Friday, February 25, 2011

We heart breakfast sandwiches,

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

Once again this year, we are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Austin Parks Foundation's It's My Park! Day on Saturday March 5th!. It's My Park Day is a citywide volunteer event to improve Austin's parks and green spaces.

Projects, led by neighborhood groups, individuals, and organizations, range from simple pruning and painting to highly technical drainage control improvements. Some groups include live music, an educational component, a picnic, or other activities. Meet your neighbors and make a difference!

Some awesome Wheatsville staff are volunteering to plant trees at Zilker park, but that project is full, so please consider helping out on one of the many other deserving projects here:

Your support of Wheatsville allows us to have a hugely positive impact on our community, our parks, and our city! Yay!!!


Every week, Wheatsville staff pick the one thing we're most excited about that week. This week, we have the most important meal of the day on our minds…

Looking for a different breakfast food to try? Look no further than Wheatsville's deli, where you'll find the new DELI BREAKFAST SANDWICH.

What do we like about DELI BREAKFAST SANDWICHES?

1)   For just $2.99, get two slices of toasted ciabatta bread, cage-free eggs and cheddar cheese.

2)   Get your deli breakfast sandwich between 7:30a and 11a Monday-Friday and until noon on the weekend.

3)   Customize your sandwich with extras like vegetables, vegan sausage or bacon!

We recently launched DELI BREAKFAST SANDWICHES to rave reviews from customers and staff alike. Stop by the deli and try one today!

Scroll on down for:

Taste the Beer!

Baked goods, sammiches, smoothies and pesto, too!

Green Grocer news!

Get the steak the butcher normally keeps for himself!

Better than Gouda, it's great!

Wine of the bull!

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Jerky boys and a new special water

MegaFoods Supplements at Mega savings!

Nature's Gate super deals!

Co+op and Owner Deals!

New Belgium Beer Tasting this Friday Feb. 25th from 5:00 to 7:00! We will be sampling the Folly Pack Limited release! The Folly Pack includes; 12 bottles; four beers, three of each: Fat Tire, 1554 Brussels Black Ale, Trippel Ale and 2 Below; New Belgium's seasonal realease.

New Dishes and New Owner Specials from your Deli!

As always, our bakery case is filled with sweet treats like our scones, muffins and cakes – try our fruity, streusely Blueberry Cobbler Bars! – and be sure to check out homespun classics like our veganOatmeal Cream Pies! And did you know our bakery uses many organic ingredients like flour, sugar and oats to name just a few?!

Our Featured Smoothie is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie! Strawberries and organic, fair-trade chocolate syrup are blended with bananas, your choice of milk and apple juice, making one delicious, icy cold and thick drink! Come on in and taste the love!

Don't pass up our Organic, Fair-Trade Espresso Bar! We have one more week of the Deli's Featured Chocolate Strawberry Mocha Coffee! This subtly sweet strawberry-chocolate concoction can be made with any sort of organic milk you like – cow, soy or rice! Also, as the weather warms up, remember that we have tons of cool drinks in the Deli too, from our fruity, spicy Gingerade to our infamously eye-opening Iced Coffee Toddy! In fact, the pretty in pink Nile Valley Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea is on owner special right now, refreshing and lovely at just 99¢ a cup, reg. $1.69!

Also on sale for owners is our wonderful Italian Stallion signature sandwich – a Mediterranean mélange of fresh mozzarella, house-made pesto and fresh red bell peppers on toasty local Sweetish Hill ciabatta, for just $6.49, reg. $7.49!

And speaking of pesto, our two house-made Deli pestos are the other two owner specials for this period: Basil Pesto and Vegan Pesto, just $5.99, reg. $6.99 for an 8oz tub, make an easy and delicious pasta sauce, sandwich spread, or salad and veggie dressing! Our pestos are a fresh way to usher in our upcoming springtime and currently warm weather! Don't forget to grab a loaf of our fresh-baked LaBrea Artisan Breads to go alongside – the Roasted Garlic Loaf and Rosemary Pain Rustique Flatbread both make great garlic bread, or can be toasted and spread with pesto for a terrific appetizer!

