Monday, September 28, 2009

Gen Y-er becomes a co-op coupon clipper!

Coupon clipping is something I never thought I would do. In my mind, that activity fit under the "grandma" category. Unless you were retired, who had the time and energy to cut coupons that would only save you a few cents here and there? Hey, I was a child of the 80s, not the Depression.

Well, like most things that I said I would never do (like threatening to call the cops on those pesky college keg parties or struggling to stay up until midnight on New Year's), I am now a huge fan of coupon clipping.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that on a recent shopping trip, coupons in hand, I was hit by the shoppers' high when the savings started popping up on the screen: $.50 off bread, $2.50 off crackers, $2 off bread! These days, every penny counts. And, with the help of coupons, purchasing the high quality organic products that I love is now even more affordable. I almost felt like I'd won something. Is it appropriate to high-five your cashier?

Whether you're a member or not, a huge advantage to shopping at the Co-op are the coupons we offer through our national buying club, The National Cooperative Grocers Association. These coupon books are only redeemable at participating co-ops nationwide, and here in Bozeman, we're it.

Currently, the Co-op has the fall Co-op Advantage Savings coupon book (for members and non-members) filled with great deals throughout the store that expire on October 31, 2009. We also have New Owner-Member Savings books filled with coupons offering discounts and even free products that expire on December 31, 2009. You can pick these books up at the Customer Service Desk.

Be sure to sign up for weekly E-mail Updates, where we will keep you posted on all the great deals and savings throughout the store and other important Co-op info. And, check out the monthly Co-op Buyer Flyer for more great deals.

Happy coupon clipping!

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