Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is such good time for cooking and eating!

Lots of product news this week!

I hope you enjoy it!

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From the Deli

Enjoying that autumn weather? We sure are! Hot soups have been flying out the door, so we're making new ones every day! Come in and see what we have today – it could be anything from sweet and creamy Corn Chowder to earthy and substantial Mushroom Barley to flu-busting Garlic Soup to our all-time bestselling vegan African Peanut! Want more of a meal? Come up to the Deli Counter and order our famous Frito Pie, a pile of crispy Fritos covered with our award-winning vegan Tempeh Chili, and – if you like – top it off with diced red onions, sliced jalapenos and shredded cheese! Want just as much bang for a smaller buck? Try our very popular small Rice & Black Beans for just $1.99 with your choice of four homemade salsas, also available from the Deli Counter!

The hot bar is no longer just for the savory items! Fruity and sweet crisps and cobblers are now available on the hot bar! Stay tuned for more tasty sweets, of course including vegan options, to come soon!

The Deli's Smoothie of the Month is Peanut Butter Banana Dream – just what Elvis would have ordered if he'd left Graceland once in a while! Two great tastes that taste great together, bananas and PB are the perfect combo of salty and sweet – all you need is a straw, so try one today!

Also for October, we have a new Salsa of the Month – Guajillo con Miel! This salsa blends dried ancho and guajillo chiles with sun-dried tomatoes and local honey for a smoky-sweet sensation!

The Deli also has some great Owner Specials going on this month! Lattes from the Espresso Bar are on sale to keep you warm in this cooler weather, as well as our Deli Counter's infamous Italian Sandwich piled high with two kinds of salami, ham and provolone, and our top-selling Asian-inspired pasta salad, Ginger Tempeh Pasta, available in our self-serve Grab'n'Go case!
Come on in and eat up!
Bryan, the Butcher
We have had a lot of interest in our Almond Crusted Trout since we started to carry it. However, recently folks have been asking for just plain trout. So guess what? That's right! We now have amazingly fresh trout sourced by Rushing Waters in Palmyra Wisconsin.  Check this awesome company out at their website. . This is a prime example of how fish farming can be done correctly and with zero environmental impact. Please explore their website, it's full of great info. The main thing I'd like to point out is they harvest to order. That means when Wheatsville places an order for it's trout it's still swimming. Then Rushing Waters ships it to us via same day delivery. That is fresh, or as Dan says "that's beyond fresh".  It really is.

Rainbow trout is extremely versatile fish. It is best prepare simply is a skillet (I prefer cast iron) seasoned with lemon, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, and butter to fry in. This is a tried and true preparation that can be done in less than 10 minutes of cooking. It's is literally a "can't miss dish" even for those unsure about cooking fish. Trout can also be bake, poached, or grilled. This amazing product will be hitting the case Thursday for $18.99 per pound.

In other new product news, have you tried the Niman Ranch pulled pork? Well I have and so have most of the staff and customers thanks to the great showing of Niman ranch product at last weekend's grand reopening party. It's fully cooked and easy to prepare for dinner or snack during your favorite football game this fall. It's packaged; so you just boil the pouch in water for 12 minutes or heat it in a skillet. It's a 1lb package and can feed 3 big eaters or at least that's my experience. You can pick up Niman Ranch pulled pork for $8.79 for 16oz. That's very good compared to buying takeout BBQ.

Don't miss the great specials this month!
Niman Ranch Boneless Ribeye steak regularly $16.99lb this month low price of $14.99lb
Niman Ranch Sirloin steak regularly priced at $9.99lb now $8.99lb
Niman Ranch ground Sirloin regularly $8.99lb now $7.99lb
Applegate Farms natural Pepperoni regular $5.99ea now $5.49
From Greg, on Cheese Island
We have a few sales going on for the next week. Full Quiver Chevre Spread will be on sale through the weekend. It will be $7.29/lb, regularly priced at $7.99/lb. Also Creamy Cheddar Teese will be on sale for $4.99, regularly $5.49. Also follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Monterey Jack are still on sale. They are $2.99, regularly $4.29. If you are one of the people looking for Galaxy Vegan Parmesan, our distributor has discontinued carrying this item. I have notified them that our customers are missing it. Grocery does carry a vegan Parmesan called Rawmesan. It is located near the pastas.

Also I am ordering another wheel of The Rogue River Bleu. Thank you for all the interest and  I hope you have really enjoyed this wonderful cheese. It is only around for a short period of time and if you have not tried it please do yourself a favor and bring a wedge home. And thank you for all the wonderful compliments on our selection of cheeses. It is a goal of mine to bring in cheeses that are not readily available for you to enjoy.
From the King of Beers, $hane!
We have some great deals in the beer and wine section right now! In the wine world we have Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon at just $5.99 a bottle, Regularly $10.99 a bottle . Brilliant ruby red color. An intense bouquet developed through a combination of mature red fruits and plums and vanilla tones with a fine toast from the barrels. Medium body, a fine structure and a nice ending characterize this wine. On the beer front Real Ale is on sale! All flavors, except seasonal, are just $6.99, Regularly $7.49. Located in the  Texas Hill Country , the  Real Ale Brewing Company is one of the state's best breweries, many would say THE best! A dedicated team of brewers produce quality handcrafted ales. Utilizing a 60-barrel stainless steel brewing system,  incorporating  100% malted grain, domestic and imported hops, and crystal clear water into their unique recipes.

In The Grocery Aisle
Pop Chips:
Somewhere between cheese puffs and potato chips you can find a new kind of snack. Pop Chips are a different type of potato chip that isn't baked or fried. It's made by applying heat and pressure to potato flour. This process creates a snack that has about half the fat of regular potato chips, but is equally satisfying. The taste and texture make it a little too easy to eat the whole bag, but that's okay. You'll find four flavors on sale at Wheatsville for just $1.69 each. Check 'em out at Justin Merrifield, Grocery Buyer.

Local Turkeys
We're going to have Organic Prairie certified organic turkeys on an amaziong deal this year come Thanksgiving time, but we know that some of you might have interest in a local turkey. If that's the case, then you should get in touch with the nice folks at Alexander Family Farms, our pink carton egg guys! They have local turkeys (a few of who visited us for our GRand re-opening!) Contact information is here or e-mail

We'll have a LOT more details about our Thanksgiving offerings in upcoming e-mails!

I hope you have a great week and weekend!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

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