Our Featured Salsa right now is the Ancho Bomb, a longtime winner with the smoky taste of ancho chiles melding with sweet roasted red bell peppers and fresh orange juice! It's a gorgeous sunset-red salsa that tastes great on an order of our Deli's famous $1.99 Rice & Beans!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are classic cold cuts: Boar's Head Turkey Pastrami at $9.49/lb, reg. $9.99 and Muenster Cheese, $4.99/lb, reg. $5.99! Come on in and fill up that lunchbox!

From Your Green Grocer

I hope you had the chance to grab one of the 1 pound bags of organic loose carrots from Johnson's Backyard Garden this past week.  A few weeks ago, we had great bunched carrots from JBG and they sold so fast that we couldn't even keep them on the shelves.  The cold weather did a number on the greens and now they've been chopped and bagged.  We're carrying them again this week for the same price, $2.99 for a one pound bag.  Like I stated in the last Wheatsville email, these aren't your standard loose or bagged carrots. They've not been in storage for months.  They're as fresh as they come, and so sweet and crunchy!

It's still the height of citrus season and we're selling plenty of it.  The Texas Organic Rio Star Grapefruit are at their peak of flavor.  Organic Gold Nugget Tangerines have replaced the Satsuma as the go-to seedless, easy to peel tangerine.  Our favorite, however, is the Blood Orange. Blood oranges have a beautiful color due to anthocyaninsa kind of pigment present in many flowers and fruit, but uncommon in oranges.  Blood oranges also have a distinct, sweet berry like flavor in addition to the normal orange flavor.  Substituting a blood orange for another citrus really makes a visual and flavorful impact.  I love sliced blood oranges in salads.  Try a wedge in a hefeweizen beer!  At $1.69 per pound, they're just a bit higher in price than a normal navel, but quite a bit more exotic and interesting.


From the world of meat

We have a new item in the self serve case, the Hanger Steak or Hanging Tender. These are brought to us from Niman Ranch. This steak is also known as the Butcher's cut because there is only one per animal and this tasty piece was what the butcher brought home to his family. This also makes these steaks rarely seen in a grocery store. These steaks are full of flavor, yet low in fat. It's a little bit like Skirt Steak, but more so: they have a great texture that backs up that bold beefy flavor.

Here are a few tips to remember when preparing steaks:

Let the meat warm up, the less the molecules have to work the better. If you're marinating, 3 hours at room temperature is just as good as overnight in the refrigerator.

Always let your steak rest for about five minutes after removing them from heat. When you add heat to meat, all the moisture balls up in the center.  When you let it rest, those juices redistribute giving you a juicy, delicious steak.

Cut against the grain. Cutting the steak this way helps to keep it tender and less chewy. This is very pertinent to the Hanger Steak since it is naturally a little bit chewy.

Here is a traditional recipe for Hanger Steaks. Also, I usually use Cabernet for the wine. I think the big flavors in the wine pair well with the big flavors in the steak.


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

six 7-ounce hanger steaks

salt and freshly ground white pepper

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

8 medium shallots, peeled, trimmed, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1/2 cup dry red wine

2 tablespoons finely chopped Italian parsley leaves

Heat a large heavy-bottomed sauté pan or skillet over high heat, and then add the oil. When the oil is hot, season the steaks with salt and pepper, slip them into the pan, and brown evenly, turning as needed, until they're done the way you like them—6 minutes total will give you a medium-rare steak (remember, the steaks will continue cooking while they rest); cook the steaks a minute longer for medium and 2 to 3 minutes longer for well-done. Transfer the steaks to a heated serving dish and set them aside in a warm place while you make the shallot sauce.

Place the pan you used to cook the steaks over medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of the butter and the shallots. Season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring, for 3 to 5 minutes, until the shallots are softened but not colored. Add the vinegar and cook until it evaporates, then add the wine. Bring the wine to a boil and allow it to cook down until it is reduced by half. Pull the pan from the heat and swirl in the remaining 1 tablespoon butter, and then stir in the chopped parsley.

