Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lower prices, Father's day beer and bacon, and more more more!

Hi Wheatsville friends,

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Parking reminder
Run! For the board.
Lower prices?!? Yep.
Bacon and other product news.
Eat locally in produce.
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Have you visited us in the morning?
We're open earlier these days at 7:30 am. We'd love to become your morning coffee and breakfast taco stop. So come on in!

Run for the board
If you are interested in running for the board, the nominations committee will hold its first candidate orientation session on Monday, June 22nd at 6pm in the Wheatsville conference room in our admin building at 3105 Guadalupe!

Woo-Hoo! New Lower Prices!
Hot news! We were able to lower over 50 prices on items in the Grocery Department with more to come in the future! Look for the signs that say "New Lower Price" and then do a little dance!
Father's Day beer
This father's day why not give your dad what he really wants, a really BIG BEER! If he has a since of humor you might want to give him an Arrogant Bastards Ale from Stone Brewing Company, a great California brewery. This beer is big bold and hoppy and at just $3.99 a bottle it is a steal! As it says on the bottle, this beer is not for wimps. Another great big brew that pops will be sure to love is the Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Co. located in Colorado. This big hairy beast of a beer is a very strong  stout. Rich, Complex and chocolaty, this beer is bound to please any father who likes great beer. Finally we come to something new in our beer case that would make dad a very happy man. Deschutes Red Char I.P.A.  is a bright copper beauty with a plush body and satiny caramel flavor derived from seven varieties of malt and at $5.49 it is a bargain. Why not make Fathers Day special with one of these great beers?

From the Deli:
Happy Father's Day from the Wheatsville Deli! Come on in and grab your Dad some sides to go along with all that grillin' he's sure to be doing! Potato salads, pasta salads, coleslaws, and tons of fresh veggies will be in our cases to keep you out of the kitchen and chillin' by the grill with Pops! Throw in a case of local brews, a bag of ice, and your Father's Day dining obligation is met with style, ease and that warm, happy feeling you get from putting your money back into your very own local co-op!

Bacon! Bacon! BACON!!! That's right carnivores, Boar's Head bacon is now available in the Deli! We'll add it to any breakfast taco or sandwich, plus full-blown BLT's on lightly toasted sourdough are now on the menu as well! The candy of meats, bacon has already won over much of the Wheatsville staff and it's only been available a few days! Come on in and try some salty goodness for yourself!
Also this week, Wheatsville has begun opening our doors at 7:30am for all you early birds out there, so remember to stop in early for breakfast or a smoothie to start your day the co-op way! Through June 22nd, one small organic drip coffee is yours free with any purchase, so come in extra early to take advantage of a complimentary caffeine boost as well as easy parking!
From Greg in the Land of Cheese
There are so many good things a brewin' in Wheatsville's good 'ol cheese department. I want to tell you it all right now…unfortunately I cannot. You will have to wait and see. I can tell you this though, Organic Valley Farms Raw Cheddar, on sale for $4.49, regularly $5.29. Organic Valley Farms Pepper Jack, Meunster and Feta, on sale now for $4.29, regularly 5.29. Organic Valley Farms Stringles 6 pack, on sale for $ 4.49, regularly $5.29.
From Bryan the Butcher
Hey folks have you been by the new meat freezer yet? We have lots of new things and some old favorites. There is a lot on sale right now, swing by and take a look.  Organic Prairie Frozen chubs are on sale, ranging from 50 cents off to 70 cents off per item.
All of our local products like Bastrop Cattle, Loncito's, Thunderheart Bison, and Richardson's farms are in there and some increased selections of those. We also have lots of new prepared seafood items like; Marinated tuna and salmon filets, shrimp scampi & coconut shrimp. These are on a promotional buy 1 get 1 free special so hurry and fill your freezer now at a great price. You can also find fresh salmon filets, peeled and de-veined medium shrimp, Troller Point halibut filets, and small pink pre-cooked salad shrimp (old favorite) these products are flash frozen so the quality is still there.
We also have a small area dedicated to raw food products for your dogs and cats. These include Buddy's chicken neck, Buddy's livers, beef bones, lamb bones, beef liver and ground beef heart. We have sold these products in bulk in past, and we still do, but now we also offer them in smaller quantities for your convenience.
We also have some new products worth mentioning in our new seafood case. We have awesome Sea Scallops; sweet, juicy, and very easy to prepare in a hurry. Lots of folks have been asking if we still carry smoked salmon and we do. The Fish Brothers wild hot smoked king salmon in garlic and pepper and found in the fish case. Also the great cold smoked sliced lox made from wild caught sockeye salmon.  Just ask and we show you the selection we have or we'll just package up what you want.
Don't miss this month's great member deals on Ribeyes and strip steaks. Ribeyes are - $.49 off per pound and strip steaks - $.35 off per pound. These specials are great deals on a premier steak cut and priced to please you summer grilling appetite.
Here's a great summer shrimp recipe you can try with some of our new products and seasonal strawberries.
Peppered Shrimp with Balsamic Strawberries
Created by Chef Michael H. Flores
1 cup long-grain Texas rice
1 pound Texas shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 pound Texas strawberries, hulled and cut in half
Fresh tarragon for garnish
Cook the rice according to the directions on the package. In the meantime, place the shrimp, extra-virgin olive oil, pepper and salt in a bowl, and toss until the shrimp is coated well; set aside. Heat a large sauté pan over high heat. Pour in the balsamic vinegar and cook for two minutes. Add the strawberries, coat with the vinegar, and continue cooking for another minute. Add the shrimp and stir well to combine. Cook for about two minutes.

