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Reduce waste, save money- PRE-cycle! Citrus tasting, deli food bar on sale and a LOVE POTION recipe!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!

I hope you are having a most fantastic January!  THANKS to all of you who came and shopped last week to help make it the best sales week in Wheatsville history! We truly truly appreciate your support and are glad that so many of you came out to be appreciated! 2,600 of you saved over $22,000 last week! Wow, that's a lot of economic benefit from being a co-op owner!

Pre-cycling class and discussion!

We're excited to host Wheatsville Owner, Lisa Schneider's Pre-cycling education and discussion session this Saturday starting at 11am. (Ask the Hospitality Desk how to get back to the meeting room.) Learn how to celebrate the two most important Rs, Reduce and REuse which will keep us from even having to recycle! Prevent waste AND save money to boot!

This Sunday, come on out for our Citrus tasting (more about that below) and start planning your Super Bowl party snacking. It's next Sunday and we're gearing up to have lots of good snacking and drinking opportunities to complement your parties!


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New! Local! Vegan! Raw! Delicious! Kosmic! Krunchy!

Two action items of note regarding organic food and Fair trade

Citrus fest and local beets and broccoli

Deli food bar and a preview of Super Snacking!

What's the word? THUNDERBIRD!

Co+op & Owner Deals

Visit Cheese Island

Valentine treats PLUS a Love Potion Recipe!


Kosmic Krunch!

I'd like to remind you about our delicious new raw granola "Orange-Cranberry Kosmic Krunch".  If you haven't tried it already you're missing out!  This wonderful product is raw, vegan, gluten-free, and super tasty, and it comes to us from the fine folks at Kosmic Kombucha, right here in Austin.  This granola is made with all raw Pecans, Medjool dates, grade B maple syrup, Almonds, and a variety of dried fuits and seeds. We'll be offering free samples of this tasty treat throughout the weekend in the Bulk department, so be sure to stop by and try some!

Organic and Fair trade Action Items

We've got two action items for you to consider today.

The first requires fast action to sign a petition regarding the pending USDA approval of GMO Alfalfa. This decision could have disastrous and far reaching effects on the entire organic industry and we encourage you to read more and possibly sign the petition here:

The second is about the term "Fair Trade" and the apparent attempt by Transfair USA to possibly try and copyright it. We tend to believe that it's a movement, not one company, even if it's a non-profit and don't really like the apparent attempt to "own" the name by TransFair. Check more out about it here:

From Your Green Grocer

This week, we're seeing even more fantastic citrus varieties coming through our back door.  New arrivals this week include Fairchild tangerinesRoyal Mandarins, and Gold Nugget Tangerines.The gold nuggets are our current favorite: they have a rich, sweet flavor, plenty of juice, and no seeds.  Easy to peel, easy to please!  The gold nugget's peel is a bit thicker and sturdier than a Satsuma, which makes them a good choice in a lunchbox.  You can throw one in your purse or bag and know you'll not find a squished, wet mess at the bottom a few hours later.  Pick up a few for$1.99/lb.

With all these citrus varieties, we thought we should have a tasting event and celebrate.  This Sunday from 1p-3p, we're having a citrus sampling.  Come by and try some old favorites, and maybe make a new one!

This week, we are also seeing some nice local produce offerings.  Red, Gold, and White(!!) bunched beets are in from Oak Hill Farms in Poteet, TX.  We're super excited to see more locally grown broccoli crowns, this time from The Farm Patch in Pleasanton, TX.  Sustainably grown broccoli crowns for $2.49/lb? Can't be beat!

On another local note, I'm excited to announce the Wheatsville Local Produce Summit. It'll be held on Monday, February 7th, with the goal of broadening our local selection and supporting more local agriculture.  We want any local farmers who can make it to come.  If you know someone who might be interested, please refer them to me ( and I'll give them more details.  2011 is going to be a great year for eating locally.  Stick around and see what happens!

Adam King – Produce Manager


Food Bar On Sale for Owners and Snack-tastic Superbowl Catering from your Deli!

On sale for owners right now are all of our per-pound Food Bar items! From an ever-changing variety of filling hot bar foods like our Creamy Mac & Cheese, Garlicky White Bean Cassoulet andLil Cheddar Meatloaf Muffins, to our salad bar with an assortment of greens and chopped veggies, and even including our Tiny Brinies bar with olives and other pickley goodness, mix-and-match as you wish for just $6.99/lb, reg. $7.99! Keep it fresh every day, and save!!

Short on time? We have lots of tasty plates, wraps and pasta dishes available from our fantastic local vendors like Kala's Kuisine and Tom's Tabooley in our grab'n'go cooler! Remember that many of these tasty treats can be heated up for a hot lunch on the go!

Local bakery Sweetish Hill's Cherry Cheese Danish is also on sale for owners at $1.99, reg. $2.29! Check the bakery case for all sorts of other sweet treats as well, like our fresh-baked Buttermilk Scones – treat your tongue to the sweetly tangy Blue Cheese! – and our chewy, dense, vegan Peanut Butter Blondies!

