Wednesday, July 04, 2012

New at Wheatsville

Frozen Greek yogurts, raw chia seed cereals, Ghost Pepper ketchup and more.
Read on for what’s new at Wheatsville this week.

Dallas, Texas hot sauce company Melinda’s is famous for its all-natural balance of heat and flavor. Melinda's Black Pepper Ketchup continues this tradition by using only the freshest all natural ingredients blended perfectly with fresh ground bold robust black pepper corns. The result is bold ketchup with a spicy, peppery flavor. Melinda's Naga Jolokia or 'ghost pepper' Ketchup is spiked with the incendiary Ghost Pepper, for a fiery hot flavor with a long lasting, radiating heat. One try and you’ll never use plain old ketchup again. 13oz, Reg. $4.99

Quinoa is a unique, versatile grain with a slight crunchy texture and a light nutty flavor that is used around the world. Near East Quinoa Blends are a mixture of quinoa and brown rice and are a great way to add whole grains to meals. They have 7-8 grams of protein, are a good source of fiber (with 3 grams of fat per serving as prepared) and have 34 grams of whole grain per 1 cup serving. Quick and easy to use, they cook in just 15 minutes for the perfect complement to your favorite meals. Near East Quinoa Blend products are Kosher Certified. 4.8oz, Reg. $2.99


Chia Goodness is a new concept in breakfast cereal: the ingredients are completely raw. Just stir in milk or water, hot or cold, and wait a few minutes for it to thicken, giving it the comfort quality of oatmeal. Ruth's combines chia with shelled hempseed, a great source of protein, essential fatty acids and trace minerals, and add other seeds, fruits and nuts to create the best breakfast ever. Ruth's Chia Goodness Cereals are vegan and gluten-free, and a single 2 tablespoon serving delivers 16% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. 12oz, Reg. $6.99


Artisana Organic Raw Coconut oil is non-hydrogenated, cholesterol-free and comprised of medium-chain fatty acids, which are broken down efficiently by the body, providing an immediate source of energy. With a light fresh fragrance, it is food for the body, both inside and out: when cooking or baking, use as a substitute for butter or margarine, or go ahead and rub in this natural moisturizer right on your skin or in your hair as an oil treatment. Coconut oil is solid and opaque at room temperature and becomes clear once liquefied; refrigeration is not recommended. 15oz, Reg. $12.99

Indulgently rich and creamy, yet completely fat free, Oikos Organic Frozen Greek Yogurt packs in protein instead of calories. Stonyfield, celebrating its 29th year, is the world's leading organic yogurt company. Its certified organic yogurt, smoothies, milk, cultured soy, frozen yogurt and ice cream are distributed nationally. The company advocates that healthy food can only come from a healthy planet. Its use of organic ingredients helps keep over 200,000 farm acres free of toxic, persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers known to contaminate soil, drinking water and food. To help reduce climate change, Stonyfield offsets all of the CO2 emissions generated from its facility energy use. Stonyfield also donates $2 million of its yearly profits to efforts that help protect and restore the Earth. For more information about Stonyfield, its products and initiatives, visit 16oz, Reg. $4.49

If you like peanuts, nuts and seeds, you're going to love NuttZo. Chock full of flax seeds, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and available in either a Valencia peanut or a peanut-free chia seed base, Nuttzo packs a serious nutritional punch. The seven nut and seed butters are certified organic and provide 50% – 75% of your daily value of ALA Omega-3 per serving. With its distinctive combination of legumes, nuts, and seeds, Nuttzo provides a full complement of amino acids and is a complete protein. Store upside down after opening to keep the oils incorporated into the butter, and reduce the need for stirring before each use.
Original, 16oz, Reg. $11.99
Peanut-Free, 16oz, Reg. $18.99

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