Eat Locally From Your Produce Department
The national Eat Local challenge is going on from June 15th  to July 15th. This purpose of this challenge is to see if you can consume 80% of your diet from locally sourced and locally produced goods. Right now in produce we have locally grown tomatoes from Green Gate Farms and Johnson's Backyard Garden, locally grown organic beets, yellow squash, zucchini, golden zucchini, and cucumbers from Buena Tierra, local sprouts and sprout salads from New World Produce, local organic corn from Lund Produce, local bibb lettuce from Amador Farms, conventional and organic Texas blueberries, local organic herbs from Pure Luck and delicious Texas peaches. Come on in and shop for local produce.
Grilled vegetables are easy and delicious. If you plan on doing any grilling anytime soon and want some vegetable, grill them too! Complement your Niman Ranch ribeye with some locally grown golden and green zucchini. To grill them, slice them in half lengthwise, rub some olive oil on them with a little salt and pepper and grill until fork tender. They don't take that long and if you walk away to long to get that beer you might burn them, so place them on near but not on the most intense heat. You can do eggplant this way as well, only you should slice the eggplant into ¼ inch slices. Jalepenos are great on the grill and so are onions cut in half, or kept whole in foil directly on the coals. Yum. Grill it up!
Buena Tierra
I received a phone call from Carey out at Buena Tierra Farms on Sunday informing me that they had had a season ending hail storm out in Fredonia. If you were looking forward to their melon crop this year, I regret to inform you that they will not be able to harvest any melons. This is most unfortunate and our hearts go out to them for the damage they sustained.
Rush Hour Recipes
Every month we'll feature a new entree recipe (featuring a mix of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options) at the Deli Counter and on our website. We will keep an archive of recipe cards at the member center as well, so that you can pick one up and use it for your dinner shopping. You can even use these recipes to build your own recipe book. These recipes come from various co-ops all over the States, which is pretty cool. Plus they have been kitchen tested so you trust them to turn out right. Increase your kitchen repertoire with these quick, easy, fresh, entree recipes.  Follow this link to see the Rush Hour Recipes: .
New for your eyes!
We now have ICU Reading Glasses and Accessories!
They are located at the Health Team Desk. There's travel and regular readers ranging from 1.25 - 2.50 for only $13.99!   Cases are $1.99 and the leashes and pendants for holding your glasses are $12.99.
Come by and check them out and say hello to the Health Team.

I hope that you have a super deluxe week!

Dan Gillotte
GM and e-mail guy

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