To serve: Cut each steak on the bias into thin slices and, for each serving, fan the slices out on a warm dinner plate. Drizzle the warm shallot sauce over the meat and serve immediately.

This week in the self serve case, we've got a new item: Tanka Buffalo Hot Dogs are on sale for $6.99, reg. $7.99. These dogs are gluten, nitrate, MSG, antibiotic and hormone free. This is a great alternative for beef and poultry franks. They even come six to a pack, so you only have to buy one bag of buns!

In the freezer we have brought back the local, grassfed Bastrop Cattle Co. Beef Bones for Pets for $3.39/lb. There is good variation in size, which allows more selection for smaller pets. As always we have several bone and organ options for pets and their humans.


Cheese Island

We have our Aged Gouda on sale for $17.59/lb, regularly $18.99/lb. Also Our Applewood Smoked Cheddar is on sale for $11.29/lb, regularly $14.99. If you have not tried either of the cheeses they are amazing! The Gouda is aged for two years and has a very caramel flavor and a smooth texture. It will pair well with apples. I would go with a tarter apple, such as a Pink Lady. The Applewood Smoked Cheddar is from England and it is cold smoked with Applewood. It makes an amazing grilled cheese. I usually make mine with bacon and tomatoes. We also have Boar's Head Vermont Cheddar on sale for $7.99/lb, regularly $8.99/lb.

We have Mozzarella di Bufala on a while supplies last basis. It is on sale for $3.49 a 6 oz. ball, regularly $6.99 a 6 oz. ball.  What is Mozzarella di Bufala? It is Mozzarella made with Water Buffalo milk. Water Buffalo is the milk used, traditionally, in making Mozzarella. In Italy, only Mozzarella made with Water Buffalo milk can be called Mozzarella. Water Buffalo milk is thicker than cow's milk. It has a higher fat content and is higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than cow's milk. This makes a creamier, more flavorful cheese.



Torres Sangre de Toro Red is on sale $7.99 regularly $8.99. This is the wine with the little plastic bull on the bottle and its name indeed means the blood of the bull. A fine wine, made from Garnacha and Cariñena, Sanga de Toro is superb with roasts, casseroles, game and traditional Spanish dishes. Deep ruby color with a hint of ochre. Rich complex Mediterranean aromas with exuberant notes of spices and blackberries. Velvety tannins are noted on the palate with elegant flavors of liquorice and small dark forest fruits (blueberries and blackcurrants).


Tiny Footprint Coffee

I'd like to let you all know about a wonderful new brand of coffee we are carrying in the Bulk Department.  Tiny Footprint are the producers of some great Organic Shade-Grown Arabica coffees from all over the world.  Tiny Footprint is a really neat brand because they operate under a "carbon-negative" philosophy.   For every pound of coffee sold they make a donation to help plant trees in a deforested region of Ecuador, and the idea is to more than make up for the amount of carbon produced in making the coffee by planting carbon-sucking trees.

We are currently offering three varieties of this great coffee: an Organic Light roast, an Organic Decaf blend, and an Organic fair-trade Timor medium roast.  So the next time you're looking for coffee in bulk be sure to give it a try!


Who you callin' jerky?

Cactus Jerky is back, new and improved!  Both flavors, Tamari and Hot & Spicy are now Gluten Free and made with Organic Agave Nectar, San J Organic Wheat Free Tamari, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and leaves of Certified Organic Prickly Pear Cactus.  This amazing cactus plant is grown on a beautiful third generation family owned high desert ranch in Corona del Mar, California.  It is vegan, kosher, organic, gluten free and delicious!  Each package is just $3.69 and you can find them at Register One.  Find out more at


We have a really cool new line of products in our iced tea and water cooler…Prometheus Springs, the original capsaicin spiced elixir.  These spicy, refreshing drinks are a HUGE hit with the staff!  We have three flavors-Pomegranate Black Pepper, Lemon Ginger and Lychee Wasabi, each 16 oz bottle is $2.39.  They're great to eat with your lunch and they make a super mixer too.


MegaFoods supplements = Mega savings!

