Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Punk Rawk Labs Nut Milk Cheeses are made with organic nut milks and simple, pure ingredients to make for an incredible raw food product. The process used is an artisanal handcrafted method that is similar to that used for making dairy cheese, except of course, there’s no dairy whatsoever in these delicious vegan cheeses. These aren’t like other dairy-free cheeses– Punk Rawk Labs Nut Milk Cheeses are incredible gourmet varieties that are excellent when sliced or spread on crackers or pastries, and the firmer macadamia varieties are incredible with a drizzle of agave nectar on them for a true delight.Punk Rawk Labs Nut Cheeses; Plain Cashew, Smoked Cashew Macadamia, Herbed Macadamia
 Any of Punk Rawk Labs' Nut Milk Cheeses would be an incredibly unique addition to holiday entertaining plates this season, and Wheatsville is the only place in town to stock them!

Punk Rawk Labs cheeses are available in three varieties:

Cashew - Possessing the softest texture of the three (similar to goat cheese or cream cheese), this cheese features the earthiest flavor. It’s fairly soft and is quite spreadable as it comes to room temperature, making it excellent for crackers and appetizers alike.
6oz, Reg. $11.99

Herbed Cashew/Macadamia - A blend of both varieties; the best of both worlds! Not too soft, but not too firm, there’s an exquisite intermingling of textures and flavors of organic cashew and macadamia nut milks with an elegant herbed accent.
5.5oz, Reg. $14.99

Smoked Macadamia with Crushed Black Peppercorn Crust - With a more solid texture and refined flavor, the Macadamia cheese is ideal for slicing. Lighter and fluffier, this cheese is almost like a ricotta, but it can be cut into wedges. The premiere cheese of the Punk Rawk Labs line!
5oz, Reg. $16.99

For many years, Chef Renee Erickson of Seattle’s Boat Street Café has produced a variety of pickled fruits and vegetables as a way to preserve fresh, northwest produce at the height of ripeness and flavor. This 'healthy compulsion' to pickle nearly everything soon became an integral part of what makes the Provencal-inspired cuisine of the Boat Street Café so memorable. Over time, the pickles became an essential element of the Boat Street pantry, sought out by many of the café's patrons. Renee’s favorite pickles are now available for all to enjoy, anytime, anywhere.
9oz, Reg. $8.99

Pickled Figs – Black Mission figs soaked in a syrup of wine, cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and sea salt. Pitch perfect with Bleu d’Auvergne or Selles Sur Cher cheese, and incredible drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Pickled Plums – Plump, pitted prunes in a syrup of cider vinegar and cane sugar, accented with coriander, mustard seed, arbol chili, orange peel and bay leaf. Serve with roast chicken, duck or a hearty Venison Pate, or serve as desert with fresh Buratta or rich and custard-like Casatica di Bufala.

Pickled Golden Raisins – Sun-ripened raisins, cured in a sweet and tangy syrup of cider vinegar, mustard seed, thyme, arbol chili, and bay leaf. These are amazing mixed in with coucous pilaf or spooned over filet of sole. On a cheese plate, they work best paired with ripe Camembert and fresh, crusty bread.

Pickled Apricots - Tart apricots cured in a sour and flavorful syrup of apple cider vinegar, toasted curry and other spices. Compliments stronger cheeses well, such as Chatelain Brie and Roquefort Blue.

By combining elements of various culinary traditions, Tadah! Foods is giving traditional East Mediterranean food a fresh new look and taste. TaDah's Falafel Wraps are a premium handheld wrap perfect for eating on the go. Made from scratch, TaDah!'s wraps are filled with a delicious falafel patty topped with amazing signature spreads, all hand rolled in soft, non-GMO whole-wheat tortilla shells.

TaDah!'s founder, John Sorial, is committed to combining his love and knowledge of food with his passion to serve the less fortunate. TaDah! Foods donates 20% of all profits to non-profit organizations, a great model for social responsibility. 7oz, Reg. $4.59

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