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Happy Holidays!




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Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

Happy Holidays! We hope you are celebrating the holidays this year with families and friends, enjoying good food and making new memories. Today may be the shortest on daylight but we figure it just gives all the holiday lights extra time to shine - so Happy Solstice!

This time of year, with UT closed for winter break, Guadalupe becomes incredibly easy to navigate. Left-hand turns? No problem! Make sure you pop by if you're needing a stress-free oasis in the holiday shopping storm. Grab a cup of something warm and a tasty bite for your belly, sit by our twinkling lights and make a snowflake or two for our front windows.

"There are two ways of spreading light — to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. " Edith Wharton


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·         Gift Baskets

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·         The Gift of Health

·         Making Spirits Bright

·         Hoppy Holidays

·         Lucky Peas

·         NEW at Wheatsville!

·         Co+op Owner Deals

·         Co+op Deals


Every week, Wheatsville staff picks the product we're most excited about right now!

This week's One Big Thing is a WHEATSVILLE GIFT CARD!

1. You can buy Wheatsville Gift Cards in ANY denomination and they never, ever expire! WOOHOO!

2. Wheatsville Gift Cards can be used to buy any of the delicious, local, organic, fair trade products we sell (including Popcorn Tofu Po'Boys) or they can also be donated to our monthly Community Action recipient! Either way, it will always be appreciated.

3. While Co-op Ownership needs to remain voluntary, you can always encourage your friends and family with a $70 Gift Card - the price of an invested ownership. We'll even give you a pretty box & bow!


Holiday Celebrations

It's Christmas time. Time for family and friends to gather together and celebrate.  The Wheatsville meat and seafood department has some great opportunities for some great meals.


We have three different sizes of Niman Ranch Hams. We have a Spiral Cut Bone In Ham. Great for Christmas dinner, and then you save that bone for the New Years Blackeyed Peas.  Second, we have a Boneless Uncured Half Ham, and lastly the Uncured Petite Ham. Pick the size that suits your needs and enjoy.


Grateful Harvest all Natural and Organic free range Turkeys are $3.49lb for Organics and $2.99lb for Naturals. We can cut a bone in breast for you if it's only a couple people you are feeding.

As a poultry alternative we will have a limited supply of large Dewberry Hill's Chickens. These are ten plus pound chickens. Jane said we are getting the largest one they had at 14 lbs.


A great red meat choice for a holiday entrée. With a days notice we can cut and tie you a boneless shoulder or leg roast as well as preparing you a bone in roast.


If beef is what you are looking for, it's got to be a Rib Roast. If you wanted to be daring, you could try to make a Beef Wellington with a hanging tender. It is the same shape as Tenderloin but packed with so much more flavor and a whole lot less expensive.


If you are thinking about seafood, our Coho Salmon might be right up your alley. Troll caught and flash frozen at sea, our Coho is about the freshest fish you can eat. We can cut these guys into sides for you, or butterfly it for easy stuffing. We also have pre cut Sockeye Salmon Sides.


For something more intimate, maybe a goat loin is the way to go. Slightly gamey but not strong in flavor the Windy Hills Boer Goat loins would make a great dinner for two.


We've got you covered!

From Ham and Tofurky to Roasted Squash and Green Beans, Cheeseballs to Coconut Cream Pies, catering platters for a hoppin' party and sweet breads for a lazy breakfast, we've got you covered this Christmas!

We'll be running our Holiday Hot Bar this Fri, Sat and Sun, so you can get a taste of Christmas while you shop – or just load up from there and take home a hot holiday meal for your friends and family!

We'll also have tons of seasonal dishes in our full serve and self serve cases, from Wild Rice with Apricots to Coconut Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Vegan Cornbread Stuffing!

Plus, we'll have an abundance of delicious sweet treats including our famous pies: Pumpkin, Pecan, Dutch Apple & Coconut Cream! So come on in to get the party started – and finished! – in one quick and easy trip to your Wheatsville Deli! Let us help you make your Christmas one to remember!

Click here to read about all of our Deli deals & specials!


Seasonal Citrus

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand" – Mother Teresa

You are surrounded by people who love you.  Now's a good time to express your thanks and return the love you've been given.  People always complain about the crass consumerism that permeates our media landscape around the holidays each year, but it's your choice to focus on it or dismiss it as just noise.

I love the holidays.  I love any excuse to get together with people I love and who love me.  Colder weather and longer nights are another good reason: we need to keep our spirits up!  Consider the Christmas Tree – when the world outside looks gray and cold, bringing a vibrant, green tree into your house helps remind you that winter won't last forever.