And what better to go with your bakery treat than a freshly made coffee drink from our Organic, Fair-Trade Espresso Bar?! Try my favorite, the Spicy Mocha with cayenne, or maybe you're more of a Wheatsvillain person… anyway, we've got something for everyone! Cedar Fever got you down? Try a cup of our fantastic, caffeine-free Hot Gingerade – stir in some local honey and cayenne for an extra immunity booster!

Looking for a beverage that's a bit more filling? Let the Deli Counter school your mouth with our Featured Smoothie, the PB&J! Blending apple juice and soymilk with strawberries, blueberries and organic peanut butter, this unbelievably tasty sandwich in a cup is just $5.49!

Our Featured Salsa right now is the mean, green Salsa Verde! This garlicky dip chockfull of poblanos, jalapenos and tomatillos is terrific on chips and adds a definite element of heat to an order of our Deli's famous $1.99 Rice & Beans!

Also on sale at the Deli Counter are classic cold cuts: Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham at $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99 and Pepperjack Cheese, $6.19/lb, reg. $7.19!

Planning a Superbowl Spectacular next weekend? Your Deli is here to help make your gameday a smash! From simple spreads like Spinach-Feta Dip, Walnut Pate and a variety of homemadeSalsas, to a complete assortment of platters and trays like Popcorn Tofu, Sliced Meats & Cheeses, Raw Veggies, Middle Eastern Mezze, Sweet Bakery Bars, Whole Cakes and Fresh Cut Fruit, we will cater to any size gathering! Check out our website at and call us at the Deli to place your order: 512-478-1164!

New local treats: Thunderbird Energetica Bars!

Raw! Vegan! Gluten Free! Local! And by the way…DELICIOUS! New Thunderbird Energetica bars are the next wave of portable energy food, using basic ingredients, to help fuel your next adventure. In their words: "Thunderbird Energetica produces world championship energy bars aimed at making food enjoyable. We implement a holistic theory to energy by considering interactions within our bodies, spirits, and environments. The resulting product is real food that revolves around a community of other people who value health and recreational eating." There's your choice of fresh flavors:Cherry Walnut Crunch, Cashew Fig Carrot, Cacao Hemp Walnut. BONUS FEATURE: Compostable Wrappers! Also, be sure to take a look at their energetic website



After years of searching and patiently explaining to our beloved shoppers that we couldn't find a source, we are finally able to offer Organic Tamarind Paste! USDA Certified Organic, Aunt Patty's Organic Tamarind Paste can be used to make your own chutneys, sauces and syrups. How do YOU like to use tamarind paste? Let us know!

It can be found in Aisle 2 in the Indian Food section by the chutney.


Wine and beer deals for you!

Torres Sangre de Toro Red is on sale $7.99 regularly $8.99. This is the wine with the little plastic bull on the bottle and its name indeed means the blood of the bull. A fine wine, made from Garnacha and Cariñena, Sangre de Toro is superb with roasts, casseroles, game and traditional Spanish dishes. Deep ruby color with a hint of ochre. Rich complex Mediterranean aromas with exuberantnotes of spices and blackberries. Velvety tannins are noted on the palate with elegant flavors of liquorice and small dark forest fruits (blueberries and blackcurrants).


Stock up with these great beer deals! Three great six packs from Victory Brewing Company are on sale now. Victory Prima Pils is just $8.49 regularly $9.49. Heaps of hops give this pale lager a bracing, herbal bite over layers of soft and smooth malt flavor. Victory Hop Wallop $11.49 regularly $12.49. This beer is a vivid, robust ale that serves as Victory's annual homage to the hop harvest; expect loads of aromatic splendor and bitter beauty. Victory Hop Devil six packs are just $8.49 regularly $9.49. Menacingly delicious, with the powerful, aromatic punch of whole flower American hops backed up by rich, German malts.

And, get ready for the Super Bowl (Feb. 6th) when we plan to feature Sierra Nevada 12 packs and Lone Star suitcases!


Come in and stock up during the last full week of current Co+op Deals! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant


Cascadian Farms Organic Fruit is now $2.79 reg. $4.59, Nancy's Organic Kefir is now $2.99 reg. $3.99, Organic Valley Organic Yogurt now $3.29 reg. $4.99, Rising Moon Organic Ravioli now $2.79 reg. $3.99, Montebello Organic Pasta now $2.79 reg. $3.79, Koyo Ramen Noodles now $0.69 reg. $1.19, San - J Premium Tamari Soy Sauce now $1.79 reg. $2.59, Muir Glen Organic Soup now $2.39 reg. $3.49, Honest Tea Organic Ready to Drink Tea now $0.99 reg. $1.49, Barbara's Shredded Cereal now 2/$5.00 reg. $4.49 and Late July Mini Sandwich Crackers now 2/$5.00 reg. $3.49.


