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Feed your game face AND your sweetheart!

Hello Wheatsville friends and fans!
The next two weekends have two fun activities that you may be partaking in, Super Bowl, this Sunday and Valentine's Day the following Sunday! We're trying to make your food planning for these really easy, so throughout the store, we're stepping up to help you have a great Super Bowl Party and a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Please make your favorite people a Valentine here at Wheatsville! Supplies are at the Hospitality Desk and we'll post your love letters on the windows. It's also a chance to give siome love to your favorite Wheatsville products. Ode to Popcorn Tofu anyone?
Scroll Down for:
Super Bowl treats!
Valentine's specials from the deli!
Choco-rama for your sweetie (or your sweet tooth!)
Cheese-y recipes!
The deli wants to help you get into the game with FOOD!
This weekend we’ll have a huge variety of Superbowl goodies ready for you to take home for your own party spread! Piles of Popcorn Tofu Party Platters will be in abundance – just $9.99 for one and a half pounds of these golden nuggets of glory!! – as well as our famous Cashew-Tamari Dressing for endless dippin’! Our Crudite Party Platters will also be on hand, which also go great with the Cashew-Tamari dip.

In addition to our regular mild Casera, medium Chipotle and spicy Pico de Gallo salsas, we’ll have our salsa of the month – Ancho Bomb – on hand as well as our best-selling Black Bean & Corn Salsa and Sweet Mango Fire Salsa! We’ll also have some irresistible Salsa Snackpacks ready for you to grab’n’go featuring a four-some of Casera, Ancho Bomb, Black Bean & Corn and Sweet Mango Fire salsas, so you and your game-watching friends can all have your favorites! Just grab a bag of our favorite El Milagro Tortilla Chips and you’re set!

We’ll also have our spicy Hot Wings made with Buddy’s All-Natural Chicken, Lil’ Cheddar Meatloaf Muffins and bacon-laced Baked Potato Salad available in the Deli case, too!

Beer for the Bowl
We have some  super deals for the big game this weekend! Pyramid Breweries Spring Variety 12 Packs are only 14.99! You get three each of the following beers, Haywire, an American-style Hefeweizen, Audacious a flavorful apricot ale, Thunderhead, a hoppy IPA, and Spring Fling a delectable pale ale. With this much variety you are sure to please a crowd!
In The Grocery Aisle
Plenty of chips and dips for your Football Party:

That’s right. Wheatsville has all of the tortilla chips, potato chips, salsas and dips you’ll need for any party. We’ve got Kettle Chips on sale for $1.99 including the Backyard BBQ flavor that is new to Wheatsville. We’ve also got Simply Organic dip mixes in new flavors and familiar ones on Owner Special for $1.19. Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips in four flavors are on sale for $1.99, and don’t  forget the El MIlagro tortilla chips and plenty of salsas to choose from.Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

From Bryan, the Butcher

It is Superbowl time again and time to get some game grub. Check out our specials on great steaks for the grill. Other great suggestions: Buddy’s chicken wings, Applegate Smoky cocktail franks, Niman ranch Pulled pork, Applegate Great Organic Beef hotdog, Niman Ranch Salami.

This months Owner specials:

Niman Ranch Top Sirloin steak; Ambassador Steak $8.99 lb reg. $9.49 lb, Full Cut Sirloin $8.49 lb reg. $8.99.

Sheltons Turkey products; Breakfast links on sale $3.99, reg $5.29, Italian sausage on sale $3.99, reg $5.29.

From Greg, Captain of cheese island

The Super Bowl is this week, and I just want to put a few Ideas out there that I feel will make your Super Bowl   party a little more Super. We will have already prepared cheese trays for 9.99 for your snaking pleasure. Tired of queso that is not made of queso. I have all the cheese you need to make Super Bowl worthy  Chile con Queso and Queso Flameado.  I also have Sliced cheeses for those Super Submarine Dagwood sandwiches.  If pizza is more your style I have an Italian Four cheese shred, Fresh Mozzarella, a fabulous locally made Fresh Mozzarella, Feta and a nice selection of bleu cheeses to top your pizzas. Also we have a nice selection of sharp cheddars that would go with the Niman’s salami we sell in our meat department. Scroll down for some awesome recipes!

From the Deli

February might be short, but your Co-op Deli is looong on tasty treats and owner specials, too!

This month, we have two fabulous Fresh In The Deli recipes ready for you to try, one of which also boasts lots of our featured cheese of the month – Parmesan! Considered one of the world’s great cheeses, Parmesan cheese is the name commonly used for a group of very hard cheeses. Produced from cow’s milk and aged at least two years Parmesan is a granular brittle cheese that develops a rich and savory flavor and is commonly used in grated form, but also tastes amazing broken into chunks as a salty snack or a fancy cheese course to follow your meal!

From Viroqua Food Co-op in Viroqua, Wisconsin, we have Tomato Dill Pasta Salad with Parmesan and Mozzarella! This penne pasta salad combines sweet cherry tomatoes, salty Parmesan, creamy mozzarella, fresh dill, garlic and Kalamata olives to create a deliciously simple balance of flavors.

