Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Local Austin company Daily Greens bottles freshly-pressed raw green juice made from locally sourced kale, cucumber, celery, pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Why pressed juice? Pressing vegetables preserves the nutrients while standard juicing heats and oxidizes the nutrients. Daily Greens uses a Norwalk Press for all of its produce; this yields a nutrient-rich green juice that is 5 times more nutritionally dense than what the next best commercial juicer can extract. Green juices in particular pack the greatest nutritional punch-- each Daily Greens 16oz bottle is the equivalent of 8 servings of vegetables and requires 6 pounds of fresh veggies to produce!16oz, Reg. $7.99


Sol Bliss 100% natural frozen fruit purees make it easy and convenient to add delicious, ripe fruit to any recipe. Each puree contains only one ingredient: the fruit! Why use a puree? Pureed fruit blends easily into any recipe to create a smooth texture; by using a puree, you can enjoy incredible fruit flavor in every drink or bite. Sol Bliss purees are the perfect addition to thousands of recipes for smoothies, fruit drinks, cocktails and even desserts. 
5oz, Reg. $1.69


The perfect blend of crunchy, cheesy, savory snack crisps in familiar shapes. Pretzels, corn chips, nacho tortillas, crunchy cheese curls and more combine to create an all natural, healthful snack mix perfect for parties. The Superbowl may not be until February 3rd, but it's never too early to stock up! 12oz, Reg. $3.29; SALE $1.99

Harvest Bay Coconut Water is a refreshing, thirst-quenching natural isotonic beverage that helps your body hydrate and recover after exercise. Simply put, that means it helps replace fluids and salts that are lost during exercise. Each serving has more potassium— the natural muscle builder- — than a banana. With only 35 calories per serving, no fat and no added sugar, you can be sure you are doing your body right, guilt free! Harvest Bay's Coconut Water is never from concentrate and features a unique, delicious blend of pure coconut water from young, green coconuts. This blend includes the widely popular Nam-Hom coconut, which is renowned for its sweet taste and refreshing aroma, and is a high-grade coconut that is only available in Thailand. We got a sweet deal on this new product and are able to offer it on an introductory sale at only $3.99-- that's a great price for a liter of coconut water! 1 liter, Reg. $5.29; SALE $3.99

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