Chip.  Let me know how you like it!

If baked goods are your thing, we also have French Meadow's ready-to-bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownies (just thaw and enjoy!)  These tasty treats are gluten-, peanut-, casein- and lactose-free.  They are loaded with chocolaty deliciousness!  Each box is$6.59.

Another new, exciting Gluten-Free additions are Udi's Blueberry or Lemon Streusel Muffins.  Four BIG muffins are $6.19.  What a yummy way to start a gluten-free day!

Over in the Refrigerated Department, we are pleased to offer a new, unique line of Hummus. Baby Zach's Smoked Hummus is made right here in Austin, using local ingredients.  We have Smoked BBQ, Smoked Curry and Smoked Traditional Hummus.  An 8 oz tub is$4.99.  (psst-Zach will be in the store this Saturday, June 26th from 1-3pm handing out samples.)  This is something you really should try!  The BBQ hummus with tortilla chips is my new favorite snack!


Summer Fun Stuff and Sunscreen

We have Babushka Measuring Cups $ 9.99-

Chimp Sticks- $ 5.99- Made for kids, but you can use them too!

All Terrain KIDSPORT SPF 30- Specially formulated for kids. Uses Z-Cote® which offers the broadest UVA/UVB spectrum protection available. No Slip/Dry Grip, No Eye Sting, Water and Sweat Resistant.

All Terrain AQUASPORT SPF 30- Natural Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Badger SPF 30 (scented and unscented)

Badger SPF 30 (anti-bug formula)

Badger sunscreen SPF30 All season face stick- This stick is an easy to carry alternative for people on the go!

California Baby SPF 3  sunblock stick- Baby is both chemical and Tear-Free

California Baby SPF 30 (unscented)- Because your baby already smells good….

Run for the board!

The Board is ramping up its annual election process, and the Nominations Committee would like to invite all Wheatsville owners to think seriously about running for a seat on the board. This is a different kind of leadership opportunity than you can find at any other organization. As a board, we are charged with acting on behalf and for the benefit of the owners of our co-op. We do this by using an incredible governance system that facilitates our leadership by focusing our energies on the "big-picture" questions, leaving the work of running the grocery store in the hands of Dan and his incredible staff. We have the great privilege of working for you, a diverse and passionate group of people who have invested in a business you believe in.

Members of the board serve three-year terms, receive a discount on purchases, and help to change the world in which we live through the perpetuation of co-op values and principles.

With our store renovation complete, this is a very exciting time to serve on the board. If you are interested, please click on the link to download a 
Board Packet and Application or pick one up at the Hospitality Desk.

In order to run as an 'endorsed' candidate (see Board Application for more information), you must attend at least one board meeting (always from 6-9pm) and one Orientation Session (times TBD).  Please see the schedule below and RSVP if you plan on attending:

June 30    (Wednesday)        Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
July 13    (Tuesday 6pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates 
July 17    (Saturday 1pm)        Orientation for Prospective Board Candidates 
July 27    (Tuesday)        Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
August 1    (Sunday)                Deadline to submit your application
August 24    (Tuesday)    Regular meeting of the Board of Directors

If you want an even better pitch for running for the board, take a look at this
 Breeze article 
Cooperatively Yours,
The 2010 Nominations Committee

I hope that you have the best summer ever!

Dan Gillotte

GM and e-mail guy

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