Friday, March 13, 2009

Herb Fair! Win stuff! New addition open SO SOON! Birthday, St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Wheatsville!

We've got a lot going on (as always, I guess!) so here is another action-packed communication for you:

Wheatsville Herb Fair Transplanted this weekend to the downtown Austin Farmer's Market from 9am-1pm, 4th St and Guadalupe.
Local growers, starter plants and more in partnership with our good friends at the Sustainable Food Center! 

Make a video about why your co-op rocks and win cool stuff! 

Enter the My Co-op Rocks Video Contest now through April 17, and count down the top 10 reasons your co-op rocks. That's it—just use some good ol' imagination, creativity and voĆ­la. You're already halfway there. Then, submit and upload your video here and you could win seriously awesome prizes.

    *  People's Choice, First Prize: MacBook, 2.1 GHz, retail value $1,000
    * People's Choice, Second Prize: $500 Co-op Gift Card, redeemable at any NCGA co-op, retail value $500
    * People's Choice, Third Prize: FlipMino HD (mini digital camcorder), retail value $230
    * Judges' Choice, First Prize: MacBook, 2.1 GHz, retail value $1,000
    * Judges' Choice, Second Prize: $500 Co-op Gift Card, redeemable at any NCGA co-op, retail value $500
    * Judges' Choice, Third Prize: FlipMino HD (mini digital camcorder), retail value $230

NOT SO SECRET HINT: There are VERY FEW submissions so far. You have a really good chance of winning! Seriously. Do it! 

Holy smokes! A new store?!?!
So, you may have noticed that we have been working on a construction project for the past several months. Well,we're about to enjoy the first fruit from these labors NEXT WEEK!

Yessiree. As of this writing, it seems pretty likely that we will be open for business in the new addition at 9am on Thursday March 19th! 
Look for: 
Deli relocation including full service organic coffee bar, fresh baked bread and all your other favorites. A few changes of note- soups will be available self service, and ordering for all items will be done with one order taker with other staff putting your order together. Let us know how our new systems work for you! Later in the spring or early summer, we'll add the new salad bar! 
Meat and Seafood- introduction of ready to cook items and some expanded seafood offerings. This department will gradually expand over the next few months.
Frozen- lots and lots and lots more frozen products including a ton of ice cream and non-dairy treats as well as expansion of everyone's favorite Amy's items and other stuff, too!

We look forward to showing off our new half to you this next week! There is lots more renovation to come, but having this part done will give you a taste of what the rest of it will be like. I'm really pleased with it and I hope that you will be, too!
Oh yeah, and check out our new store plan in an awesome animation on our web-site

The deli moves so you can have more yummy food plus Birthday and St. Patrick's Day!
This is it! The Deli is on the verge of moving into our brand new space, hopefully in the middle of next week! We do our best to keep your favorites in stock every day, but to give you a heads up, we will most certainly be in a period of transition from Tuesday through Thursday, as we move into our newly expanded area! Some things might run low, but we will work as hard as we can to keep your belly happy and full during our changeover – we will remain open!! On or around Thursday, please come by and check out our new digs – plus our new items like freshly baked artisan breads and a full-service coffee bar! – as well as all of our classics, ready to go, right after our move!
It's Wheatsville's 33rd Birthday on Monday and we're celebrating with delicious Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes all through the weekend! Special bonus- sing Happy Birthday to your cashier and theu will give you 33¢ off your cupcake purchase!

We'll have delicious and rich vegan Colcannon in the deli case for St. Patrick's Day. If you haven't had this yet, you are missing out!

From Greg, In the land of cheese: 
Again I want to say welcome to Brazos Valley Cheese. I have been getting positive response on their Brie and Roquerfort. If you have not tried either one, you need to. It is very rare to find a locally made Brie. Also we have Pure Luck Farms Ste. Maure on our shelves again. Their Hopelessly blue's arrival is right around the corner. 
Healthy Team specials!
The Health Team has some exciting specials this month. Look for the bright red special signs in addition to the yellow Co-op Advantage signs. In Body Care we're offering sales on some Desert Essence products along with $5 off on the Diva Cups!  Supplements has Manitoba Hemp Protein Powder, Kyo Green, Twin Labs Brewer's Yeast, Yeast Fighters, Men's Ultra Daily and other male supplements to name a few. Come on over to the corner and check 'em out!  

Fruits and veggies make us happy
Cara Cara's are Back
This year's cirtrus crop just keeps getting better and better. Our supply of Lee tangerines is diminishing, and you haven't tried one, please do before they're gone. We got some organic cara cara's in today, and they are delicious! Also, the blood oranges are tangy and delicious. These make beautiful mimosas for your loved ones, or just for yourself on a lazy Sunday morning, or anytime really, just so long as you don't have to drive or go to work afterwards. Minneola tangelo's are still sweet and tasty, and the murcott honey tangerines are tangy and full of flavor; Rio Star grapefruit are full of eye squirting deliciousness, watch out! This season is starting to wane, so get these tasty items while they're seasonal and fresh!
Rock those Funky Beets
The time to start eating more salads is just around the corner. Beets are a wonderful, and colorful addition to any salad. You can shred them, or dice and roast them adding an earthy, sweet element to a fresh green salad. Roasting beets before adding them to a salad adds both a textural and temperature variance to the fresh, crisp, cold veggies. To do this, peel them, dice'em, coat'em in oil, salt and pepper to taste (herbs are a welcome addition), and stick'em in the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until fork tender. If you buy beets with the greens on them, they make a nice addition to salad, or you can steam them, with the beets for a delicious side.
It's 10:15 Somewhere
The 1015 onions have arrived. These are sweet, sweet onions, generally planted on October 15th, ensuring that they are ready for a spring harvest. These are good to eat raw, and some people eat them like apples. Some people. They are great to caramelize, and serve on meats, or with sausage and peppers. Yum.
Grocery Clearance!
Help the co-op clean out our pantry by filling up yours with extremely discounted items!
Knudsen Cider & Spice 32 oz                       Regular Price:$3.59          Sale:$2.49
Simply Organic Mulling Spice Packet        Regular Price:$2.19          Sale: $.25
Bake With Me Brownie Mix                        Regular Price:$4.89          Sale:$1.99
Tofurkey Vegetarian Feast (Frozen)        Regular Price:$17.99       Sale:$8.99
Tofurkey Giblets & Gravy(Frozen)            Regular Price:$4.99          Sale:$.99
Have a great week! See you in our (new) store!

Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

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