And from First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op in Corvallis, Oregon, we have the incredible Black Forest Cookies! Chewy and crispy at the same time, this vegan cookie is reminiscent of the classic cake with a flavorful combination of bittersweet chocolate and tart dried organic cherries. They are amazing!

We have lots more for your February pleasure, including our salsa of the month – the newly revamped and tastier than ever Ancho Bomb! This one is a winner, with the smoky taste of ancho chiles melding with sweet roasted red bell peppers and orange juice! It’s a gorgeous sunset-red salsa that would be great spooned over simple chicken or fish, and tastes great with chips or over some rice and beans, too!

Our Valentine’s inspired smoothie of the month is Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, blending strawberries with cacao nibs, and a hint of vanilla! Triple yum, and all that frozen goodness for just $4.99!

Prefer something warm? Well you’re in luck! Our famous Frito Pies, made with our vegan Tempeh Chili, are on Owner Special this month – at just $3.99 this is one of the cheapest and most filling meals around! Add some jalapenos for extra heat or some cheese if you’re feeling the need!

Also on sale for owners in the Deli this month are both sizes of our organic, fair-trade and much-loved Latte! Sidle up to our Deli Counter’s coffee bar and save 50 cents on this delicious drink! Need something to pair with your morning coffee? Well, our locally-made Sweetish Hill Cinnamon Rolls are also on Owner Special, and they are amazing! And amazingly huge! These tender, light rolls are swirled with cinnamon sugar for a just-sweet-enough chew and would most certainly hold up to repeated latte-dunking!

And don’t even think about forgetting next weekend’s Valentine’s Day excitement! Let’s just start with house-made vegan Chocolate-Raspberry heart-shaped cakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and some very decadent muffins – and since it’s on a Sunday, we’ll have all the makings for an easy breakfast in bed to start your honey’s day, including incredibly creamy whole quiches to go!

As if that’s not enough, we also have Boar’s Head Oven-Roasted Chicken and Boar’s Head Provolone on sale this month, so stock up!

So what are you waiting for?! We’ve got it all! Come on in and Eat Up!

Valentines Choco-rama!-by Niki Nash WV Merchandising Manager

We are happy to offer tons and tons of chocolates for you this year, at high quality and low prices!

Chocolove Chocolate Bars are on sale for $1.79. Be sure to try the you-won’t-believe-how-good-it-is-until-you-try-it new flavor: Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate as well as their other two new delicious flavors: Peppermint in Dark Chocolate and Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

Also, if you just need a little bit of Chocolove, there’s a new mini size in selected flavors, on sale for $.85!

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars are also on sale-regular size: $1.99, new certified Organic smaller size:$1.29 and new single bite sized “Bug Bites” in Dark or Milk Chocolate or minty “Chimp Mints” on sale for $.45!

Equal Exchange is in on the fun with their Fair-Trade, Organic Chocolate Bars in a variety of yummy flavors, on sale for $2.99!

You may already know the Sjaak’s bite sized almond butter and peanut butter chocolates that we usually have at the cash registers. For Valentine’s we have their specialty Fair-Trade, certified Organic chocolates in handmade gift boxes! They are so cute! And they’re made out of sustainable mulberry paper by a women’s cooperative in Thailand. Contained within the boxes are gourmet truffles, or nuts and caramels, or chocolate hearts with cherry centers. All the ones with a “V” marked on the back are Vegan. Vegan Truffles! Cute gift boxes! I’m really excited about this! J

As always, there are hundreds of great products newly on sale for the month of February, come in and check it out. And I’ve made sure all this wonderful chocolate is concentrated at the front of the store where you can’t possibly miss it. Happy Heart Month<3


Chile Con Queso

Small yellow onion

4 Jalapenos

1/3 lb of Cheddar

1/3 lb of Pepper Jack

1/3 Asadero

½ Gallon of Whole Milk


Chile Powder

Garlic Powder

Dice Onion and Jalapeno sauté until onions become translucent and set aside. You will be adding this to the queso at the end.

Dice Cheeses and heat milk using a double broiler technique heat milk and add cheeses slowly constantly stirring them in. As you are stirring add cumin, chile powder and garlic powder to taste. Go lightly on the cumin. Cumin can quickly overpower any dish. So add it sparingly, constantly tasting. When all cheese has melted in add onions and jalapenos.  You do not have to use all the milk at once. If at the end you find the queso too thick add a little more milk until the consistency meets your taste.


Queso Flameado

Small Yellow Onion

1 lb of  Wheatsville in House Chorrizo

½ lb of Asadero cheese

Remove Chorizo from casing . Slice onions and sauté until onions are translucent add chorizo  and cook. Shred the Asadero add to Chorizo and onions. Turn down heat and stir until cheese is melted. Ready to serve.

I hope you have a great week!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy!

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