Friday, October 30, 2009

We take pride in our ground beef; ground in-house daily from humanely raised animals

Hamburger meat is a staple is most carnivores kitchens. Hamburger is versatile, and easy to prepare. Recently the NYT ran an article about the practice of adulterating meats in commercial processing plants. Basically it the practice of using trim meat from different cows and different sources to make ground meat. The NYT article focused on the making of conventional commercial hamburgers patties. This article had some pretty scary stuff in it about the state of the conventional meat industry. 

So what does that all mean to Wheatsville shoppers. Well let's clarify what Wheatsville uses in our fresh ground meats. Firstly we grind meat fresh everyday to keep up with a (growing) demand. We make a variety of blends and species. Wheatsville makes ground chuck, ground round, ground sirloin, ground pork, and on occasion ground chicken. Ground beef has percentages on fat and lean contained in each batch. An example would be 85/15 (or 85% lean 15% fat) ground sirloin. How does the meat make it to the shelf? In the course of a day, the meat market will cut fresh meat. Out of this meat there will be "trim" that doesn't make the cut for a roast or a steak. We organize this trim into small batches, sometimes only 5-6 pounds. What were able to do at a smaller meat market, is assure you that it's always fresh, usually made that day. It always comes form the same part of the cow it supposed to. Example: Ground sirloin IS top sirloin steak. This makes ground sirloin very tasty, it pretty much a ground steak. Most larger grocery stores believe in using fat to determine the kind of grind it going to be, cause it easier and faster. For us it's far more traditional approach. I believe different grinds should have a certain flavor, specific to where it came from like ground sirloin for example should taste like a sirloin steak, which makes it a great choice for hamburger patties or Salisbury steaks. We focus on sanitation in the meat market to unsure the products wholesomeness. And, unlike large meat-packing facilities, we aren't mixing up grind from hundreds of different animals shipped from all over the world. 

Of course the best thing is we're staring with top shelf beef from Niman Ranch 100% Black Angus cattle. Which comes from a closed system, as in cows don't come and go from the herd. Niman Ranch has the highest protocols for safely in food quality in the industry. You can trust in that.

How about some specials?

Niman Ranch Beef boneless ribeyes $14.99 lb, regular $16.99 lb.
Niman Ranch Beef top sirloin steaks $8.99 lb , regular $9.99 lb.
Niman Ranch Beef 85/15 ground sirloin $7.99 lb, regular $8.99 lb.
Applegate sliced pepperoni $5.49, regular $5.99.

Let us know if you ever have any questions about any of our products! We're proud of the meat we sell at your co-op!

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