Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New at Wheatsville

We’ve got more new beverages to keep you cool and slake that thirst. Read on to see what’s new at Wheatsville this week.


Harmless Harvest's unique single origin coconuts are sourced from small Thai organic agro forestry farms, then bottled using a cutting-edge, heatless, high-pressure process (HPP) for food safety and extended shelf life in your fridge. The result is the outstanding flavor and nutrition of a raw and organic beverage. Approximately one coconut is used in each 8oz bottle, and occasionally, due to the HPP bottling process, coconuts with the highest levels of antioxidants will take on a rosy hue over time. The pink bottles taste just as delicious as the others, and you can consider yourself lucky if you happen to find one. 8oz, Reg. $2.79



Ceres is 100% pure fruit juice-- wholesome, earthy and natural, with no added cane sugar, colorants or preservatives. Guava, Passion Fruit, and Papaya juices will transport you to the tropics this summer. Add to smoothies, drink straight, or mix with sparkling water for a refreshing treat. 32oz, Reg. $3.79


Taste Nirvana coconut water is just that: pure coconut water. No preservatives, no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol, no caffeine, no nothing. Just a delightfully, mildly sweet natural juice from young, tender, green coconuts, loaded with electrolytes, providing what is quite possibly the best hydrating energy drink available. Taste Nirvana is one of the few coconut water suppliers in the market currently packaging in glass bottles, and this size-- nearly a liter-- is sure to quench the even the greatest of thirsts. 23.6oz, Reg. $4.99


MimicCreme is a non-dairy, non-soy nut cream made from almonds and cashews. Specially formulated to not “feather” in high acid coffees, MimicCreme is a great way to enjoy your coffee with a soy- and dairy-free, truly vegan creamer. 16oz, Reg. $3.49


EIEIO Farm; Garlic Mayonnaise, Cilantro Pecan Pesto
EIEIO's 12-acre Organic Farm is located in Wimberley, Texas, a quaint, relaxed little village along the Blanco River in the scenic Texas Hill Country. In addition to supplying produce for local CSA baskets, EIEIO uses their abundant supply of fresh farm eggs to produce a Garlic Mayonnaise, and their surplus of pecans to make a vegan Cilantro Pecan Pesto. The Organic Garlic Mayonnaise packs a powerful garlicky punch that won't fail to go unnoticed smeared along the insides of a toasty baguette, and the Pesto demonstrates beautifully how surprisingly complimentary a pair cilantro and pecans can be. (Pictured: EIEIO Proprietress, Kathleen Mooney) 8oz, Reg. $6.99

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