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4th of July!

Hi Wheatsville folks!

This week (scroll down for more):

4th of July in the deli, Fresh in the Deli specials, salsa of the month and more!
Melons and other important produce info
Independence Beer for Independence Day!
New farmstead milk and other cold food news
Coffee with the board called off for July
Expansion update

For all the problems in our country and world, I do like Independence Day, and not just for the cookouts! Maybe take a few minutes to think about democracy this weekend while you have fun in the sun and eat yummy food!

Remember, the Eat Local Challenge continues through the 15th of July. Try and eat 4 of 5 meals from locally produced or processed food!

In the deli
Wow, this week we have two big deli events rolled into one!
The July 4th holiday weekend coincides with the introduction of our monthly "Fresh in the Deli" specials for July! This month we are featuring two recipes from the First Alternative Co-op in CorvallisOregon. Chicken Yaki, juicy, boneless Buddy's all-natural chicken thighs flavored in a tasty gluten-free Asian marinade, pan-browned and oven-baked comes to our deli case alongside Turkish Garbanzo Bean Salad, an absolutely delectable sweet and sour mix of beans, kalamata olives, dried apricots, red onions tossed in a Dijon vinaigrette.
Our salsa of the month, A-maize-ing Black Bean and Corn, is already a staff favorite: a spicy blend of black beans, corn, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno and cilantro, perfect for endless chip dipping!
And our July smoothie special is the Three-Berry Smoothie, a fruity mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana with apple juice – a red, white and blue treat to keep you cool all month long!
This weekend, we will also be preparing 4th of July Deli Specials for the holiday, like our traditional Picnic Potato Salad, made with hard-boiled eggs, celery and sweet pickles in a creamy dressing; the classic Picnic Macaroni Salad just like Grandma used to make, pasta shells mixed with celery, red bell peppers, red onion and shredded carrots; and Firecracker Slaw, a simple coleslaw in a spicy cider vinaigrette. Come on in and taste all the great food we have to offer!
From the Meat department for the 4th of July check out our Coleman products, they are great on the grill.
Coleman Natural Boneless Beef Ribeye steaks regular $17.99 now $16.99.
Hanker for a hunka Cheddar?!
Grab an apple and try one of the Cabot Vermont Cheddars in Sharp, Extra Sharp, and New HorseRadish Flavors!  Applewood Smoked Cheddar and Local Veldhuizen Family Jalapeno Cheddar are also great choices.  YUM!!


Just in time for this holiday weekend, we have a great selection organic melons for you. Check out the local, organic cantaloupe, galia, and canary (crenshaw) melons from our friends at Buena Tierra Farms in Fredonia. We also have organic watermelons, great for that Independence Day cookout. You'll be everyone's best friend if bring some melon to your outing.

Savor the Season: Berries!!

Berries are almost at the peak of their season, so get'em while their perfect. Your produce department will be carrying organic blue and black berries, raspberries and strawberries. Also look out for our pre packed mixed berries in self serve case, and produce line.

Thai young coconuts are back!

After a two week stint of not being available, these hot items are back. They will be available near the berries, and as always, ask a produce clerk to open it up for you for immediate consumption.

This week, in honor of some sort of holiday that's on Friday, we're offering all varieties of Independence Brewing Co. 6-packs for the low price of $6.99!
 Locally owned by Rob and Amy Cartwright, the couple have followed their dream to brew flavorful, deliciously easy-drinking beers for the people of Austin in beginning in October 2004. Armed with their love of beer, years of brewing experience, an intrepid spirit, and their trusty dog Jasper, they founded Independence Brewing Company. Try all of their delicious styles: Austin Amber Beer, Bootlegger Brown, Independence Pale Ale and Freestyle.
Here's the latest from Chill Buyer Mike Crissey:
New! As seen at the Austin Farmers' Market! I'm very proud to announce that we've started carrying farmstead, 90 % grass-fed milk from Remember When Dairy, formerly ButterCup Farms. GM Dan Gillotte and I have been working for awhile to try to bring in a low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk into the cooler. Mark and DeOnna Ganske will be driving their milk down to Wheatsville from YantisTX, near Dallas (280 miles away) each Saturday. The Ganskes' dairy cows are given no antibiotics, no hormones and eat grass up until milking. Remember When Dairy is one of only three Grade A dairies in Texas to sell low-temperature pasteurized milk. Wateroak Farms goat milk is also low-temperature pasteurized and non-homogenized.
Gallons of Remember When milk will be $5.69, while half-gallons are $3.59.
We're all doing our best to beat the heat so far this summer, but our aged freezer cannot keep up. We haven't been able to keep it cold enough (under 10 degrees Fahrenheit) to keep our ice cream back stock from melting. This is one of the reasons we're renovating the store. Until we can get the back stock freezer to keep ice cream iced, we're going to have limited supplies. It may mean that we run out of some of the frozen treats that you've become used to seeing, but I think it beats ice cream soup. We apologize for an inconvenience.
Petaluma, Calif.-based Amy's Kitchen has discontinued another frozen item after stopping production on three items last month. The 20-year-old company will no longer make Samosa Wraps. Last month, the company stopped making the Roasted Vegetable or Soy Cheese Pocket Sandwiches and the Spinach-Feta Pizza Snacks. Amy's didn't offer a reason for discontinuing the products, but it may have something to do with rising commodities prices.

Sorry to say, but due to the holiday and the heat, we're calling Coffee with the Board off for July.

Construct destruct
The project is moving right along, as you probably know! We've got a lot of the new office walls built and the floor to the addition (that will be our meeting room) is being poured tomorrow! The main new retaining wall is standing nice and straight on the east side of the store and we'll be starting to put fill back in and opening up some of that parking again in the next few weeks!  (We'll then be tearing up some more lot for some more fun after that! (Details coming soon.))

Thank you for your continued patience during this project so far. I really appreciate it!

As a reminder, parking is copious (that means there's a lot of it) in the morning before 11am and after 7 or so at night and on weekends. Look for additional parking at nights and on weekends in the back parking lot. Biking, walking and bussing is still a great bet.

Have a great week!
Dan Gillotte
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

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