Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is a season, Product Wish List, Niman Ranch and a recipe!

Hi folks!

I hope that you are having a great week!

By this point, you have probably been through our new doors! Hopefully, you like them and the change isn't too drastic for you. Parking has gotten a little tighter again, so remember that auto parking is much easier in the mornings before 11am and after 8pm. There is parking along the fence at the retaining wall to the east, but there is no parking along any other fencing in back.

Note, for folks that use our accessible spots... due to the project, we had to temporarily relocate the accessible spot north of the store next in front of the offices on Guadalupe. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Savor the Season in Produce with few words from Johnny Livesay, Produce Manager

Apples and pears!
This year's new crop American apples are rockin'. I'm still really excited about the honey crisp variety, and feel that it is currently the best of our abundant selection of organic apples. These are located on the ever-changing produce department endcap of our dry table (the wooden displays with the bananas and potatoes). There are several options for apples right now, so if you need to taste them to know which best suites your tastes, don't hesitate to ask a produce clerk -- or any employee -- for a sample.
Concord pears are here, pick up a few of these sweet, creamy pears for school lunches, or work snacks today. We have several pears to choose from as well, so if you don't know what you like, ask for a taste, we won't hesitate to oblige. I've been really satisfied with the Asian Pears that we are getting. These pears are crisp and delicious. If you generally don't like pears because of the texture, you may enjoy this apple-esque variety. They have a very subtle flavor with hints of wintergreen, anise, clove, and vanilla. Try one now.
Someplaces in the country are experiencing a seasonal phenomena called 'Fall'. I've heard about this. It is apparently between two other 'Seasons' commonly referred to as 'Summer' and 'Winter' -- whatever that is. I've also heard that this 'Fall' has certain vegetables that aren't available the rest of the year. Several varieties of hard squash are grown during this season, and we have them for you. Our selection includes organic pie pumpkins, delicatta, kabocha, red kuri, butternut, spagetti and acorn squash. Most of these squash have a hard outer skin, and sweet, sweet innards for your enjoyment. They are great in soups and are wonderful sides when pureed. Come get some!

Introducing the Wheatsville Co-op New Product Wish List!
We are currently taking a break from bringing in new products due to space considerations but as we get closer to having a newly remodeled store, we want to know what products you are excited about. Now at the member center is the shiny new Wheatsville Co-op New Product Wish List for you, the faithful Wheatsville shopper! Do you have a new favorite, an old standby or something that has piqued your curiosity at another store? Let us know! We can't promise you will see every single item listed in the future but we can promise to give every wish serious consideration. Be honest and have fun!
Cooperatively, Wheatsville buyers and management staff
Fall into the Deli!
The cooler weather and changing seasons have brought a few autumnal touches to the Wheatsville Deli as well – hot soups are back with the creamy orange African Peanut, butternut squash and green apple-laden Fall's Delight and earthy, filling Mushroom Barley available in the Deli today. With an Owner Coupon available in the Deli for 50 cents off a large soup this month, there's no better time to get into the spirit of fall! Other Owner Coupons available in the Wheatsville Deli this October can save you 50 cents off a local and sustainable lemon-pepper Catfish Po'Boy and 25 cents off a self-serve container of our classic Thai Pasta Salad. The Wheatsville bakery has been joining in the seasonal fun as well, baking up delicious Vegan Pumpkin Pie to celebrate the season, available in self-serve by the slice. And don't forget to try our two Fresh in the Deli specials this week, the crusty, flavorful Jerk Tempeh and the sweet, homestyle Cabbage, Apple and Red Onion Slaw! Come on in and try something new!
Have we mentioned the "under construction" smoothie yet? Yes, we have a sense of humor and with everything going on here it just seemed right…..A blend of frozen peaches and mango with an O.J base, makes a yummy safety orange smoothie.     It's getting colder (kinda) so try a frito pie (warning: you will come back for more) or some of our famous Wheatsville Tempeh Chili.
We now have Drunken Goat Cheese back in our cheese case. This Spanish cheese is soaked in a bath of Doble Pasta wine for 72 hours. This process gives the cheese a beautiful purple hue. Drunken goat's mild flavor is perfect for the person that is looking to experiment with the varying taste of goat cheeses. The texture is smooth and creamy and would pair well with a nice Tempranillo or Rioja wine. Try adding in a nice Spanish Chorizo or Marcona almonds.
Until next time, happy pairing.
From the Meat department!
Hello wheaties, I hope everyone got a chance to cook up some fine vittles last week. If not what's keeping ya? This week I'd like to share some info on new products you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

Most of my pork fans probably noticed we now carry Niman Ranch all natural pork products, and this week we will start selling Niman Ranch Beef. Niman Ranch Pork and Beef is a highly recognizable name and featured in many magazines such as; Better Homes and GardensMen's Health (best premium beef 2007), Gourmet Retailer MagazineVanity FairSunsetPlayboy ("…start with a Niman Ranch Porterhouse Steak…"Ex. Chef Tom Colicchio, founder, Craft Steakhouse NYC), and Eating Well. Many members from out of state may have seen or bought Niman Ranch products in their favorite Coop back home.

Their mission: Niman Ranch and its family of farmers raise livestock traditionally, humanely, and sustainably to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world.   

Niman Ranch began selling top quality beef to the Bay area restaurant in the early 1970's. Today Niman Ranch works cooperatively with over 600 family farms and ranches to provide the highest quality beef, pork, and lamb to top restaurants and quality retailers nationwide.

Wheatsville is honored to be part of the Niman ranch family and offer Niman ranch meats to our owners. So come by and check it out.
Another new product that we have had in the past and now offer again, one of my favorites Texas Quail brought to us by Diamond Ranch in Bandera Texas. These semi-boneless quail are sold in packs of 4 for $18.49 lb (4.62 ea) pricey but worth ever penny.

If you guys are familiar with the Go Texan campaign I get a monthly email about new stuff, events and recipes, and this month they just happen to run a Quail recipe I'd love share with everyone. Enjoy!
QuailGrilled Jalapeno Quail
Created by Chef Michael Flores

Serves four to six

Small jar of hot jalapeƱo jelly (approximately 10 ounces)
1 cup rice vinegar
1/2 cup sesame oil
8-12 semi-boneless 
Texas quail
Freshly ground black pepper

Whisk together the jelly, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Dip the quail into the marinade one at a time, coating well; place in a large zipper plastic bag. Continue this process until all the quail has been coated. Pour the marinade into the bag, squeeze out the air and zip shut. Marinate for eight hours to overnight. To cook, season both sides of the quail with salt and pepper and grill four to five minutes per side over high heat. Let the quail rest for 3-4 minutes before serving.

Wine pairing suggestion: Texas Tempranillo.

Have a great week!
Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville General Manager and e-mail guy

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