Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy December!

Hope you are having a great December!

We just concluded the 2009 election. Thanks to all the candidates and all who voted!

Welcome new and re-elected board members!

As you know, the 2009 Co-op Vote was concluded last night, and the Board of Directors has certified the results. As such, Board President Rose Marie Klee is pleased to present the Director election results:
3-year terms:
Theron Beaudreau
Kitten Holloway
Lee Blaney
2-year terms:
Kate Vickery
Doug Addison
On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Owners of Wheatsville Co-op, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all candidates! It is you who become interested and engaged in leadership and oversight of our precious organization, who help ensure our ongoing success.
2010 Community Action Wednesday Groups and their month
2010 Community Action Schedule
January             People's Community Clinic   
February    Safeplace
March            Sustainable Food Center   
April            Ecology Action
May                    Yellow Bike Project
June           Texans for Midwifery
July                    EmanciPet
August            Hospice Austin
September    Meals on Wheels and More   
October            Capital Area Food Bank

Housewares for the Holidays!

We have lots of fun stuff for the holidays in our Housewares Department. Andes Gifts offers fairly traded hats, gloves, ear warmers, kids and baby hats, hand and finger puppets. Hempy's hats are back, along with their wallets. Handmade Expressions has bags and journals. Shanti Imports has shoulder bags, purses and wallets from Guatemala. Bonnie B-Wear has beautiful handmade bags or purses. Back for the season are the handmade South African candles and coming Monday are Barth's  beeswax frankincense and myrrh candles. Soy Delite candles are back for good! We also have beeswax and aromatherapy candles , made with solar power, from Sunbeam Candles. Austin Natural Soaps has 3 sampler sets, Lone Star, Flower Power and Austin Power. Blue Heron Photos, local photographer Ron Dessain, has mated nature and animal photos and greeting cards. Cotton holiday dish towel have also arrived. We have a lot more fun gifts for you, so come visit our Housewares Department soon!

Beer tastes good!

BEER TASTING DECEMBER 19th from 2:00 to 4:00! Please join us at the co-op for an historic event, our first ever beer tasting! Tom Allen, the owner of North Coast Brewery will be sampling three amazing beers including my own personal favorite beer, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. A pioneer in the craft beer movement, North Coast Brewery opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on California's Mendocino Coast. Under the leadership of brew master Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 70 awards in national and international competitions. Tom Allen will be sampling the following beers. Old Rasputin Imperial Stout is produced in the tradition of 18th Century English brewers who supplied the court of Russia's Catherine the Great. Old Rasputin seems to develop a cult following wherever it goes. It's a rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish. Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse is a rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit. Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale is like a Belgian "Dark Strong Ale", the beer is rich and robust with an ABV of 9.3%. The package is a 750 ml bottle with a traditional cork and wire finish or 12oz 4 packs and features a label picturing the jazz master himself. Please come by the Co-op to meet Tom and try these fantastic brews!

New frozen ice cream treats! Look in the ice cream side of the freezer doors for new delights such as Julie's Organic GLUTEN FREE Ice Cream Sandwiches. Delicious vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolatey GlutenFreeda brand cookies. If cow-milk's not your thing try LaLoo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches in Vanilla Snowflake flavor.  If you're looking for a non-dairy frozen treat check out Rice Dream's new Rice Dream Bites-bite size nuggets of sweet vanilla rice milk coated in rich thick chocolate. Nom!                                   
Thanks for your suggestions for new products!
-Niki Nash WV Merchandising Manager

In The Grocery Aisle
Mimic Crème Cream Substitute:
We now  have both sweetened and unsweetened varieties of Mimic Crème at Wheatsville.  Mimic Crème is a non-dairy cream substitute made from almonds and cashews instead of soy. They are also gluten free and vegan. Mimic Crème is a perfect alternative for cream in any recipe, and a very useful item in this dessert friendly season. Find recipes, comments and more about this product at
Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer

Winter Produce Bonanza!

'Tis the Season, Citrus Season
Mother Nature knows. Is it a coincidence that citrus season occurs when we need vitamin c the most, flu season? Is it also a coincidence that you happen to live in an area that may grow some of the finest citrus in the world? Right now in produce, we've got Texas Rio Star grapefruit, mars oranges, Valencia bags, meyer lemons and bower tangerines. We also have delicious Satsuma and daisy tangerines. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for more selection of delicious citrus.
A Staff Favorite for You!
Several of our staff members have told me recently that they really love the new Organic Girl salad kits. Unlike the other clamshells of greens we sell, the Organic Girl packages are complete salad kits, with dressing and other goodies like croutons and berries. We currently offer the Caesar and Balsamic and Berries kits in the tall salad cooler for $4.59. Check'em out!
This has been a great year for Brussels sprouts already. The sprouts on the stalks, despite their gnarly appearance (they look like old-school maces to me!) , seem to have caught on pretty well. Also the loose sprouts have been looking great, and have a nice sweetness to them! Yay for little cabbages.
Eat Your Greens             
It is also the beginning of greens season. Greens are amazing and you really should eat more of them, c'mon! The kale is looking really great right now, and the collards of your dreams are starting to come in. With the weather cooling down, the greens start to take on a nice sweetness. 'Tis the season!
Despite our cooler weather, this is the time to eat bananas at the peak of their season. Since they are mostly a Southern Hemisphere crop, enjoy the taste of summer in the heart of our "winter."
From Bryan, the Butcher
Hey stop by the meat case for some new items:
Rainbow Trout (de-boned) sustainably raised by  $18.99 lb in the seafood counter.
Hot links by Richardson's Farms $8.49 lb in the freezer Niman Ranch spiral cut bone-in ham $6.99 lb This months owner specials:
Beef Top Round Roast $7.59 lb
Beef Stew Meat $8.49 lb
Organic Ground Turkey $4.99 lb
Plan ahead for christmas, wheatsville has Organic Prairie turkeys for $2.99 lb. Average weights are between 13-15 pounds. Super price for a certified organic turkeys take one home to the folks.
From Greg, on Cheese Island
The cheese department has a few sales for the holiday season. Organic Valley Pasteurized Sharp Cheddar 8 oz. is on sale for 4.49, regularly 5.29. Organic Valley Shredded Parmesan is on sale for 3.49, regularly 4.29. Organic Valley Blue Cheese Crumbles is on sale for 3.49, regularly 4.29. The blue cheese crumbles are located in the produce department in the same case as the packaged salads.
If you are still thinking of gift ideas, might I suggest a cheese, wine and cracker gift basket.  We have all the wonderful items to fill your gift basket here at Wheatsville. Talk to your friendly cheese monger for suggestions.
Have a great week!

Dan Gillotte

Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy 

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