Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Allergy and cedar fever relief at 25% off!

Attention all allergy sufferers! Due to the recent influx of Cedar Fever victims, we have decided to run Herbalogic Easy Breather on sale for $14.99 for the next week! That's 25% off!

Easy Breather was designed to combat the cedar and juniper pollen allergy symptoms prevalent during central Texas winters. It is based on the classic Chinese formula, Yu Ping Fang San transalated as 'Jade Wind Screen Formula', originally created to reduce susceptibility to common colds and influenza. It has been updated with the needs of Austin and Central Texas allergy sufferers in mind, with particular focus on nasal symptoms. While other traditional formulas can cause nasal dryness and excessive thirst, this formula includes herbs that moisturize the sinus passages.

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