Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Ozery's family-owned bakery believes that grains make the world a happier, healthier place-- that's why they're always dreaming up new ways to make wholesome breads more delicious. Ozery's Crispy Pitas are made with wholesome grains that are first baked and then toasted, and NEVER contain anything artificial or genetically modified. With 50% less fat than regular potato chips and 3g of protein per serving, we think they’re a much more satisfying option than the average salty snack. You can actually see the real food flavorings Ozery's Crispy Pita chips-- ingredients are folded into the dough before it's toasted into delicious, thick-cut crunchy chips. Juicy, sweet dried cranberries and crunchy, salty pumpkin seeds make the Cranberry Pumpkinseed a sweet and salty treat that pairs perfectly with goat cheese dips. Whole rosemary, roasted garlic, and tangy bits of sundried tomato lend the Rosemary Garlic Pitas a savory, Italian flavor that’s a perfect match for savory hummus.6oz, Reg. $3.99

Veggie Evolution is a mix of organic vegetables deliciously seasoned and baked to a crispy-crunchy texture. This savory, barbeque-seasoned mixture of actual slices of vegetables includes carrots, cabbage, kale, leeks, apples, garlic and more, with sunflower seeds tossed in for a nutty crunch. 

Made from high quality natural ingredients, Veggie Evolution is a great alternative to high-fat snacks like potato chips. Certified organic; low fat and gluten-free.
2.75oz, Reg. $8.99

As an artisan food manufacturer, Grizzlies makes unique, quality gourmet granolas, trail mixes and raw grain cereals with a focus on producing whole foods with exceptional taste and quality. You won’t find genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), preservatives, processed sugars or grains, added salt, Trans fats, animal products, artificial color, or hydrogenated oils in Grizzlies' granola; what you will find are organic rolled oats, pesticide-free almonds, sweet California walnuts, flame raisins, and more. Add Grizzlies' special blend of cinnamons for a perennially favorite granola. This gluten free classic offers no compromises on taste or texture.   
Per lb, Reg. $7.89

Eating gluten free? Miss snacking on bagel chips? Two new gluten free bagel chips from Glutino have your cravings covered! Cut large with a crispy texture just as satisfying as regular bagel chips, both the Original and Parmesan Garlic are perfect for dips, hors d' oeuvres, or just snacking straight from the box.
Glutino specializes in gluten-free products with the mission of providing healthy gluten-free products and a healthy lifestyle to all those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies and those who follow a gluten-free or wheat-free diet.
6oz, Reg. $4.79

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