We have a new brand of supplements in Wheatsville's friendly Health department!  MegaFood is a whole-food line of supplements that are all featured on sale this week! MegaFood is unique in their process of creating FoodState concentrates that they use in their formulas. You can literally see the colorful array of food ingredients with a close-up look at one of their supplements.

This week we have MegaFood Blood Builder 30 ct. Iron supplement on Owners Deal for $11.49, reg. $14.99. Balanced B Complex 30 ct. is also on Owners Deal for $14.99, reg. $19.99.

All others are on sale 25% off. Blood Builder 90ct. is 19.49, reg. $25.99. Men's and Women's One Daily Multivitamin each are $17.29, reg. 22.99. MegaFlora probiotics are also $17.49, reg. $22.99. Lastly, the ultra-concentrated Wild Blueberry 60 ct. (my favorite, each tiny blueberry tablet contains the anti-oxidant power of 7 fresh blueberrys AND they are chewable and taste great!), $14.99, reg. $19.99.

As always, if you don't see your favorite MegaFood product on our shelves we would be happy to order it for you and even throw in a 5% pre-order discount to boot!


Last week to stock up on Nature's Gate shampoos and conditioners!

Our incredible sale on Nature's Gate shampoos and conditioners will be ending next week, so stop by and stock up on all of your favorites!  All 18 ounce shampoos and conditioners regularly priced at $6.29 are on sale for $4.79, 18 ounce tea tree shampoo and conditioner regularly priced at $7.99 are on sale for $5.99 and introducing new 32 ounce sizes of herbal original shampoo and conditioner regularly $10.99 are on sale for $7.99 and 32 ounce tea tree shampoo and conditioner regularly priced at $12.99 are on sale for $9.99! Buy now and save big!


Come in and enjoy our newest Co+op Deals @ Wheatsville! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant


We have so many customer favorites on Deal this week! Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice Blend now $2.59 reg. $4.39, the unbelievably delicious Greek Gods Yogurt is now $1.19 reg. $1.49,Lightlife Smart Bacon now $2.79 reg. $3.49, Lundberg Family Farms Rice Chips now $1.99 reg. $2.79, Organic Garbanzo Beans now $1.49/lb, reg. $1.79/lb, Hatch Enchilada Sauce now $2.89 reg. $3.69, Boca Meatless Patties now $2.99 reg. $4.59, Fantastic Foods Vegetarian Entrees now $1.99 reg. $2.89, Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entrees now $2.99 reg. $4.69, So Delicious Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert $3.99 reg. $5.59 and Sahale Snacks now $3.29 reg. $3.99.


We're excited to introduce a new line of soups from a favorite customer brand, Pacific Natural Foods. Each new 17.6oz soup is now $1.99 reg. $2.69.


Non-food items on sale this week include: Newman's Own Organic Cat Food now $1.29 reg. $1.79 and Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent now $6.99 reg. $9.99.


Our Deals are easy to reference! Go to and click on the Co+op Deals link.


Owner Deals are loaded with savings! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant

Have you tried our new chips from Food Should Tate Good? They are flying off our shelves! New Food Should Taste Good Blue & White Corn Dipping Chips now $3.99 reg. $4.99, Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Sea Salt, Curry & Chipotle Tomato sticks & Twigs now $3.49 reg. $4.39, Pacific Natural Foods Organic Savory White Bean w/ Smoked Bacon Soup now $2.29 reg. 2.99,Lightlife Foods Gimme Lean Beef Style & Gimme Lean Sausage now $3.29 reg. $3.99, Seeds of Change Organic Korma, Jalfrezi, Madras & Tikki Masala Sauce now $2.99 reg. $4.29, Annie Chun's Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles now $2.29 reg. $2.89 and Mori-Nu Chocolate Pudding & Pie Mix now $1.79 reg. $2.19.


And don't forget - our Deli is offering the amazing Italian Stallion Sandwich now for

$6.49 reg. $7.49, Hibiscus Mint Tea now $0.99 reg. $1.69 and our house made Basil Pesto & Vegan Pesto, each now $5.99 reg. $6.99.


Owner Deals are easy to reference. Access them from our web site @ and click on the Owners link.


I hope you have a most excellent week!


Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

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