Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New at Wheatsville This Week!

We work hard to seek out exciting new products and flavors we think our members will love.
Here’s what’s new at Wheatsville this week.

Concern about the potential effects of artificial colors and flavors in food is increasing, and we were delighted to finally get our hands on some natural food coloring and decorations!

India Tree Natural Decorating Colors present a luscious palette created using highly concentrated natural colorants derived only from edible plants, so you can go all natural this Easter. Add a drop at a time to color simple sugar glazes, royal icings, and creamed frostings in rich jewel tones or soft pastels. Each pack consists of three individual bottles of each of the primary colors-- red, yellow, and blue-- for a full spectrum of color possibilities. India Tree’s Decorating Sugars are available in Periwinkle Blue, Sunflower Yellow, and Strawberry Pink, and add a crystalline sparkle to cookies, cakes, and other desserts. Carnival Sprinkles consist of a pastel array of naturally colored bits perfect for topping cupcakes and ice cream. The India Tree Nature’s Colors line contains no corn syrup or synthetic dyes, and is free of all major allergens.
Colors Reg. $16.99 2.25oz.
Sugars Reg. $4.99 3.3oz.
Sprinkles Reg. $4.29 2.7oz.


South Austin People Natural Laundry Soap
Since 2004, South Austin People (So.A.P.) has been hand producing high quality natural soaps and lotions from their South 1st Street facility. Wheatsville has stocked their body care products years, and now we're happy to be able to offer their Natural Laundry Soap. So.A.P.'s Laundry Soap is made from a base of 100% organic vegetable oil (as are all of their soaps) and essential oils, and does not contain petroleum based detergents, sulfates, or phosphates of any kind. Dye, enzyme, and peroxide free, it will not make clothes artificially brighter and may not remove every stain; however, it will do a great job washing your clothes, and will leave them soft and clean! Works with traditional and high efficiency washers; available in Lavender or Unscented.
Reg. $7.99 32oz. 

This dreamy blend of tropical coconut oil and natural roasted peanuts is about to stake out a permanent place at your table. Add to Asian stir-fries, morning toast, and steaming pancakes for a creamier taste and even lighter no-stir spread. Earth Balance Creamy Coconut Peanut Butter is gluten free and non-GMO.  Reg. $5.69 16 oz.

SeaVegi is a nutrient-packed seaweed salad mix, vegan and gluten free, containing five different sea vegetables: Wakame, Agar, Suginori, Tsunomata and Maufunori. This delightful combination will delight your eyes and nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Just rehydrate (soak) SeaVegi in cold water for seven minutes and watch the variety of sea vegetables bloom into their colorful forms. Drain well, add thin slices of apple or other fruit, and serve with your favorite healthy salad dressing (or follow the classic sesame-based recipe on the back of the package). This is the best seaweed salad mix we've come across!
Reg. $7.29 9 oz.

Filmjólk is the name for traditional drinkable yogurt in Sweden; it is slow fermented using lactococcus and leuconostoc culture strains, which give it a soft buttery flavor. Siggi's makes their filmjölk with milk from family farms in New York State; they use real fruit and sweeten it only very slightly using agave nectar. As with all Siggi’s products, no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colorings are used. Enjoy filmjölk straight from the bottle or pour it over your favorite granola. Siggi's Filmjólk is available in Plain, Strawberry, and Pomegranate & Passionfruit.
Reg. $2.59 11.2oz.
Reg. $5.79 4/3.7oz. 

Goodseed Burgers are gourmet veggie burgers hand crafted with pure ingredients in Austin, Texas. Each burger is properly prepared using soaked and sprouted grains and lentils; the patties are nutrient dense and mineral rich, made with superfoods, seeds, veggies, and grains. Goodseed is vegan, GMO free, soy free, wheat free, and nut free.

The Original Hemp veggie patty combines the ancient grain millet, superfood hemp and chia seeds, fresh veggies, herbs, and sprouted and dehydrated seeds. Great in patty melts or the classic burger, this patty is packed with flavor, alkalizing ingredients, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
Reg. $6.99 3/4oz burgers

The Breakfast patty adds a kick of chipotle, toasted fennel, and italian seasoning. A slider size, it's great served as an appetizer, breakfast sandwich, or alone as a snack. It can also add robust flavor to any vegan dish.
Reg. $5.99 4/2.25oz patties 

Jeremiah Cunningham’s “World’s Best Eggs” is not a brag; it is more of a classification. Born of chickens raised exclusively on organic pastures treated with compost tea four times a year, Jeremiah Cunningham's eggs are very nutrient-dense, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, and lower in cholesterol than eggs produced in confined conditions. The soy-free hens consume a diet of 100% Organic Soy-Free Feed freshly milled by Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill. With 80% of all grocery items now containing soy and soy by-products, Jeremiah Cunningham’s is producing an egg that allows consumers to avoid the over-consumption of soy. Coyote Creek Farms is located in Elgin, Texas.
Reg. $5.99 12pk. 

Central Texas Olive Ranch is currently the second largest olive ranch in the State of Texas, producing olive oil on land that has been in the Mickan family since the 1870s. The 23,000-tree, high-density orchard consists of 17,000 Arbequina, 4,500 Koroneiki and 1,500 Arbosana trees, varieties carefully selected to create a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a buttery taste and a lightly peppered finish. Central Texas Olive Ranch is a member of GO TEXAN and the Texas Olive Oil Council. Reg. $10.29 8.5oz.

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