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Hello, 2012!




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Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

We've had a tremendous year here at the co-op and we want to take a moment to thank you, our owners and customers, for all your support and patronage in 2011.

Because you have chosen to shop at this co-op we have been able to:

  • Support and promote more local businesses and farmers in our community
  • Increase our donations and support to community non-profits
  • Increase our services  Pizza and Hot Sandwiches coming January, 2012!
  • Hire more people! Woohoo!

We are very proud of this co-op community. We appreciate seeing friendly familiar faces, we appreciate your willingness to give so freely of your money and time to support our community non-profits, we appreciate your compliments and constructive feedback and we appreciate the fact that we've done it all together.

At the end of January our staff will gather at Black Star Co-op for our annual Wheatsville Staff Appreciation Party. If you have an appreciation or a memory you'd like to share we'd love to know!  Please email Beth at with your story or stop by the Hospitality Desk and fill out a card. We'll be reading appreciations, stories & comments from our customers at our party. Thank you again for making our work so fun and rewarding!


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This week's One Big Thing

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·         Celebrate

·         Party Eats

·         Hoppin' John

·         Perfect for Parties

·         Fresh Start

·         Tiny Bubbles

·         Hoppy New Year

·         New at Wheatsville

·         Co+op Deals

·         Owner Deals


Every week, Wheatsville staff picks the product we're most excited about right now!

This week it's Black Eyed Peas!

Why do we love them?

1. Tradition! They bring good luck when eaten on New Year's Day!

2. They make a delicious Hoppin' John!

3. They're available in bulk, in cans and in lots of special dishes made fresh in our deli!


Good Luck

Happy New Year!

There's an old tradition in many parts of the southern US of eating black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year's Eve.  Black eyed peas bring good luck and collard greens wealth.  I'm sure you would be OK if you skipped out on the peas and greens this year, but why risk it?  We've got plenty of incredible Locally Grown Organic Collards from Johnson's Backyard Garden and Fresh, Texas-Grown Black Eyed Peas in your produce department this week.

There are many ways of preparing this traditional New Year's dish, but I like to keep it simple: sauté some onions and garlic with cubed ham on a skillet, add a cup of chicken broth and some finely chopped collards.  You cook that for about 20 minutes, until the greens are tender.  The peas take longer, especially if you're not using canned peas.  If you've got a pressure cooker it can be done in as little as 10 minutes.  Using a slow cooker or stovetop can take up to four hours.

I think part of the fun of living in a place is participating in local traditions.  Whether going to the rodeo or something as simple as eating some peas and greens on New Year's, it can be a fun way to feel plugged in to the community you live in.  Here's to your fortune and luck in 2012!



It's time to celebrate. No Matter what you celebrate, food generally plays a huge role in it. Wheatsville is all about some celebrating, so let us help you bring it all together.

Try some of Wheatsville's own sausages. The Tipsy Cow Beef Sausage is great by itself or as a component of another dish. You can substitute it for just about anything that calls for ground beef. Red Sauces, Stroganoff, Burgers, and Queso are all great ways to use this sausage. Speaking of Queso, our Chorizo is another great sausage to add to your favorite Queso recipe. You could try something a little different and use our Beef and Lamb Curry Sausage in a dip or on its own. Either of our Italian Sausages are great additions to any sauce or dip.

If you want something a little messier, try some Six Pepper Wings. These wings are covered with Southern Style Spices' 6 Pepper Rub. Put them in a 350 degree oven on some parchment paper, and cook for about twenty minutes until the skin starts to dry out. Flip and baste with your favorite wing sauce every ten minutes until they reach your desired crispness, but no less than three bastings. Spicy and easy they are great for a party.

Another great party protein is smoked Salmon. We have Fish Brothers Garlic or Black Pepper Smoked Salmon. Also from Fish Brothers we have a cold smoked Lox. You could dice and mix it with a cream cheese for a delightful spread.


Party Eats

Countdown to PARTY! Let our Wheatsville Deli cater your New Year's Eve party, and keep you in the fun! Get your night started with a bit of bubbly and Brie with Preserves, an Antipasta Platter, and a Fresh Veggies Tray with Cashew-Tamari Dip. Move on to the big guns, and let guests prepare their own nibbles from our vegan Middle Eastern Tray, with pita, hummus, tabouli, dolmas and veggies, and snack from our omnivore's delight Sliced Cold Cuts & Cheeses Tray, featuring fresh-sliced pastrami, ham, turkey and salami, plus swiss, white cheddar, muenster and provolone – don't forget Sandwich Veggies and Organic Bread & Condiments for the full meal! No matter what time you put out your Popcorn Tofu Party Bag, we're sure it'll be a hit, don't forget to grab an extra bottle of Cashew-Tamari Dressing for dunking! And every party needs a happy ending, even if that ending comes well past midnight – and so we bring you our Dessert Tray, a beautiful, bountiful assortment of our favorite house-baked sweet bars, bite-size and oh-so scrumptious!

