Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New at Wheatsville

New raw foods vendor alert: Wheatsville now carries Living Intentions! This cool company has been producing fun and innovative raw food products since 2008, and we’re excited to offer their new raw cereals, flours, and salad ‘boosters’. Read on for more about Living Intentions, and everything else new at Wheatsville this week.

Austinites and mother-daughter team Kit Seay and Amanda Wadsworth Bates have been baking pies together for years. Pie was a standard dessert at dinnertime at their house and everyone had their favorite; the idea for Tiny’s Tiny Pies came from the kids wanting to take an individual piece of pie in their lunch sacks to school. Tiny Pies are the original tiny hand-held pie-- just like grandma used to make… only much, much, smaller. Tiny Pies are made from old family recipes with the highest quality all-natural ingredients sourced from local farmers markets when possible. You can eat them without utensils and they taste great either hot or cold. New savory versions Spinach & Ricotta and Potato Leek are available in 1/2 pint Mason jar pies in the frozen food section; heat in a conventional oven or toaster oven at 350 degrees until warm.
5oz, Reg. $5.99

Living Intentions strives to produce fun and innovative raw food products that not only satiate the palate, but nourish the body, too. Great care is taken in each step of production to ensure the best quality of flavor, texture and appearance. All Living Intentions products are raw, gluten-free, non-GMO, mostly organic and all natural. Low heat processing and sprouting ensures that essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals remain uncompromised.


Superfood Cereals: Chia Ginger, Cacao Crunch, Hemp & Greens Superfood Cereal redefines the standard for raw breakfast cereals. Each flavor is light and crunchy, super tasty, and enhanced with some of the most fortified superfoods the planet offers. Living Intentions Superfood Cereals are dairy free and nut free. 9oz, Reg. $8.99

Original Zesty Salad Booster, Cheesy Vegan Salad Booster Salad Boosters are an amazing and tasty way to "boost up" your nutrition and pep up your palate. Each flavor is a mouth-watering combo of mineral-dense superfoods, sprouted seeds, savory herbs and zesty spices. 

Recommended on salads, veggies, soups, grains, and even popcorn-- the ultimate seasoning for every meal. 3oz, Reg. $5.49

Living Intentions Super Flour is definitely not your average flour... in fact; you can literally eat it by the spoonful! This all-purpose gluten free flour can be used in a wide variety of applications, from sweet to savory, and from chilled to dehydrated. 

The Raw Cacao Brownie Mix is a must for the raw foodist's pantry: this decadent and delicious sprouted blend is a chocolate lover's dream. In no time at all, you can now make raw chocolate cake, dark cacao brownies, fudge cookies and more. If you enjoy baking, no problem-- this blend can be baked too! With the best ingredients a baking blend can offer, you will not miss a beat!
15-16oz, Reg. $10.99

If you’re a licorice connoisseur, then you know that a premium soft licorice made from all natural ingredients is almost unheard of. Natural Vines Soft Licorice, available in traditional black or strawberry-flavored bite-sized licorice twists, is made from flavorings and colors from natural food sources. Both varieties contain natural licorice extract, and are notably free of high fructose corn syrup, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives.
8oz, Reg. $3.29

Immaculate Baking Co. has taken their already-perfect scone recipe and added cinnamon nuggets. Peel and pop the container, bake a tray of eight and watch the neighbors follow their noses to your kitchen. These sweet treats are perfect for guests you want to impress --do not waste them on anyone else!
16oz, Reg. $4.29


Jeff's Naturals' Castelvetrano Olives are imported from family farms in Castelvetrano, Sicily. They are a favorite snack olive in Italy, yet are still difficult to find in the U.S. They have a unique nutty, buttery flavor, mild brine and wonderful natural green color. Free of preservatives, stablilizers, artificial colors, flavors and sulfites, Jeff's Naturals has all the right certifications: Jeff's is proud to be Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, USDA Organic, and Certified Vegan.
7.5oz, Reg. $5.79

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