Another way to keep on the sunny side is to eat plenty of citrus.  Wintertime is citrus time!  We've made an addition of mixed citrus cups to our cut fruit and vegetable program.  They're a beautiful and delicious mix of organic grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines.  Guaranteed to scare off the winter blues! A punch of vitamin C doesn't hurt, either!

While fruit is more seasonal, vegetables are more easily grown year-round.  In Texas, it's the hottest parts of the summer and coldest parts of the winter that slow vegetable growth.  Now is the perfect time to eat greens and Johnson's Backyard Garden, located right here in Austin, is continuing to deliver plenty of yummy organic chard, kale, and collards. Try the multi-colored Easter egg radishes, too!

Finally, we've still got a good supply of holiday poinsettias in the store.  They're great to bring to parties and they really warm up a room.  Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are non-toxic, so they make a great Christmas table centerpiece.


Gift Baskets

Great Gift Idea: try a gift basket made up of cheeses, fancy mustards, salami, crackers, chocolate, seasonal citrus and beer or wine. Work with themes such as Local, French, Sheep or Goat and package in a wicker basket or small wooden box (found in most craft stores). We're always happy to assist you with pairing advice and gift basket ideas.

Cheese and Wine Pairing

Gift Basket Ideas


Cozy Kitchen

Ingredients for a Cozy Kitchen: Wheatsville's Got your Holiday Baking Needs in Bulk Herbs!

Whether you've got holiday parties or you're just plain in the mood – Wheatsville's got you covered for seasonal cooking and baking! Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice is $1.06oz in bulk, and we've also got Apple Pie and Dessert spice for $.69oz. Bulk Mulling spices are $.99 and great in cider AND wine! Xanthan gum for the vegan baker are available in small quantities for only $2.49oz – all in Bulk Herbs!


The Gift of Health

Wondering what to get your healthy friend for the holidays?  I'd recommend the Health Force Nutritionals Combo Pack!  If your friend is already health and into superfoods or is wanting to become more healthy, this could be a super gift!  These combo packs are only available while supplies last.  You buy the Vitamineral Greens powder and get the Vitamineral Earth for FREE!  That's right.  So, for instance, in the larger one, you buy one 500 gram Vitamineral Greens for $59.99 and get the 300 gram size Vitamineral Earth, a $44.99 value, for free!  The smaller combo pack has the 150 gram size of both for only $22.69 (you save $22.69).  This is an awesome gift!


Making Spirits Bright

This Christmas why not give the gift of super premium wine. Cakebread 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon is on sale for just $74.99 regularly $84.99. Cakebread Cabernet grabs the taster's attention immediately with enticingly fresh, fruit-forward aromas of black currant, blackberry and boysenberry, joined by seductive chocolate and roast coffee scents.


Hoppy Holidays!

Hoppy Holidays! Sierra Nevada Celebration 12 packs on sale for $13.99 regularly $14.99. Wonderfully robust and rich, Celebration Ale is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Look for this and many more special holiday brews to make yours celebration a merry one!


Lucky Peas

Hello again, we are smack in the middle of the Holiday season and I hope you are enjoying family, friends and fine foods right now.  But don't forget that most important of southern superstitions, the dining of Black Eyed Peas on Jan. 1st for good luck and fortune. At only $1.79 per pound the Bulk Department will ensure you have plenty of luck on your side this year.


NEW at Wheatsville!

Every week our buyers are hard at work to sourcing new products to meet our customers needs. If you have a suggestion for a new product feel free to let us know at the Hospitality Desk. You'll see "Wish Granted' signs near products that were brought in as a result of your comments.

Click here to see what great NEW PRODUCTS we've brought into the co-op for you this week!


Co+op Owner Deals

Excellent for your health and perfect for snacks and holiday parties, we've lower the price of our Bulk Organic Salted Roasted Pistachios which are now $6.89/lb reg. $10.49/lb.

Click here for more Owner Deals valid Wednesday, December 14th – Tuesday, January 3rd. 2012. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator


Co+op Deals

Around the holidays, people traditionally love to gather and share a great breakfast together. In anticipation of this, Wheatsville has lowered the prices on many of your favorite breakfast staples. Equal Exchange Organic Regular Bulk Coffee is on Deal now for $9.99/lb reg. $11.49/lb (decaf is not included in this sale), Peace Cereals are now $1.99 reg. $3.99 (selected varieties), Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Fruit is now $2.79 reg. $3.79 (selected varieties), Rudi's Organic English Muffins are now $2.59 reg. $3.69 and Chino Valley Ranchers Veg A Fed Eggs are now $3.19 reg. $3.87.

Click here for more Co+op Deals valid Wednesday, December 14th – Tuesday, January 3rd. —Brooks Wood, Co+op Deals Coordinator


Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons,

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy



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