Monday, December 08, 2008

I was ill last week, but got this cool e-mail from Aldia about the pouring of the concrete in the ICF walls.
"Sorry you missed the big fun, Dan. The pour went really well. No bust outs on the styrofoam and hardly any seepage at the joins. They poured it a few feet deep at a time all around the perimeter and made several rounds of pouring. I lost track of how many trucks of concrete came, but I think it may have been about 5 or 6. Construction Guy Steve got up on top of the office and took a few pics for me. They got through pouring a little bit after dark. The whole set up was not really in our staff's way.
ICF (insulating concrete forms) is a relatively new building material that is gaining in popularity for it's ease of installation, strength and green features. In particular, ICF walls can reduce heating and cooling use by 30-70%. We're excited to be using this innovative choice on our new addition! It seems like a lot of you are, too! I had a guy walk up to me and give me a "high five" the other day about it and on the day before Thanksgiving I caught two groups of people admiring the ICF walls!

It's cool to have the new building begin to take form, insulated concrete form at that!

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