If you're looking for an easy New Year's Day Brunch, we have the perfect catering trays for that as well – how about a Banana Bread Platter, Muffin Tray, Fresh Fruit Tray or a Bagel Tray, abundant with local RockStar Bagels and Organic Valley cream cheese? Check out our online menu and call the Deli at 512-478-1164 to place your order. Just let us know what you're looking for and we will do our best to make your party dreams a delicious reality!

We'll also have plenty of party favorites on hand, like large grab'n'go containers of our infamous Popcorn Tofu, our savory, spreadable Garlic Cheddar Cheese Balls, thick and creamy Spinach Feta Dip and amazing vegan Walnut Pecan Pate, made with organic nuts!

Rest assured, we'll have bushels of black-eyed peas for your annual New Year's Day feasting, too! Northerners may not be in the know, but down South, black-eyed peas are eaten on New Year's Day to ensure good luck and prosperity in the coming year! So be sure to grab some of our Deli's Texas Caviar, black-eyed peas tossed with crunchy veggies and marinated in a simple vinaigrette – this dish makes a great side, and is also delicious spooned over salad greens for a nice first course! Also on hand will be our Braised Greens with Black-Eyed Peas, a traditional dish made with organic kale and peas, and the perfect – nay, necessary! – accompaniment to any New Year's Day feast! And, we'll have our Lucky Black-Eyed Pea Soup, a healthy and hearty soup chock full of vegetables, kale and those lucky peas, all for you! Since we're closed on New Year's Day, come on in and shop with us on New Year's Eve, or earlier in the week, and stick your black-eyed pea dishes in the fridge til the First – we'll keep you lucky all year long!

Click here to read about all of our Deli deals & specials!


Hoppin' John

Well we are only four days away from the brand new year!  And over in the bulk department we are fully stocked on all sorts of snacks and mixes you might need for those always exciting New Years parties.

But don't forget the Black Eyed Peas ($1.79/lb) for luck, we will have plenty in the bin and pre-bagged for a quick grab and go.  And this week I have a recipe for you that I used to eat all the time on the Louisiana coast and it is perfect for a New Years Day meal, Hoppin' John! So enjoy and have a wonderful new year.


Perfect for Parties

We have what you need for your New Year's party cheesy needs. We have cubed cheeses for easy to make party trays, cheeses for Queso, sliced cheeses for meat and cheese party trays. Looking for easy to make party food? Take a block of Cream Cheese and top with Bronco Bob's Smoked Raspberry Chipotle sauce and serve with crackers. Our grocery department is now stocking Austin Slow Burn Habenero and Jalapeno Jellies. They go great with any of our Bries or chevres.

Also check out our Salami and New York Sharp Cheddar Party Pack. We also have some delicious cheeses that would go great on a cheese plate. Our Raspberry Bellavitano and our Balsamic Bellavitano would make great additions to a cheese plate. As would our Black Diamond 5 year cheddar, Dubliner and Veldhuizen Red Neck Cheddar.

Chile Con Queso – I would replace the American Cheese with 2/3 lb of Asadero and 2/3 lb of New York Sharp. Shred these cheeses for easier melting.


Fresh Start

Detoxify From Those Holiday Season Indulgences with Organic Herbal Detox Tea in Bulk Herbs!

There are many labor and time intensive cleanses on the market, but a gentle detox of a fruit and vegetable based diet, while taking a break from caffeine, sugar, and alcohol is also extremely beneficial and easy to follow.  You can boost your body's natural detoxifying abilities by adding a cleansing herbal tea to your routine. Bulk herbs has got an Organic Herbal Detox Tea:  for $25.29lb or just $1.58 an ounce! A blend of organic burdock, dandelion root, peppermint, red clover, licorice, yellow dock, and ginger, it is gently yet effectively cleansing AND incredibly tasty! Swing by and pick up a pound or a pinch!


Tiny Bubbles

Ring in the New Year with Santa Margherita Prosecco. Glera grapes are grown on the steep hillsides, 100% hand-harvested, and crafted into the prized Santa Margherita Prosecco DOCG. With peach and apple aromas, this fresh and balanced sparkling wine has fine perlage with a refreshing finish.


Hoppy New Year!

Hoppy New Year! Sierra Nevada Celebration 12 packs on sale for $13.99 regularly $14.99. Wonderfully robust and rich, Celebration Ale is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Look for this and many more special holiday brews to make your New Year's celebration a fun one.


New at Wheatsville

Each week we're busy reading your suggestions and finding new delicious products for you to enjoy. Here's what's new at Wheatsville this week!


Co+op Deals

As you prepare to welcome in the New Year, remember that Wheatsville is stocked with all the essentials. We have delicious appetizers and a fantastic selection of champagnes and sparkling wines as well as all the classics such as organic black eyed peas (fresh, canned & frozen), to savory corn bread mixes. All of these items are conveniently located toward the front of our store.

Click here for more Co+op Deals valid Wednesday, December 14th – Tuesday, January 3rd. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator


Owner Deals

Perfect for a holiday party or a simple healthy snack, our  Bulk Organic Salted Roasted Pistachios are now $6.89/lb reg. $10.49/lb. Stock up and save as we head into our last full week of this current sale.

Click here for more Owner Deals, valid Wednesday, December 14th – Tuesday, January 3rd. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy



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