Seventh Generation Bath Tissue 12 pack is now $7.99 reg. $10.99, Biokleen Liquid Laundry Detergent now $7.99 reg. $11.99, Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips now $1.79 reg. $2.89, Organic Rolled Oats now $0.79/LB reg. $0.99/LB, Organic Walnuts now $7.99/LB reg. $9.99/LB, Whole Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave now $4.99 reg. $6.89, Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate now $5.79 reg. $7.79, Lundberg Family Farms Organic Rice Cakes now $1.99 reg. $3.39, Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels now $2.99 reg. $4.39, French Meadow Organic Breadnow $4.99 reg. $6.79, PopChips Potato Chips now $1.69 reg. $2.39, BioNaturae Organic Fruit Nectar now $2.79 reg. $3.89, Zevia Natural Diet Soda now $4.29 reg. $5.89, Pirate Brand Snacks now $1.79 reg. $2.59, Green Mountain Gringo Salsa now $2.99 reg. $4.39 and LaraBar Nutritional Bar now $0.99 reg. $1.59.


Remember, our Deals are easy to reference. Go to and click on the Co+op Deals link.

Rack up savings with Co+op Owner Deals! – Brooks Wood, Wheatsville Co+op Deals Assistant


Wheatsville Seafood Arctic Cod is now on Deal for $13.99/LB reg. $14.79/LB, Wheatsville Meat House Made Chorizo now $6.99/LB reg. $7.99/LB, Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal now $2.99 reg. $3.39, Nancy's Organic Sour Cream now $1.49 reg. $1.79, Ginger People Ginger Juice now $2.89 reg. $3.59, Sweetish Hill Bakery Cherry Cheese Danish now$1.99 reg. $2.29, Little Bear Low Fat Refried, Spicy Refried & Black Bean Refried Beans now $1.89 reg. $2.19, Justin's Nut Better Maple Almond Butter & Classic Almond Butter Squeeze Pack now $0.79 reg. $0.99, If You Care Parchment Paper now $4.29 reg. $4.99 and Twist Naked Sponge Medium 2-Pack now $2.49 reg. $2.99.


We're featuring Organic Turkish Apricots on Deal now $6.99/LB reg. $8.99/LB, Helen's Kitchen Organic Entrees all varieties now $2.99 reg. $4.39, Manitoba Shelled Hemp Seed now$5.79 reg. $7.79 and Happy Baby Organic Apple, Banana & Green Puffs now $2.29 reg. $3.39.


Remember, our Owner Deals are easy to reference. Check them out on our web site @ and click on the Owners link.


Visit Cheese Island

Our New York Sharp Cheddar will be on sale for $6.99/lb, regularly $9.99/lb.

Just a heads up; we are carrying Galaxy Vegan Parmesan again.

So it has been decided, Packers meet the Steelers in Dallas. So what are you going to do for the Super Bowl?  Here is a web site to give you  some burger ideas.

We have shredded cheese for those hot dogs or fajita tacos.  We also have cheeses for some real chile con queso, or chori-queso for your dipping and scooping pleasure. We have some nice feta crumbles and blue cheeses to top those salads. We have some nice cheedar that would go along with a nice Niman salami. Look for some nice Cheesy specials next weekend and recipes.


Get ready for Valentines Day!

Sweets for Your Sweetie!

Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away but we already have lots of cute cards and gifts for your special someone.  Set a romantic mood by drawing a luxurious bath and brewing an aphrodisiac tea with our bulk Red Rose Buds & Petals and Damiana Leaf, both are less than $1.00 per ounce!  Find the perfect card to express your love with our beautiful selections from local favorites FlatFlower Botanical Cards.  We even have convenient 20-count valentine packs for your kiddos to hand out to classmates.


Damiana and Rose Petals available from bulk herbs for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day only comes once a year and so does this seasonal offer! Those hopeless romantics in bulk herbs and teas have brought you Damiana Leaf $13.19lb/ $.82 oz and Rose, Red Buds & Petals $11.49 lb/ $.71 oz for your sipping or soaking pleasure (you can use both as a tea OR bath!).

While Rose's delicate and intoxicating fragrance needs no introduction, you may not know that Cleopatra used this famous flower to seduce Mark Antony. Passion-inducing Damiana, while lesser known, has been used traditionally to help sweethearts spice up their love life and contains antidepressive and mood elevating propertiesBoth are great in an after dinner tea, sprinkled in a bath, or infused in your favorite wine! Here's a simple formula that's sure to impress your special someone this Valentine's day:

1) Start with your favorite red wine (a higher alcohol content is better for extraction, especially when using fresh herbs).

2) Choose you favorite aromatic herbs: Ginger, mints, liccorice or cinnamon for a stimulating effect. Oatstraw, lavender, sage, and catnip for a calming blend. Rose or damiana for love - or choose your own favorites!

3) Combine herbs and wine either in a mason jar or the bottle itself if it has a screw-top, and let it sit for two weeks (shaking occassionally).

4) Separate out herbs before serving with a cheesecloth or a mesh strainer.

Serve with chocolates and a romantic string quartet!


Housewares item of note

All Natural Air Purifying Bags

Moso Bags are an economical and all natural way to freshen closets, bathrooms, gym bags, and other spaces that get stinky or musty.  They're made from bamboo charcoal which effectively removes odors, pollutants, bacteria, and allergens, and helps prevent mold and mildew.  You can find them on aisle 4 with the air freshening and cleaning products.


Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy!

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