Friday, August 01, 2008

Coffee with the board, run for it, bloglove and more!

Hi Wheatsville friends!

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Coffee with the board
Your board is going to be spending time on the patio on Saturday morning frmo 9am-Noon sharing coffee and treats and connecting with you, the owners! You can talk to the board about anything, but they are especially excited to talk about the bylaws project and the possibility of enticing you to run for the board! COme on by, you'll be glad that you did.

 Last Call for Board Candidates!

Do you just love Wheatsville?
Do you ever ponder what makes us so special and think about how you could get more involved?
Do you wonder about how we can transform society, benefit community, and promote cooperation in our world?
Have you thought about the valuable experience and skills you can develop serving on a governing board of directors?

If you want to learn more about being on the Wheatsville Board of Directors, we encourage you to attend the CANDIDATE ORIENTATION SESSION to be held THIS SATURDAY at 3:00pm, across the street at Mangia.

Contact the Nominations Committee today for more information at

Applications are due on August 8th, so act fast--there is still time!

New in the Beer Aisle!
Also, new Wheatsville Pint Glasses! Keep one frosty cold in your freezer! Only $5.99 (Also good for other beverages!)
The deli cooks so you don't have to!
Some brand new dishes are on the menu at your Wheatsville Deli this week!
Our tender Crispy Fish Cakes are made with wild-caught, sustainable fresh fish, breaded in whole wheat panko breadcrumbs and crisp-fried! 
Oven-baked Honey & Ginger-Glazed Chicken Wings, made with Buddy's Natural Chicken, are coated with an addictively Asian-inspired orange teriyaki sauce. 
Salted Oat Crisps, a new but old-fashioned recipe from Wheatsville's Bakery, are wonderfully crispy, chewy, sweet and salty cookies, made with real butter and eggs. 

In addition, this Friday will herald the introduction of our Fresh In The Deli specials for August! Basil Asiago Chicken Salad is a pasta salad with diced lemon-pepper chicken, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms tossed in a creamy Asiago cheese and basil dressing. Also starting Friday, Roasted Eggplant Bruschetta can be found in our self-serve Deli case, a chunky topping for grilled bread or crackers made with eggplant, tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Wheatsville's salsa of the month for August is the Roasted Pineapple Salsa, a sweet and spicy blend, which means this week is your last chance to grab some more of July's Black Bean and Corn Salsa! (My wife, Rosie wanted me to tell you folks that you can make a delicious cold rice salad just mixing that salsa of the month w/cooked brown rice. Just add some extra black beans, nothing else. Simple as pie!)

Come on in and see what we've been cooking up!
Cheese is the word
Hey, folks!  Have you gotten on the Goat Cheese tip, yet?  Fresh Chevre (goat cheese) is lower in fat than many cow's milk cream cheeses.  And for many that are lactose intolerant, goat's milk will be easier to digest than cow's milk.  Try our Montchevre and Chevrion Goat Cheese Logs, all of our award winning Pureluck products, and various other goat cheeses today!  
Bison for you
The meat department is featuring Thunder Heart Bison this week. We currently have Thunderheart ground bison for $6.49 lbThunderheart Bison Boneless Ribeye for $25.99lb, and Thunderheart Short Ribs for $10.99 lb.  We get a lot of questions about bison and preferred cooking methods so we thought we would share with you.  Here is a link to their site as well  

Natural, Healthy and Delicious Thunder Heart Bison
Low-fat, grass-fed Thunder Heart Bison — the red meat that's healthy to eat. The perfect solution for health-conscious consumers!

Nutritional Comparison*


*per 100 grams of cooked lean meat
(Figures from the US Department of Agriculture)


The people of the internets love Wheatsville
Wheatsville gets a lot of positive blog and e-mail love. I'll share it occasionally here with you!

A Wheatsville enthusiast named Stella has a great blog where she often gives our food some positive words: -

From our friends at Tecolote Frams, a note from a CSA subscriber about their feelings toward Wheatsville: "I haven't been over to Wheatsville in awhile, so I didn't realize they'd begun the remodeling process--hooray!  I've been a member there for so long (sometimes I can't resist pointing out the fact that I've been a member probably longer than the checker who is waiting on me has been ALIVE!), and I, too, feel we are lucky to still have somewhere like Wheatsville where we can shop "independently." 

From former board member and Wheatsville fan, Patrice Biskynis:
1.  That jalapeno fettucini is the best pasta I ever put in my mouth.  I wanted to groan with joy.  It doesn't need a thing on it, it's perfect all by itself.
2.  No more Boca buffalo wings??  Now that's sad.  I really like them.
3.  The new eggs sound delicious and I will definitely buy some to try.  I appreciate your mentioning such things in your emails.
4.  Old news, I know; but I really love being able to find organic produce, especially potatoes.

New Co-op Advantage specials start on Friday! Come on by for new deals in store.

Wheatsville is an even better place to work!
Due to our continuing strong financial success and your amazing support, I was able to pay the largest single pay increase in Wheatsville history to our staff this week. In keeping with our goal of being a fair employer with good pay and benefits, we increased the entire wage scale for new staff and gave an across the board increase of 9% to our current staff. 9%! Feedback from the staff has been very positive and appreciative. I'm glad to be able to implement this change and I thank you for your support that makes it possible.

Be our Myspace or Facebook friends and whatnot:

Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy!

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