Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Native pecans are many Texans' favorite, and are richest among pecans in healthy oils. The Pecan Shop prepares native pecans on their small family farm where they work together raising food in a sustainable way that honors the land. Enjoy these natives fresh or try them "activated", the way Pecan Shop prefers. Soaking them in filtered water and a little sea salt improves digestibility while releasing vitamins and enzymes, while preserving these delicate nutrients with low heat brings out the crisp texture and buttery flavor. The Pecan Shop's recipes use no refined sugar and only wholesome ingredients. The Pecan Shop is located in Elgin, Texas. 12oz, Reg. $12.99; 4oz, Reg. $5.99


Y.S. Eco Bee Farms is built on a foundation of four generations of hands-on beekeeping experience. A pioneer in certified organic beekeeping in North America, is a long-standing and highly reputable national distributor of certified organic honey.
10oz-16oz, Reg. $6.99-$9.79

The secret lives of plants have captured the imagination and respect of Traditional Medicinals for more than 30 years. Blending a reverence of plants with the wisdom of the ancient arts, Traditional Medicinals combine the best of herbal medicine with the most modern scientific methods of quality control to produce a line of traditional herbal tea formulas distributed across the country. A selection of Traditional Medicinal's most popular seasonal teas, the Seasonal Tea Sampler contains four bags of each of Throat Coat (soothes throat symptoms), Echinacea Plus (supports immune response), Gypsy Cold Care and Breathe Easy (which bring immediate support to the upper respiratory tract). A must-have for cold and flu season.
16bag, Reg. $4.79

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