Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Wild Mountain Raw Foods
These savory snack crackers are made with loads of veggies. With ingredients such as sprouted flax seeds, wild dandelion greens, turmeric root, Swiss chard and more, these are certainly not your everyday crackers. They do very well on their own, but get along splendid with dips, spreads, salads and other creations. Processed in a gluten-free, peanut free, animal free facility.
3oz, Reg. $3.99

These wonderful fragrant snacks are the perfect trail companion, and you can load up a lunch pail for the kids without feeling the least bit guilty. Made with few but quality ingredients-- from organic lavender flowers to stinging nettles-- Wild Mountain has created a simple but different living energy snack. 2oz, Reg. $3.49

Rudi’s Organic Bakery Sprouted and Seeded Breads
Organic bread baked with stuff you can pronounce and ingredients you recognize! Rudi’s now offers two new sliced breads: one with sprouted whole wheat (available in Multigrain and Honey Wheat), the other studded with a mixture of organic seeds (Mighty Grains, Super Seeded). Trying to turn over a new leaf this year by eating healthier? Along with drinking water and regular exercise, what you eat is a huge factor in living a healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to start eating healthy is by making your own food, and Rudi's Sprouted and Seeded sandwich breads are a great pick for packed lunches. 18-24oz, Reg. $4.79

Naturally smoked for an infusion of earthy hickory flavor, with a delicate, fully enrobed rind.
7oz, Reg. $5.59

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